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What is RMR?

Resting metabolic rate (also known as RMR) is the rate at which your body burns energy when it is at full rest. To see how many calories your body needs to perform basic functions such as breathing and circulation, you can calculate your resting metabolic rate. Your RMR or metabolic resting rate is part of your TDEE or the total number of calories you burn each day. You can use our TDEE Calculator To Quickly find your total daily expenditure on energy

Resting metabolism is the energy your body needs to perform when your body is at rest the most basic functions. These essential functions include things such as breathing, blood circulation or basic functions of the brain. Resting metabolism is also sometimes referred to as basal metabolism. The total number of calories your body burns at rest is your BMR. Our BMR Calculator will help you to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate.

Everyone has a different resting metabolism or BMR. Factors affecting your metabolic rate of resting include your composition of weight, gender, age, and body. For instance, someone who is very big and muscular needs more calories (more energy) than someone who is very small to keep his body at rest. Use our Calorie Calculator to know that how many calories you need to achive your goal weight.

Why RMR Important?

We consider metabolism as just one process, but many processes and activities happening inside of our bodywork alongside – including resting metabolism – make the process fully happen.

RMR has already been described before. Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate is a must. By knowing the number, you will get to know how many calories you can burn by simply existing or doing nothing. You can also increase your calorie consumption based on this information and can get a lot closer to your body fitness plans.

Sometimes, you feel lethargic, sleepy and slow while doing many tasks and that is not quite helpful but with the help of RMR you can get to know the number of calories and energy that is just so, you can carry out your basic everyday tasks. Through this, you will not consume more than the required amount of calories and in return, won’t be obese.

How to increase your resting metabolic rate?

There are a number of ways to how you can increase your RMR. But, in order to increase your RMR, you have to add up to your Lean Body Mass.

  • You can do that by eating frequent meals. Try eating one every three hours. This will give you a lot more energy and you will also lose weight by hardly doing anything. Quite impressive, right?
  • The next thing you can do is, try weight training about three to five times a week. This will add to your lean body muscle or mass and it has a direct relation with resting metabolic rate. You can easily increase one by increasing the other.
  • Another thing you can do is add cardio to your everyday schedule. Through cardio, your body will stay lean, fit and in shape. That is an easy way of staying in full shape. Also, the increase in RMR is just one of its big benefits. You will also end up feeling more fresh and energetic.
    Doing cardio can really help you go by your day. That feeling of laziness you have over you most of the time vanishes and you feel a lot fresher and alive.

Benefits of increase in RMR

If you are still doubtful or unsure about the benefits that RMR has on you and your health, here are some of them.

The most basic one is that you will be able to burn calories by hardly doing anything. That is not too bad, right? Dreaming of somehow lose or maintain weight by just doing nothing is the dream come true for the couch potatoes who won’t prefer getting up from their couch.

Increase in RMR automatically balances your weight. It has an overall positive influence on your body. There is no lie that the majority of diseases occur due to your diet and you being obese. Obesity has become a big, silent issue in the world that is growing rapidly day by day. It also includes heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension etc.

You will also burn calories even while you are asleep, and you will burn more calories than average during your workout.

How to decrease your Resting Metabolic Rate

Basically, two factors that slow down or cut your RMR in half are age and hormones. Thyroid hormones of women kind of die down after they surpass the age of 40. Well, once you are 20 or over it, you will lose up to 2% to 3% of RMR each decade. But those are the factors you cannot control.

However, you can control your diet and the exercise you do daily. The decrease in RMR does not have a healthy or positive influence on your body and you can become prone to many strong diseases and illnesses that are long-lasting.

What Factors affects Resting Metabolic Rate?

Some factors that can affect your RMR are:

  1. Age: Your age is a pretty important and a highlighted factor. An increase in age can affect your RMR.
  2. Weight: A person with a heavyweight will have more resting metabolic rate. This is because the body of a person who has more weight has to work hard to maintain and support the extra mass.
  3. Body composition: : Muscle burns a lot more calories than fat. So, if your body has muscle on it and not fat, it will burn a lot more calories at rest.
  4. Stress or Emotional excitement: Good or bad stress also impacts your RMR. It releases chemicals called epinephrine and norepinephrine. Stress causes an increase in RMR and that leads to the utilization of these chemicals or hormones.
  5. Exercise: You can do strength exercises or other exercises for a lean body. These help in increase in RMR.

However, there are many other factors that impact your Resting Metabolic Rate in different ways.

Why Use RMR Calculator?

Online calculators can be found to find out or calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate. This calculator is one of those. It produces accurate results. So, you don’t have the slightest doubt. The calculator asks for information like your gender, age, weight, and height.

You can calculate your RMR in standard or Metric unit. The option for other units is also available. It is free to use and has no complications. The interface of the calculator is also simple and easy to use. You will face no difficulty regarding the calculator.

The best part about this calculator is that it has 100% accurate results. You can easily plan out your diet schedule with help from this calculator. If you are having difficulty using the calculator, you can also take help from the website regarding that issue.

The Formula of Eesting Metabolic Rate Calculator is also used in 2 Most Popular meal planner calculator Macro Calculator and Weight Loss Calculator.

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