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Healthy Weight BMI Range: 18.5 — 24.9

Great! Your BMI value is in healthy range. A person having BMI value in healthy range had minimum chances of getting weight related diseases. Maintenance of a healthy weight is important for numerous different reasons. One of the prime reasons is your health.


Over Weight BMI Range: 25.0 — 29.9

Being slightly overweight and obese are two different terms. When a person exceeds the healthy weight range by a huge number, the condition is referred to as obese. Over-Weight is accompanied by many health problems. Some of which, have been listed below.
Cardiovascular diseases, High blood pressure and cholesterol, Certain cancers, Certain stones, etc.


Over Weight BMI Range: 30 >

Obesity is one of the biggest health danger to a person. Obesity, does not only cause physical unfitness and illnesses, but also mental sickness. Obesity is accompanied by many health problems. E-G:
Cardiovascular diseases, High blood pressure and cholesterol, Certain cancers, Certain stones, etc.
Maintain your BMI by proper diet plans. Check Articles Below

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BMI Calculator For Men & Women

The term BMI (Body Mass Index) is a term used mostly by health experts. The BMI calculator determines a numerical value on the basis of height and weight which an individual has. This numerical value is called BMI. Let us go through some basic details

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index is calculated for an individual on the basis of weight and height he has. In simple terms, BMI can also be counted as the amount of fat in the human body. People who have high BMI do not have any idea about the adverse effects they can face. Considering your weight and height, if you have a BMI value that is higher than normal, it points towards various health risks. People who are obese have a high BMI value and have greater chances of suffering from high blood pressure and cardiac issues. Reducing BMI requires both effort and dedication. To start with, you have to keep a check on what you are eating. Make body mass index chart  or BMI table for the better evaluation.

Fatty foods can increase BMI because they do not get digested. People who gain weight usually do not have a proper diet plan in place. Thus, when they eat foods with fat content, the level of obesity increases and the body becomes out of shape. In a nutshell, the BMI increases.

How Body Mass Index calculator Works?

It is completely functional and easily available on our website. The design of BMI checker is responsive and can easily be used on your mobiles, tablets, desktop, and Laptop. The interface is made very user-friendly.

The calculation can be started by selecting Metric or Standard units. In it, if you opt for metric one, you have to choose your gender then choose for metric now type Height in cm and weight in kgs (BMI calculator kg gives value of BMI in kg unit) then Click calculate button. The scale will indicate in 4 readings:
If you opt to choose the Standard method of BMI calculation then like the similar to metric one you have to choose your gender then type your height in feet and inches then weight in lbs.

The scale will indicate similar 4 readings:

under weight

Your weight is less than a weight considered normal. You should consider to gain more weight to reach healthy-weight level.


Your weight is equal of your ideal body weight. You are perfectly fine!

over weight

Your weight is more than a weight considered normal. You should consider to lose more weight to reach healthy-weight level.


The increase in body weight is greater than of your ideal body weight. You should consider to lose more weight to reach healthy-weight level.

BMI for women is not much different than the men. Calculations may vary a bit with the factor of age, and gender.

BMI chart shows the variations in Body Mass Index for men, women, and adults.So this calculator also works with the algorithm which defines the BMI ranges chart.

You can get value manually by dividing your weight in Kgs with height in meters and divide this again with your height to get BMI reading. For example, if your weight is 50kgs and you are 1.75m tall then divide 50 by 1.75. The answer is 29, divide 29 again by 1.75. The answer will be 17 that is BMI reading.

How BMI Calculator For Men Works?

As body mass index is dependent upon factors such as age, height, and also on the gender hence the body mass index value for each age group or for any gender is different. In male, because of their longer heights, the ideal bmi for men is greater than in female. Numerous calculators have been developed to calculate BMI for Male and they just ask for the basic information and calculate the exact value within seconds. However, the formula for the calculation of body mass index for men is weight(kg)/ (height)x(height). However, height must be the standard unit (metre).

How BMI Calculator For Women (Female) Works?

Though the values are different in male and bmi calculator female, the ways in which one can calculate the required value is the same. The body mass index formula used to calculate ideal bmi for women is, weight/square of height. The obtained value is then compared with the standard body mass index for women. If a person is slightly exceeding the BMI value, then she is slightly overweight and vice versa. BMI calculator women is not different than BMI calculator male.

How to Gain Weight If You Are Underweight?

Some people consider skinny being healthy but the problem arises when you’re underweight which is due to poor nutrients or certain other health reasons .If your BMI value is less than 19.5 over BMI calculator than follow the instructions below. Here are some ways to gain mass if you're underweight:

Eating frequently:

It's easier to feel full quick due to being underweight. For this, you can try five smaller portions instead of three large portions a day.

