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What is Macro Calculator?

This calculator is designed by flexible dieters. IIFYM is another name for flexible dieting. The full form of IIFYM is if it fits your macros. Macros are short for macro nutrients, and they are defined as substrates used to produce energy in the body. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the macro nutrients. The caloric total for food is calculated by adding all the macro nutrient amount together.

At first, you should choose gender, then write age and choose a future goal. The future goal has four options to select for.


Fat Loss

For those who want to lose weight, safely and fast. Puts individuals in twenty percent calorie deficit.



Designed for those who desire to keep their current weight. This option aids eating at the macro level.


Muscle gain

This option is for those who want to build muscles quick. This can also be used by those who want to gain weight. This option shows twenty percent calories surplus.


10% lose weight

This option is for those who wish to lose ten percent and want to build muscles. Puts you in ten percent calorie deficit.

After it you have to write your height and weight, you can adjust accordingly, to write in Imperial, the American system of conversion or metric, worldwide system of conversion.

You can choose from meals per day which have four options:
2 meals per day
3 meals per day
4 meals per day
5 meals per day
Then there is an option to adjust protein, three options are given:
Protien Low


Protien Normal


Protien High


There is an option to select how active you are and four options are given:
Moderately Active

For females, any activity that burns 400 to 650 calories and for male 500 to 800 calories.

Lightly active

For females any activity that burns, 400 to 200 calories, for males any activity that burns 250 to 500 calories.

Extra Active:

Any activity that burns more than 650 calories for female and 800 calories for a male.

Very Active

Any activity that burns more than 650 calories for female and burns more than 800 calories for a male.

After completing all this, the macro calculator calculates the Carbs, calories, protein, and fat you should take per day.

How are the macros calculated?

The ratio of protein is set at 0. 825 grams, per pound of body mass. Fats are set at twenty-five percent of everyday energy expenditure. Carbohydrate is calculated from the remainder. Daily energy expenditure is calculated by weight, height, exercise output, and age.

When should you calculate your macro nutrient intake?

If you calculate your macro nutrient intake, you can keep track of what you eat and drop few pounds of fat.

Whether it’s a photo shoot or any close friend’s wedding and you want to lose weight but have less time on your hand. You can use the macro calculator to adjust your diet according to your goal of weight.

The cravings of chips or chocolate ice cream can do heavy damage to your diet and side by side increase your weight. This way you are not able to consume the essential macro nutrients and balance them. If you calculate your macro nutrients intake you can plan your meals and stay away from these cravings which ruin your appetite

For a most individual, they aren’t well aware of how much protein to consume and have the wrong idea. To get an idea of how much protein to consume, you should use macro calculator as individuals tend to consume carbohydrates and fats more than the proteins

When should you not calculate your macro nutrient intake

When you aren’t motivated enough

When you still consume big mac with a lettuce on and consider it healthy or eat carrots with healthy consumption of pancakes and don’t know the fact butter is a carb or can’t let go of junk food, you aren’t ready enough. Before using the macro calculator, you should motivate yourself then stick to the diet plan.

When you are a macro nutrient veteran

When you are already aware of which diet you should consume with what limit of each macro nutrients, you have mastered balancing your life style according to the healthy eating, using macro calculator is useless for you.

Advantages & Disadvantages of calculating macros:

  • You can track your food consumption

  • Those who are new to dieting and eating healthy don’t have an idea how to track and what amount of calories and macros to intake, the macro calculator acts as a perfect guide for them

  • Using a macro calculator and calculating macros aids in keeping your body in the desired shape.

  • It gets stressful sometimes and demotivating to keep a daily track of food

  • You start to focus on macro intake and start to ignore the quality of the food.



Fats are less available compared to carbohydrates in the body for instant use. The reason for this is that the transformation of fats into energy is more complex compared to carbohydrates. Fats must be broken down into triglycerides to glycerol then into free fatty acids, which can be used by the body for energy consumption. Fats provide more energy than carbohydrates and are also used as building blocks of essential hormones.


Under extreme circumstances, protein can also be used for the creation of energy. Protein must convert into fatty acids or glucose for energy consumption. Amino acids can also be utilized for energy conversion.


In the body, the carbohydrates are converted into simple sugar molecules, glucose, which is found in every tissue present in the body. The excess glucose is converted into glycogen and is stored in the liver. Some of the glycogen is stored in muscles and is used in the formation of ATP, a compound which body derives energy from. The stores of glycogen tend to deplete after vigorous exercise. This calculator calculates what amount of carbohydrates is needed for an individual with different goals, whether it's for exercise or weight loss.

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| 05/09/2019

Really useful and well done. Recently it doesn't work anymore as it looks like it doesn't take in account height and weight properly and also the protein amount is more than double of what it is supposed to be. Anyway it was really good as calc

| 21/06/2019

Well Done! Very informative

| 27/05/2019

I love it.

| 21/05/2019

Thank you to make this Macro Calculator awesome. Thanks again

| 21/05/2019

I found this calculator to be a very useful and reliable one. Very accurate and easy to use.

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