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Looking good is everyone’s right but one should be prepared to put in all the needed effort. Cutting down on or quitting your favorite fried food, aerated drinks and desserts is nothing less than a nightmare. Burning down calories, reducing weight and getting back into shape is a humongous task and one has to adopt a serious approach to achieve it. If you are prepared to put in all that effort, success is just a step away. You can get your dream physique with persistent hard work, dedication and exercising. Lastly, having a proper diet plan is absolutely necessary. Your body would look healthy if the diet intake is healthy.

We usually hear people challenging themselves to reduce calories. What are the basics of calorie control? Before you deep into the details, let us go through the initial concepts.

What are calories?

In literal terms, the definition of calorie is not hard to grasp. It is a unit of energy that has different sources. We consume different food types that include proteins, carbohydrates and sugars. All these forms contain calories. A minimum intake of calories is necessary for survival. However, when it comes to overconsumption, calories can result in obesity and a flabby body structure. This energy is required for performing physical tasks and living a healthy life.

How many calories should I eat daily?

The consumption of calories cannot be stated on a generic scale. Calorie consumption depends on numerous factors including height, gender, weight, physical activity and various other factors. On an average scale, 2500 calories should enter the body of a male to retain weight.

  • The intake of calories differs with the physical activities that an individual does on daily basis. Someone who has a daily workout routine would be able to maintain or lose weight even after consuming more calories than normal. Along with that, height of an individual also makes a lot of difference.
  • The calorie consumption is determined on the basis of various factors including gender. Males can consume more calories than females as they are involved in more physical movement than females.

A diet plan and recommended diet options

The calories that you burn on daily basis vary with the diet you intake. To increase calories, the calorie count that enters the body should be more than the count that you burn. Similarly to lose weight, the count of burnt calories should be more than the count you intake. With the help of a diet plan, you can keep a check on what you are eating and avoid unhealthy stuff. For example, consuming protein enriched edibles help in burning more calories.

Calories intake for weight Loss

The intake and outflow of calories depends on the purpose that each individual has in mind. You need to have a goal in mind. If you are overweight, it simply means that you should intake calories in manner to reduce weight. This refers to the point that the consumption of calories should be less than the count burnt. Again, here the consumption of diet would be very critical. Eating fast good and confectionaries is obviously a big increase in the calorie count. Hence, if you are planning on reducing your weight, such edible items should be avoided.

  • Using a weight loss calculator is something that helps. It provides you with a comparative analysis of your current weight and the goal that you have in mind. Along with that, it is important diet plan that highlights the food you need to eat on prescribed timings. For instance, oats and cereals are recommended for burning calories and reducing weight.
  • The consumption of proteins accelerates the rate of metabolism. This simply means that the food you consume would be digested more quickly. You would obviously notice calories getting burnt more quickly. This is a healthy form of diet and adds nutrition without causing an increase in flab.

Avoiding fizzy drinks and artificially flavoured juices

The use of fizzy drinks simply means that you are consuming a heavy calorie count in a short time span. One bottle of 330ml of fizzy drinks contains 140 calories. This is simply because these drinks have a high count of sugar. Similarly, artificial juices are also high on sugar. Thus, consuming either of them would increase the calorie count in your body.

Large intake of water

Consuming a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water is important. Apart from having various other benefits, this helps in reducing calories and keeping weight under control. It is commonly advised that the first thing you should have when you wake up is water. This practice has immense benefits. It helps you in reducing around 50 percent extra calories.

Calories intake to retain weight

It is not necessary that only overweight people would be looking for calorie control. At times, the requirement of an individual is to have a calorie count that can help in retaining weight. Considering this requirement, you need to have a specific diet plan and routine for yourself. Some key factors which can help you in achieving this goal are listed below.

Have a proper routine

To keep your weight consistent, have a properly defined routine. It is advisable to start the say with exercising. There is no need to spend hours at the gym as building muscles would not be your goal. Instead, brisk walking would do the job for you. Begin your day with walking and light jogging. Apart from that, the consumption of water is the key. It is easy to maintain weight if your body stays hydrated.

Avoid fatty foods

The increase in weight can take place in an instance. The moment you stop following a proper routine and the correct diet plan, your weight would increase within an unbelievable time frame. Fast and processed food causes immediate rapid increase in weight. Have proper meal timings and do not eat without a schedule. Some people have a habit of following a plan for few days. After that, they start eating food whenever they feel slightly hungry. Gulping down food apart from the three prescribed times would increase your weight by a major margin. Thus, it is better to avoid this habit.

A properly defined diet plan

Irrespective of the milestone you have in terms of calories, a diet plan is necessary. Make a breakdown of what you plan to eat during the day along with meal timings. Ensure that you follow that plan without any hiccups. The moment you stop following the plan, it becomes hard to retain weight because the calorie consumption increases.

Activities to Burn Calories

It is important to stay active if want to burn calories. You cannot expect calories to burn simply by sitting on the bed. Staying inactive is the major reasons due to which calories do not burn and weight increases. To start with, having a proper routine is important. According to most health experts, sleep for a minimum of 8 hours per day is essential to have a fit and healthy life. Hence, if you have insufficient sleep or broken sleep patterns, make a change in your routine. It is necessary that you have a regular sleep pattern.

