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Heart Rate Zone Training Chart (Karvonen method)

# Training Zone Range in Percent BPM
1 Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) - -
2 Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) - -
3 Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) - -
4 Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) - -
5 Red Line (Maximum Effort) - -

Heart Rate Zone Training Chart (Zoladz method)

# Training Zone Range in Percent BPM
1 Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) - -
2 Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) - -
3 Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) - -
4 Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) - -
5 Red Line (Maximum Effort) - -

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Heart Rate Calculator

It is essential for every human being to keep his heart in a healthy state. Failing to do so can prove to be very harmful. This key organ performs several essential biological functions including pumping fresh blood. What is the ideal heart rate that an individual should have to prevent health issues? Apparently, there is nothing like an idealistic heart rate for all age groups. This rate varies from one age group to the other. However, keeping an eye on this rate at all times is very important. If you fail to do so, even a minute health problem would transform into a major complication within no time. Hence, make sure that this cardiac rate is under control at all times. Secondly, do not indulge in any physical activity which can contribute towards increasing it. Physical activities including exercising options should be selected on the basis of the age an individual has. 


Check the heart rate using the quality tool

It is obviously not feasible to check the heart rate by keeping a hand on your chest and using a stop watch. Certainly, this is not a practical alternative but using this top notch online calculator is definitely one of the finest options you should view.

  • Mistakes with heart rate calculations cannot be tolerated. Even the slightest accuracy problem can have a major impact on the user’s health. Thus if a heart rate calculator is not up to the mark, it can result in incorrect diagnosis. You do not have to doubt the accuracy and reliability of this calculator in any manner
  • This does not have any cost issues because all the options are completely free. In other words, the heart rate can be calculated accurately without any mistakes or paying any money in the form of cost.

Steps of using this heart rate calculator    

It is a critical for a user to check the steps of a heart rate calculator before he makes a decision about using it. Most users do not even get a basic feel of the steps before they start using the tool. This becomes a problem if you come across a heart rate calculator that is tougher than expectations.

There is absolutely no need to have any apprehensions about a difficult user interface. This heart rate calculator carries a very easy user interface. Even if you have standard computing skills, you can use it without any difficulty.

Further details can be extracted by going through the steps of usage listed below.

1.    Provide age, resting heart rate and intensity

There are few inputs which users have to provide for calculating the heart rate. These include the age, resting heart rate and intensity in percentage. To determine the heart rate, the correct values if these three inputs have to be entered. As an example, consider that the age of an individual is 28 years, resting heart rate is 14% and intensity is 15%. Along with that, users have the option to select the maximum heart rate equation. In this case, the selected type is Haskell and Fox (basic for men). Once the entering process / selection of inputs has been completed, generate the results by clicking the “calculate” button.

2.    Going through the produced outputs

In accordance with the values of age, resting heart rate and intensity mentioned above, you would see the following three results on your screen.

•    Maximum heart rate = 192 bpm
•    Rest Heart Rate = 

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