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What is CRCL?

It is always advisable to understand a medical term before one goes deep into the details. CRCL (creatinine and creatinine clearance) is a term related to the waste produced by the human body.

CRCL Basic Definition

In simple terms, CRCL defines the waste produced by the human body. Creatinine is produced during the standard process of muscular breakdown. As a constituent, creatinine is filtered from the blood stream and it is in the form of urine. None of this filtered liquid is reabsorbed by the human body. For healthy males, the discharge of creatinine is 95mL/minute while for females, this figure increases to 120mL/minute.

CRCL facts and figures

CRCL is calculated on the basis of a properly defined equation called the Cockcroft-Gault Equation. To calculate CRCL, you need to use a dependable calculator designed for this purpose. CRCL is calculated on the basis of multiple input parameters including sex, weight, age and creatinine. On the basis of these details, CRCL (creatinine clearance would be calculated).

Signs of low creatinine

Low creatinine can obviously have its negative effects. It is always good to be aware of the common signs of low creatinine. Here are some signs which occur mostly.


muscular stiffness
One of the common signs is muscular dystrophy. In such conditions, the patient has muscular stiffness and lack of flexibility.
lower abdominal pain
People with low CRCL are likely to suffer from jaundice and lower abdominal pain.
excessive water loss in body
If you are suffering from low creatinine, your body would experience an excessive water loss.

Signs of high creatinine

Just like low creatinine, high creatinine has its negative effects as well. Here are some common signs that your creatinine is on the higher side.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure is one of the common signs. People with high creatinine experience heavy blood pumps and chest pains as well.
 nausea and vomiting
If you are experiencing nausea and continuous vomiting, it can be a sign of high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Cockcroft-gault equation

This equation is used to determine clearance by taking key parameters as inputs. These include sex, weight and age.

Key details of Renal Function

Before we drill down into the details of Cockcroft Gault Equation, it is important to go through some key details.

The output of this equation is creatinine clearance used to judge the human renal function. In simple terms, it defines the core ability of the kidney to perform blood filtration. The Renal Function and Creatinine Clearance factors share a relationship of direct proportionality with each other. If the Renal Function goes down the Creatinine Clearance would go down as well.

24 hours of urine for testing

A lot of people do not know that creatinine clearance is calculated on urine collected for the entire day. To get the creatinine clearance calculated, you need to collect urine for the entire day as it helps in gauging core kidney functions.

GFR (Glomerular filtration rate)

Apart from getting 24 hours of urine tested for creatinine clearance, another easier method exists through which the functioning of kidneys can be checked easily. Using GFR, medical experts can check whether your kidneys are functioning properly or not. Instead of urine for the whole day, this method takes one level of blood creatinine as the input.

Working Process of Cockcroft Gault Equation

Simply knowing about the inputs used in this equation is not enough information. You need to know about how these inputs are inserted in the formula. The formula is stated below.

Creatinine Clearance = Sex * ((140 - Age) / (SerumCreat)) * (Weight / 72)

  • The numerical value of sex is “1” for males and “0.85” for females
  • Serum Creatinine has a unit of mg/dl
  • Age is the numerical value in years
  • Weight is the numerical value in kilograms.

How to use the CRCL Calculator?

It is important to know the usage of the CRCL calculator to determine the correct results. Here are the steps which have to be followed.

  1. Entering the correct inputs
    CRCL is calculated by using certain values. First of all, you need to select your gender. Along with that, provide your age (in years). After that, you have to enter the serum creatinine and weight.

  2. Calculating the CRCL
    After you have entered all the inputs, simply click the “calculate button” and the CRCL value would be shown on your screen.

Selecting a reliable CRCL calculator

A correct CRCL value does depend a lot on how dependable the CRCL calculator. The CRCL calculator by Calculators.Tech is one of the best alternatives available. It is dependable and can also be added as a widget.

What does the CRCL score mean?

Before we get into the interpretation of a low CRCL score, it is advisable to grab some more biological details.

Core Purpose of Creatinine Clearance

The core purpose of the CRCL test is to determine kidney functionality. This test provides confirmation about whether the kidney is functioning properly or not. It is usually carried out after the patient ends up with an abnormal GFR. A GFR test is conducted after taking one line of blood creatinine as an input.