The following activities are beneficial for burning calories

1. Working Out

To burn calories, working out is the best option but if you are just about to start, having an instructor is necessary. Begin with light exercises so that your body becomes physically smooth. Working out should be a regular part of your schedule. Decide a particular time slot for it. It is the best alternative to keep in shape. Do not be over ambitious about this. Take your time and gradually increase the duration of per day workout sessions. People do become over ambitious to burn more calories and get into shape quickly. This is not smart thinking.

2. Running in the morning

One of the best tips is that you should start your day with a physical activity before eating any sold good. Make a plan for it in terms of distance you would run on per day basis. Keep a check on the calories you are burning everyday so that you are aware of the progress. Running does not mean that you should sprint at a fast pace and run out of breath. Start with brisk walking, jogging and then gradually increase the pace. It is always good to talk to a fitness expert if you have any ambiguities.

3. Skipping rope

Skipping rope is the easiest and most productive way to burn calories. The best thing is that you can do skipping at home even if you do not have a lot of space available. To start with, have a dedicated time frame for this purpose. Start with a small time frame so that your body can adjust to this activity. After that, gradually increase the time frame. Skipping is one of the best alternatives to burn calories in a quick manner.

How to use a Calorie Calculator?

Burning calories requires you to keep a check on how you perform on day to day basis. Calorie reduction figures vary from person to person and there are not generic numbers in this relation. A calorie counter provides you with a clear count of calories you need to burn per day to lose weight or to maintain it.

To determine the daily calorie count that has to be burnt, you need to provide some details including weight, height, age, gender and extent of physical activity. On the basis of these details, the number of calories for weight retention or reduction would be displayed on your screen. You can plan a schedule and use the calorie calculator after you have practiced a proper routine for a specific time span. The best thing about a calorie calculator is that it provides you with specific figures. You know exactly how many calories you need to burn every day to reach your desired goal.

Calorie Counter and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)

Weight reduction is not something you can do on the basis of estimations. You need to have properly defined targets that have to be achieved on daily basis. For instance, based on your weight, height, gender and other details, you would know about the calories that have to be burnt every day. Every person does not have to burn the same calorie count to maintain or reduce weight.

Here is a calorie counter and TDEE calculator can help you out.

  • A calorie counter takes some details as inputs to determine the calories that have to be burnt on day to day basis. You need to submit your weight, height, gender and exercising routine. Based on these details, the calories which have to be burnt would be determined. Apart from that, variations would be provided for each exercising routine type. For instance, if you have a light exercising routine, you would also be told about calories to be burnt if you follow a medium or heavy exercising schedule. In an overall manner, a complete picture of required calorie reduction would be revealed to you.
  • If you use a TDEE counter, you can know about the exact calorie count which has to be consumed every day. This count does not remain fixed for every person. For instance, a person who is 29 years hold would not have the same calorie reduction figure as a 35 year old. A TDEE counter gives you the exact picture. For instance, if you figure out that you need to burn 1200 calories every day, mark this as a milestone and draft a routine according to that. With the help of a TDEE counter, you can make a diet plan and a schedule for exercising as well.
  • With the help of a TDEE counter and calorie counter, you get to know about the calories which have to be burnt to reduce weight to a desired figure. When you know exactly how many calories you have to burn every day, it becomes much easier to achieve this milestone.

Calorie Chart

Simply talking about reducing weight and actually doing so are two very different things. Talking about reducing weight and getting back in shape does not require hard work but when it comes to delivering results, you should be prepared to put in hard work and portray serious dedication. This goal becomes easier when you are using a calorie chart.

  • During the course of each day, we consume various categories of edibles. A calorie chart highlights the calories present in each edible. This is a great source of assistance because you know how many calories are being consumed when you are eating something.
  • We can go through an example. Consider that you need to have a maximum calorie intake of 4000 calories. Whenever you eat something, add the number of calories on the chart for that particular day. When you keep a regular check, the total count of calories would not be exceeded. A calorie chart helps you in identifying the meals you should eat and the ones which would increase the calorie consumption.

Daily Calorie Requirement to Survive

When you need to reduce weight, the count of calories burnt should be greater the count you intake. However, calorie consumption is important for survival as well. Again this depends on various factors including age, gender, weight and physical activity status. On the basis of these details, you can determine the minimum calorie count that is mandatory consumption. On an average scale, men have to consume 2500 calories per day but this also depends on the level of physical activity he does on daily basis.

Average calories from common foods

Foood groupservingscarbohydrates (in grams)calories
Low-fat milk1 cup12121
chocolate milk1 cup26208
Skim milk1 cup1286
yogurt ( Low fat, fruit-flavored)1 cup42225
Pudding1/2 cup30161
Grapes1 cup 28114
Grapes juice1 cup 2396
Apple1 (medium)2181
Apple juice1 cup28111
Orange 11665
Strawberries1 cup1145
Cantaloupe1 cup1457
Pineapple 1 cup1977
Raspberries1 cup1461
Potato (Baked, Plain1 large50220
Sweet Potato1 large28118
Corn1/2 cup2189
Lima (beans-cooked)1/2 cup20108
Broccoli145 g845
White break1 slice1261
Cookie (oatmeal)1962
Cereal (ready to eat) 1 cup24110
Noodles1 cup34159
Pancake4 inches1041
Pizza with cheese1 slice40290
White rice1 cup50223
Brown rice1 cup50232
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