Obesity is one of the biggest health danger to a person. Obesity, does not only cause physical unfitness and illnesses, but also mental sickness because of unacceptance by the society. Even if a person feels comfortable in their body and satisfied with how they look, there might be numerous diseases in the body of that specific person which might even end up in decreasing the life span of the obese person.
The average percentage of obese people around the world is extremely high. And the most alarming part about this is that most of them are kids. Kids being obese, have to undergo similar diseases and problems that an adult might. Therefore, one must keep a check on the eating habits of their kids for their own sake and well-being.

Staying physically fit is not only for the sake of looking good, but because, it is important if you want to maintain and have a healthy life-style. If you want to save yourself from the countless different diseases that obesity might cause you, then you must work on yourself.

There are two ways in which an obese person can lose weight.
1- Diet.
Diet means, eating the proper food. By ‘’proper’’ food, it means eating food which has a low calorie content. Before one starts their weight loss journey, they must be aware of their BMI- body mass index. One must know what their target is and how many calories they have to consume every day to shred the fat. Once they are aware of this, they can then adjust food in their diet, which is low in calories and contains all the healthy calories.

2- Exercise.

Exercise boosts the weight loss process and not only that, but it also tones the body. Burning calories, and then toning the body makes one get into shape real quick.


As mentioned above, having a proper and adjusted diet is very vital. Some of  the low calorie diets have been given below.

1- Cut the carbohydrates – Diet.

Now this diet plan, as the name suggests, is all about lowering the carbohydrate intake and specifically the ones which stimulate and affect the sugar present in the blood. If you want an improvement in the cholesterol and triglyceride levels of your bodies, then you must go for this diet.
This diet includes all the different foods, which have a low content of carbohydrates. This diet is especially suitable for the starting days.

2- Protein diet.

If you want to get into shape, then protein diet is suitable for this. Protein rich foods make you feel fuller, consuming in a lesser proportion of calories and shredding the fat from your body. It includes all the protein rich, low-calorie foods such as eggs and meat.

3- General motor’s diet.

This diet basically includes fruits on the first day, vegetables on the second and then combinations of both.
This diet is known to burn the maximum amount of calories and is known to start the process with the maximum weight loss. However, once the body gets used to this diet plan and calorie intake, the process might slow down.

4- All vegetable diet.

If you’re a vegetarian, then here’s the good news. Vegetables and especially the leafy green vegetables are very effective for weight loss process. These boost the process and help in cutting the belly fat. These vegetables include, watercress, green beans, lettuce and etc. The leafy green ones act as anti-oxidants and detoxify the body.
you can eat these separately, or to spice things up, you can mix different one of these and cook them keeping the oil content and spices very low.

5- All fruit diet.

Fruit Lovers?
There are numerous different varieties of foods that are available. The best thing about this diet is that you get a wide range of options among which you can choose the one you prefer and want to eat. You can mix them up too, by cutting slices.
Fruits not only benefit you by making you lose fat, but they also make the skin look fresher and your hair healthier due to the numerous vitamins they contain. Moreover, if you eat them without peeling them such as an apple, you get the dietary fiber and hence, your weight loss process is boosted. However, this does not include the high sugary contented fruit juices.

6- Water diet.

Extreme water diets include only the consumption of detox water. However, it might be dangerous because the body needs some amount of calories in order to get the desired energy and to function.
Water diet includes, soups and detox waters. Studies and researches have proven that, a fixed amount of solid food has a greater calorie content then the same amount of food if consumed in watery or soup form. Water acts as a booster and is vital for weight loss. Soups make you feel fuller and refresh your stomach.

7- Ketogenic diet.

One of the very famous diets for obese people is the keto diet. The basic idea of this diet is to eat energy rich foods which have a low content of carbohydrates. Keto diet is very famous because it improves the insulin levels in the blood.

8- Flat belly diet.

Now this is another very famous diet. There are books available which have everything related to this diet. However, this diet basically focuses on the fact that one should eat after every four hours and consume diets which have mono unsaturated fats. Moreover, it also sets a limit to the amount of calories that must be consumed per day.

9- Whole grains.

Whole grains tend to provide the undigested dietary fiber which helps in calorie loss. Instead of going for something unhealthy, try whole grains which make your tummy feel fuller and help with losing the weight.

10- Nuts.

Nuts are known and classified as the ‘’healthiest’’ snacks. They are basically packed with healthy fatty acids which tend to help lower the weight. It is said that a handful of nuts each day, helps in shedding the weight.


Before you go on the weight loss journey, be sure to know about your body mass index and your healthy body mass index. Body mass index is an indication of if a person is underweight or overweight.
This can be done using this simple calculator, the basic interface of which is given below. The calculator requires all the basic, simple things to calculate the desired value and to indicate where a person stands in terms of weight through the colorful scale present with the boxes. As BMI varies from person to person and is different for different age groups, therefore, the calculator also requires age.

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