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What is Ideal Body Weight?

The ideal body weight is the category under which the weight of the person falls in the ‘’healthy’’ range. If a person falls below or above this weight range, then the person either ‘’underweight or overweight’’ respectively. Ideal body weight. Calculate BMI now to know that if you are health,overweight,underweight or obese.

A person must understand that maintaining the ‘’ideal’’ body weight is extremely important because your body condition and its healthiness depend upon how much you weigh. Ideal body weight is a term that which is very significant but many people around the globe are unaware of its importance and sometimes fail to understand what the term even means.

Factors on which the Ideal Body Weight Depends

There are a number of different factors on which the body weight depends. It might vary in accordance with the dependency on these factors. Some of the factors on which weight depends are listed below.

Height, obviously, the more the height, the more the body muscle. And the more the body muscle, the more the ideal body weight range will be.

a Gender is also a factor. Commonly, we see women as very thin and smart when compared to men. However, it should be known that men are taller than women and men have more muscle weight in their body. Muscles tend to be heavier as compared to the fat. Although the women have a tendency of carrying more fat, they still weigh lesser than men (in more than 60 percent of the case). Women must be healthy because women have to reproduce so they must be physically strong enough for that in order to avoid any complexities or problems.

The third and the most basic factor on which the ideal body weight depends is ‘’Age’’. Age is the most comman factor in health. To find out your age in years, months, hours and seconds use our age calculator Ideal body weight, as mentioned above, is not constant. It varies and so for different age groups, it is different. Even for different age groups and for genders of that specific age group, the ideal body weight might be different. Let’s take an example to understand this factor better, the ideal body weight for a 17-year-old, with a height of 5’2” or 5’3”, might be 55 and the wright exceeding this limit might prove to be in the unhealthy range and if the person has exceeded a very high range of this weight, then the person might be obese.

Knowing and researching the ideal weight is very important and instead of living in ignorance, a person must know what their ideal weight is. But the question is, how? The details are given below.

How to Calculate the Ideal Body Weight?

Calculation of the ideal body weight is not very complex however if you are above the level then reaching the level for sure, is difficult.

So the first step towards calculating the ideal body weight is by the use of this very simple ideal body weight calculator. But before you go on with the calculator, know your height, and current weight. If you are not sure about your height or your weight, then measure it because these two can be easily measured using a scale and a weighing machine respectively.

Given below is the basic interface of how the calculator looks like. Ideal Body Weigh The calculator is very simple to use. You just have to provide your gender, height, and your current weight and then by hitting the calculate button, the calculator shows you your IBW, ABW and how much you need to lose. This calculator holds great importance because, without it, you will have to do some calculations in order to obtain the result. This calculator does the calculations in just a few seconds which is great and another plus point is that it is not very hard or complex to use.

How to reach your Ideal Weight?

Once you have checked your ideal weight, the next step is a comparison. In this step, you will have to compare your weight with the ideal one. If you do not fall in the ‘’ideal weight’’ range, then given below are some things that you can do in order to hit the healthy weight range.


This is the basic step when you decide to tone your body. Without exercise, you won’t be able to reach your healthy weight range. once you start exercising, your weight losing process will speed up and you will achieve your goal much earlier than you would do without exercise. Eat healthy.

Without this, you won’t ever be able to reach your healthy weight range. you must eat a lot of fruits. Fruits will not only prove to be helpful in weight loss but will also help you in keeping your skin and hair healthy. And as it is said, ‘’an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’’. Drink a lot of water.

Gulping in a lot of water increases your metabolic rate. Every reaction in your body occurs in the presence of water and if water is not there, then your metabolic rate decreases and that might be dangerous. Just know that, the more water that you drink, the lesser it is.

Why do you have to maintain a healthy weight?

Now, many people are not sure of why they have to do so much hard work to maintain a healthy weight range even when you feel completely okay with yourself and when you are completely comfortable in your skin. Know that, feeling comfortable in your body is a very good thing and even when you are fully satisfied with your body and your weight, you don’t know what problems it can cause to your health.

An overweight person is more likely to face problems such as heart diseases (Cardiovascular Risk Calculator helps to calculate your risk of heart diseases and your heart age), gallbladder stones, kidney stones (kidney disease can be calculate with our creatinine clearance calculator), some cancers and etc. An unhealthy lifestyle makes the person feel lazy and lethargic. The person tends to feel unhappy and there are many diseases that occur in the bodies of such people. Death might even occur if the case gets extremely worst. Chances of cardiac arrests are more likely. checkout Heart Rate Calculator and Max Heart Rate Calculator. So you must maintain a healthy weight in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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