12 Diet Plans To Follow If You Are Overweight

12 Diet Plans To Follow If You Are Overweight

Obesity is the term used when a person is overweight or exceeds the ‘’healthy’’ weight range. Being slightly overweight and obese are two different terms. When a person exceeds the healthy weight range by a huge number, the condition is referred to as obese. Obesity is accompanied by many health problems. Some of which, have been listed below.

1-Cardiovascular diseases.
Too much fat accumulation proves to be dangerous for a number of different reasons especially for the health of heart. Heart tends to weaken by obesity. This causes a number of different heart diseases, including myocardial arrest i.e. heart attack. Which may end up causing the death of a person.

2- High blood pressure and cholesterol.
Heart problems are not the only ones which are caused by overweight. An obese person always has a high blood pressure and cholesterol issue.

3- Certain cancers.
Many might not expect this, but certain cancers are also caused by obesity. This is because the unneeded accumulation of fat, tends to disturb the activities of hormones in the body. This is harmful because these irregularity and abnormality might disturb the normal functioning of the cells in the body resulting in cancer.

4- Certain stones.
Gallbladder stones, kidney stones and stones of numerous other kinds are also made due to obesity. Different salts and their accumulation result in making stones.


If you're overweight and looking to shed some pounds, finding the right diet plan can be a game-changer in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For help in organizing your chosen diet plan and staying on track, consider utilizing a daily planner. A daily planner can assist you in scheduling meals, tracking your progress, and incorporating healthy habits into your routine. Here are 12 diet plans worth considering, each offering a unique approach to weight loss and improved well-being:

1- Vegetable diet. (General Motor’s diet)

The vegetable diet is very beneficial. You can make mixed vegetables and use just some bits of spices upon them and eat. The vegetables are very low in calories and carbs. In order to maintain weight, one must consume a low carbohydrate diet. The vegetables are loaded and packed with high fiber content.

2- Egg diet.

Consumption of less calories per day will help a person lose weight. One can go on an egg diet. Eggs can be boiled, fried and even scrambled and can be made tastier by the addition of spices. Eggs are very famous because of the high protein content that they contain. About 3 boiled eggs contain calorie content of around 235. This makes them healthier and makes one feel fuller.

3- Fruit diet. (General Motor’s diet)

There are different kinds of fruits. Fruits help as anti-oxidants. If one consumes apples without peeling them, the undigested dietary fiber helps lose calories. Fruit diets are beneficial in a way that they help to lose weight but with that, they are beneficial in different ways. They keep the skin and hair fresh and also strengthen the nails. 

4- Salads.

Different salads can be made and consumed. One can make fruit salads, vegetables salads and of numerous other kinds. Salads fill up your stomach and not only that, they provide you with a lot of other goodness. Such as numerous nutrients and vitamins as they are a combination of different fruits and vegetables. So they help cut belly fat in a healthy way.

5- Refreshing drinks.

Some refreshing drinks not only help beat the heat but also help lose weight. Many people tend to go on ‘’water diets’’. However, water diets are very difficult but they help lose weight very quickly. Water diets include these refreshing drinks such as detox water. One can make their own drinks by boiling water containing lemons and cucumber. Then just by filtering the water, one can make a bottle and cool it. This not only adds taste to the water but also turns your regular bottle of water into an anti-oxidizing one.

6- Food diet – including raw food.

This includes all the uncooked food. Many things cannot be consumed in uncooked forms. However, there are numerous veggies which can be eaten in raw form. And those are included in this diet plan. These uncooked and unprocessed foods are helpful for the dietary fiber production. Unprocessed food helps cut belly fat. These include all the nuts.

7- HMR diet plan.

The HMR diet plan program is very famous as it is easy to follow and helps lose calories. This includes all the tasty things. For example, a shake which is low in calories. This diet plan also includes nutritional bars. Nutritional bars are very yummy as they are a combination of nuts.

8- Volumetric diet.

The volumetric diets include consumption of foods in a very high quantity but the selection of foods is very important. One must select the calorie low foods. Such as vegetable sticks (carrots). This diets helps one taste numerous things but in a low quantity also cutting the fat from the belly.

9- Mediterranean diets.

The Mediterranean diets include hints of everything. They include foods cooked in olive oil. And apart from vegetables and fruits, which almost every diet plan involves, they involve fish. Fish is a high nutrition food that contains the healthy fatty acids. They help in calorie loss.

10- Vegetarian diet.

And it again comes down to the vegetarian’s diet. The vegetarian’s diet is different from an all-vegetable diet in a way that it contains the consumption of almost everything accommodating vegetables (apart from the carbohydrate rich foods). This diet also includes vegetable soups as it is said that watery diets are low in calories as compared to an equal quantity of solid diet.

11- Traditional Asian Diets.

Traditional Asian diet includes all the Asian foods as the name indicates. However, it includes diets which are filling but also help in weight loss. It includes three prime things.
1- Brown Rice,
2- Fish
and 3- Red meat.
The brown rice fill the tummy and also help cut the belly fat. The combination of these three make a great diet but the quantities must be adjusted.

12- Flat belly diet.

This is what everybody wants right? A flat belly. So this diet aims in helping you get that. One thing must be remembered. This diet must preferably be followed after one has lost adequate weight because it includes everything which targets cutting the belly fat such as legumes, fishes, leafy green vegetables and etc.

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