Bite size meal:

You can make a delicious snack out of various healthy food such as dried fruits, cheese, avocado and peanut utter.

Smoothies and shakes:

Replace diet sodas and coffee with healthy smoothies and shake and juices with some chia or flax seeds.

Keeping an eye on drinking material:

Drink a drink with the meal or certain individual can try drinking a drink after thirty minutes of consuming a meal.


You can increase usage of egg, cheese, and milk in your everyday meal.


Vigorous training can build muscle and increase your appetite, so exercise is essential.

Selecting food rich in nutrients:

You can increase usage of food which is rich in nutrients like cereals, pasta, whole grain bread, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy products and nuts.

Regularly check for your diet plans and calories

If you are planning to gain weight than you have to know that how much calories, Carbs and Protein required per day to gain weight. Macro Calculator is the best tool to check for required calories and carbs in a day. This calculator needs some information about your gender, Age, Goal, Height and current weight. If you follow the results you will surely achieve your goal easily.

How to Lose Weight If You Are Overweight?

If your BMI calculator metric shows value between 25 to 30 than you are overweight. There are numerous ways to lose weight and here are some ways that are healthy and won't make you feel more hungry than usual:

I will be on strict diet from tomorrow. This is one hypothetical statement which we hear from almost everyone who is on the heavier side and wants to get in shape. Talking does not require any effort and it also does not help you in reducing weight. Following the correct steps is what you need to do. In other words, have a proper plan to reduce weight. Given below are some integral steps which can be used to reduce weight.

1. Have a properly written diet plan:

An increase in weight takes place within no time but when it comes to reducing it, you would have to invest immense effort. Being organized is where you need to start from. It is impossible to reduce weight if you keep gulping down fatty foods. You cannot expect to eat fried stuff and still not gain weight.

2. Water Intake:

The increase in water intake also helps a person in keeping in shape. People who do not have a good consumption level of water gain weight within no time. Thus, make it a habit to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water on per day basis. This would help you in keeping your body in shape.

3. Have a workout plan:

Simply maintaining a good diet but not having any workout sessions would not help you out. Thus, have a workout plan and plan daily sessions of exercising. This is a mandatory condition if you are serious about losing weight. Working out does not mean that you should lift weights on the first day at the gym. Everything is gradual so take your time when you are working out.

4. Reduce the consumption of sugar by a major margin :

You can never reduce weight if have a high consumption of sugar through tea, coffee or any other form. Even if you are a compulsive consumer of caffeine, stop using sugar. Once you stop consuming sugar, you would see that your body would start coming into shape.

5. Have regular sessions with a fitness expert:

Lifting weights and working out according to the guidance by a fitness expert are two very different things. Fitness experts are professionals and they recommend exercises after they have analysed the body structure of every individual. Thus, consulting a fitness expert is always the key.

6. Have a well-planned daily routine:

People who are serious about reducing weight start by improving their daily routine. Your meals should be well defined in terms of timings and what you would eat every time. Meal in takes should be for the standard three times and nothing should be eaten in between. If you are able to follow this stringent program, it would not be that hard to reduce flab and get the body in shape.

7. Do cardio exercises on daily basis:

Lifting weight would obviously not reduce the flab off your body. Before you start lifting weights, it is important to reduce stiffness by doing cardio exercises. Running on the treadmill for 15 minutes should be a part of your daily routine when you start working on the weight reduction task.

8. Do not sleep immediately after a meal

The worst thing you can do to your body is sleeping immediately after a meal. When we intake food, it has to be digested properly. Once you are done with a meal, have a walk of ten to fifteen minutes so that the food gets digested. When we sleep immediately after eating something, it turns into pure flab and sticks on the body. This obviously results in weight increase.

How to Lose Weight If You Are Obese?


It's recorded that with decreased size of the plate we tend to eat less.


These things increase a lot of weight and reducing and limiting them helps in weight loss.


Eating a protein packed breakfast aids in the reduction of consuming calories and cravings throughout the day.


Whole and unprocessed food are healthier as they are likely to reduce the chances of over eating.


Certain foods have components which aid in weight loss. These foods are white eggs, salmon, green vegetables, chicken breast, boiled potatoes, beans, and tuna.


When you chew well you release weight reducing hormones and even boosts them, individuals who chew fast are likely to put on more weight. Chewing slowly also aids in feeling full.


One of the major cause of weight gain is not getting proper sleep so it's essential that you take six hours a good night sleep.


Caffeine aids in increasing metabolism which aids in reducing weight. If you are coffee or tea lover this is good news for you.


Soluble fiber is shown in aiding to reduce fat especially belly fat. Fiber supplements can also be taken to lose weight. Glucomannan is an example of fiber supplement.


This method aids in weight loss and difference is noticed just in three months.

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