Reduced Blood Flow to Kidneys

One of the prime purposes of the CRCL test is to determine the blood flow to the kidneys. At times, the kidneys get a reduced blood flow because the patient is experiencing possible heart failure. In a nutshell, the creatinine test is advisable for people suffering from chronic kidney or heart problems.

When does the CRCL test have to be carried out?

There are some conditions after which a CRCL test is carried out. This mostly happens when there is a kidney disorder. Some common signs which one has to watch out for are listed below.

  • If there is swelling around your eyes, wrists or ankles, it may be a sign that the kidney is not working properly.
  • At times, a sudden decrease in urine time is also counted as a core sign. People who have kidney disorders have reduced urination.
  • If you are urinating less than before, it can be a sign that your kidneys are not filtering urine according to expectations.
  • Most people who have this issue have a burning sensation when they are urinating. If you are experiencing this feeling, it may be a sign that you would have to go for a CRCL test.
  • Are you getting blood or protein deposits in urine? If yes then there is every chance that your kidneys are not functioning properly.
  • High blood pressure is also one of the signs that you need to go for a CRCL test. However, this does depend on whether you are getting a sudden increase or you have been facing high blood pressure issues from a long time.

Interpreting the CRCL results

In case of a low clearance creatinine count, it is important to be well aware of the reasons that may be behind it. Some of the common reasons for a low CRCL count are listed below.

  • People who consume drugs have dead cells in the kidneys. This is one of the key reasons due to which the CRCL scores go down.
  • People who suffer from prostate diseases have a low CRCL score. If you have any obstruction in the urinary tract, the CRCL would be on the lower side.

Level and norms of Creatinine

It is important to be aware of the acceptable levels of Creatinine. These levels vary on the basis of gender. For instance, for males, the acceptable range is 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dL. Similarly for females, the acceptable range is 0.5 to 1.1mg/DL

Males have a higher range than females

When you talk about the levels of CRCL, men have a higher range than females. This is because a male body has more muscle than a female one. This is the reason why the CRCL range of men is more than women.

Interpreting high levels of CRCL

Having high CRCL levels is not a positive sign by any means. Other than that, it is good to be aware of the reasons due to which CRCL goes on the higher side.

  • Some people have only one kidney and in their case, a CRCL of 1.9 mg/dL would be considered as normal.
  • In babies, if the CRCL is 2.0 mg/dL, it would be counted as high. Similarly, in case of adults, a CRCL of 5.0 would be taken as high. Some common causes that your kidneys may not have normal functioning include shortness of breath and nausea.

Considerations and Variations of Creatinine Clearance

There are certain key factors which are considered when the Creatinine Clearance is being calculated. In simple terms, creatinine clearance calculates the rate at which creatinine is discharged from the kidney. Every healthy human being discharges creatinine. If the rates are on the higher or lower side, it may be pointing towards a possible kidney disorder.
Here are some factors that have to be considered

Pregnancy in Females

It is a fact that men have a lower CRCL value than females. Normally, females have a CRCL value between 88 and 128 ml/min. However, when it comes to pregnancy, the count can be much higher. For pregnant women, the same range cannot be considered. In some cases, the CRCL value for women even rises to 150ml/min. Thus, if women are getting a high CRCL value, the pregnancy factor has to be taken into account. We build a calculator which helps to calculate pregnancy with due date.

People with a single kidney

People with one kidney are expected to have a higher CRCL than normal.

Relation of BMI and LBM with CRCL

Study shows that the higher BMI is, the more chances of creatinine clearance are. Have you ever checked in which fitness level your body fall in? check now by using our BMI calculator. Similarly, creatinine clearance is directly proportional to Lean Body Mass according to NIH research. You can learn more about LBM on our Lean body Mass calculator. Loosing weight and being less obese is the best option for reducing creatinine clearance. Although there are multiple ways of shedding fats, a better diet plan is the top method to get in shape without harming yourself. You do not need to visit an expert to make a customized diet chart. The macro calculator can help in making a diet plan by dividing calories ratio is taken by an individual in a day. The appreciated feature of this calculator is, it provides detailed carbs, calories, protein, and fat ratio.

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