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Body fat percentage calculator is used to calculate body fat percentage in the human body. It determines the total percentage of fat in the body by taking various measurements of the body. It is a very efficient and robust calculator that produces results in no time.

In this post, we will explain how to measure body fat percentage, body fat percentage men, body fat percentage women, body fat percentage formula, and much more.

How to use our body fat calculator?

To use our ideal body fat percentage calculator, follow the below steps:

  • Select your gender in the given input box.
  • Enter your age in the given input box.
  • Enter your height in the given input box and select the unit of measurement. It offers multiple units to measure.
  • Enter your weight. You can use lbs., tone, gram, kilogram, pound, and ounce.
  • Enter your neck circumference in the given input box.
  • Enter your waist circumference.
  • Press the Calculate button to see your body fat percentage.

It will give you the body fat, body fat percentage, army body fatnavy body fatlean body mass, and ideal body mass.

Body fat percentage formula

The formula for body fat percentage is as follow:

Lean body mass (men) \(=\left(\text{weight}\times 1.082\right)+94.42-\text{waist}\times 5.15\)

Lean body mass (women) \(=\left(\text{weight}\times 0.732\right)+8.987+\dfrac{\text{wrist}}{3.140}-\text{waist}\times 0.157-\text{hip}\times 0.249+\text{forearm}\times 0.434\)

Body fat weight \(= \text{weight} - \text{lean body mass}\)

Body fat percentage (BFP) \(=\dfrac{\text{body fat weight}}{\text{weight}}\)

How to calculate body fat percentage?

How much body fat do I have? How to find body fat percentage? What is my body fat percentage? If you have these kinds of questions in your mind, you are surely in the right place.

To calculate the body fat percentage, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Measure your weight and note down.
  2. Measure your waist size and note down.
  3. Measure your forearm and note down. This measurement is only for women.
  4. Measure your wrist and note down. This measurement is only for women.
  5. Measure your hip and note it down.
  6. Substitute the values in lean mass formula to get the lean body mass.
  7. Calculate the body fat weight by subtracting the lean body mass from your weight.
  8. Now substitute the body fat weight and your weight in body fat percentage formula to get the body fat percentage.


A 21 years old boy Sam has a weight of 40 kg. His other measurements are:

Waist: 32 inch

Neck: 15 inch

Height: 72 inch

Find the body fat percentage of Sam?


As we already have all the measurements, we only need to substitute values in the above equations, which is step number 6. So we start from step 6.

Step 1: First, calculate the lean body mass.

Lean Body Mass (men) \(=\left(\text{weight}\times 1.082\right)+94.42-\text{Waist}\times 4.15\)

\(= (40 \times 1.082) + 94.42 - 32 \times 4.15\)

\(= 4.9\)

Step 2: Calculate body fat weight.

Body Fat Weight \(= \text{weight} - \text{lean body mass}\)

\(= 40 - 4.9\)

\(= 35.1\)

Step 3: Calculate the body fat percentage.

Body Fat Percentage (BFP) \(= \dfrac{\text{body fat weight}}{\text{weight}}\)

\(= \dfrac{35.1}{40}\)

\(= 0.8775 = 87.75%\)

Body fat percentage chart

Below is the body fat percentage table for men and women.


Low Body Fat RiskUnder 15%Under 5%
Ultra Lean15-18%5-8%
Moderately Lean22-30%12-20%
Excess Fat30-40%20-30%
High Body Fat RiskAbove 40%Above 30%


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