Maintenance of a healthy weight is important for numerous different reasons. One of the prime reasons is your health. Countless illnesses and diseases are accompanied by obesity. However, one must focus on the point that obesity is not the only weight related problem. Being underweight is also a very big problem. People tend to stress on obesity but have this misconception that being skinny is absolutely normal but, it must be understood that being underweight also accompanies countless problems. A weak person also has to go through numerous deficiencies such as anemia and etc. Obviously, a person who is underweight must not be getting all the essential nutrients in their diets or moreover, not a proper diet even.


Underweight and weak people have a hard time admitting that they need to put fat on their bodies usually because they have this fear of getting body shamed and think that the phrase, putting fat on, is simply very embarrassing. However, they must understand that it is not and it is a good thing to come forward and take some initiatives for your health.
Given below are some diet plans that one can follow if they want to gain some fat and want to hit that ‘’Healthy’’ range of weight.

1- Smoothies.

No one can deny the fact that smoothies can be made absolutely delicious if one knows the dos and don’ts of how to make one. One can use full cream milk. There are numerous flavors which you can use to make the smoothie. You can make any fruit smoothie or a chocolate smoothie, which are very fattening. Smoothies fulfill all your cravings properly and you would love to drink one also, it is not something which you’ll have to think twice about before drinking.

2- Fresh juices.

Fresh juices are absolutely healthy. Suitable for all the weight problems. Fresh juices have all the goodness in them. From different vitamins to different essential nutrients. All that your body is deficient of and is lacking, is present in the fresh juices.
Fresh juices are better than boxed or tetra packed juices simply because tetra packed juices have artificial flavoring in them so one is not sure if they actually have all the great things which are present in fresh juices. Therefore, you can simply take a fruit, cut it into slices, add water and then grind to make a perfect, refreshing drink for yourself.

3- Sandwiches.

Whole-wheat bread is very healthy. If you don’t feel the essential cravings, then you need to spice up your meals a bit. That way, you’ll feel the urge to eat more. One way to do it is by the use of a whole wheat bread. Fill the sandwich with whatever filling you want to fill it with. You can make any kind of healthy sauce and fill the bread with it. Moreover, you can top the sandwich with melted cheese and top the sandwiches with the cheese.

4- Cereals.

Cereals are everybody’s favorite breakfast. Although good quality cereals themselves help a lot for weight gain but if one wants some extra goodness with the cereals, one can add honey along with milk. This will be extremely delicious and not only delicious but super healthy. You can also add a handful of nuts. Nuts are very healthy. Nuts are considered as the ‘’healthiest’’ snacks and very helpful in different weight related problems. Underweight people tend to be very low in energy. However, cereals boost the energy levels of an individual and they feel so much more energetic.

5- Potatoes – All kinds.

Every person is well aware with the fact that potatoes are rich in starch. Potatoes are a ‘’staple’’ food in different regions of the world. By all kinds, it means all kinds of potatoes. Such as, sweet potato, boiled potato and even friend potatoes. For the sake of gaining weight, one can simply cut the potatoes and fry them in some healthy oil. Fried food help a lot for weight gain but they can be dangerous for the heart. Therefore, one must consume them in a very moderate amount.
Sweet potatoes have a sweet taste and are very pleasant in taste.

6- Biscuits.

There are numerous different kinds of delicious biscuits. Cadbury biscuits are very well known for their rich taste and the different varieties. Biscuits are also helpful in fat gain. There are different biscuits and one can choose the one which matches their taste choice. There are wheat biscuits, chocolate filled biscuits, cream biscuits and many more. Biscuits have a very high sugar content.

7- Cheese.

Cheese is made from milk and everybody knows how beneficial milk is. It is known to be rich in calcium. Phosphorus and even vitamin B12. Calcium is highly beneficial for strengthening the bones. Cheese is also packed with high quantity of protein. You can consume cheese in many different forms. Like use them in Pizza, burgers and even shred them upon different foods.

8- Sea food- Fishes.

Majority of the people are sea food lovers. There are many different kinds of sea foods. Such as, prawns, fishes and etc. however, specifically talking about fishes, there are numerous different kinds. Salmons, fatty fishes and etc. fatty fishes have vitamin D present in them. There are also Omega-3 fatty acids in them. Fishes also prevent a person from different diseases.

9- Yogurts.

Full fat yogurts are another dairy product and dairy products are super healthy for a person. Not only do they help in weight gain, but also help in making the process of digestion faster. Yogurt also helps in the prevention of a number of different diseases such as heart diseases.

10- Eggs.

Eggs can consumed in many different forms. Eggs can be eaten in the boiled form. They can be fried as well. They can be eaten in breakfast, lunch or even in dinner. Eggs are high in cholesterol. Around 60 percent of the calories in the eggs are from fats. Eggs also act as antioxidants.

11- Avocadoes.

Avocadoes are very famous for being extremely beneficial. They are also very tasty. Avocadoes have different kinds of vitamins, nutrients, and varying grams of fats. Avocadoes are a metabolism booster. They are packed and rich in vitamin E having different pigments like lutein. They can also be eaten in countless different forms.

12- Dark chocolate.

Chocolate is everybody’s favorite. And we would love to highlight how beneficial chocolate is. Per each ounce, the healthy fatty acids are in a very high content. Rich in cocoa, dark chocolate works as an anti-oxidant. You can enjoy the dark chocolate in different forms. Cocoa means high health benefits. Dark chocolate is also very good for the health of heart.

Body mass index value basically helps categorize a person as overweight/obese, or underweight. Through the BMI calculator, one can simply calculate the value of body mass index by just adding some simple values that are common and everybody is well aware of them. Know your standard BMI and compare it with your present BMI.

Now the factors upon which body mass index depends, is another topic. However, with the BMI calculator, one can calculate the BMI value with much ease and within seconds. Given below, is an example.
This BMI calculator, only requires your height and your weight. It even tells you if you fall in the healthy, unhealthy range through the different colored scale.

There is an option of different units and one can easily choose the one that they prefer. Let’s look at this sample.

So, for this calculator, there are just some basic necessities. Which include, gender, height (units can be chosen) and weight as well. Then one can press the calculate value and get the desired result as has been shown above.

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