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ABCD2 Score for TIA Calculator

Do you know that if the flow of blood to the blood is stopped, a person suffers a stroke and in worst cases, he can be paralyzed as well? Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is also referred to as mini stroke by a lot of medical experts. You should know about how this medical issue is created the damages it causes. To start with, it stops the flow of blood for a small time span after which the individual returns to normal condition. However, even if the blood flow to the brain stops for a small time span, the sign should not be ignored. This can lead to a full scaled permanent stroke if the problem is not treated properly on time.

What is the ABCD2 Score?

How can you reach the conclusion that a patient is suffering from a particular disease until a complete diagnosis has been performed? When you talk about the risks of TIA, the ABCD2 calculator is used to perform diagnosis and judge the condition of the patient. In an overall manner, ABCD2 score TIA provides complete details about what the condition of the patient is. When a patient undergoes the ABCD2 diagnosis, he has to answer few questions. On the basis of answers given, a TIA score is calculated. The condition of the patient is weighed against the total score. ABCD score TIA helps to battle the disease effectively. Remember, ABCD score stroke can change depending on the given answers of the users.

What is TIA?

The effects of TIA are very similar to a proper stroke but there is a key difference in the level of intensity. TIA does not last for a very long time. It has effects for few minutes after which the patient returns to normal condition. However, TIA patients can suffer a proper stroke if not treated properly on time. The basic reason of a TIA is the oxygen supply to the brain being cut. The blood in the human body supplies oxygen to every part. Hence, when the blood flow to the brain stops, the supply of oxygen stops as well. This is the reason why the effects are similar to a stroke. If you have suffered from TIA, you need to understand few important things. First of all, make sure that you visit a medical expert instead of ignoring the signs. If the signs are ignored, you can obviously face multiple occurrences. Thus, talking to a medical expert is essential. TIA score helps to take effective steps.


How do medical experts reach the conclusion that a patient is suffering from TIA? The first step is checking the symptoms. What are the obvious signs? Medical experts cannot reach any conclusion until they know about the symptoms occurred. Patients need to have complete knowledge of the symptoms so that they can get an assurance about suffering a TIA attack. It is also important to know about symptoms if you do not want the attack to occur again. Here are some key symptoms of TIA

1. Numbness in one side of the body

One of the major symptoms of TIA is numbness is one side of the body. This may not start immediately with numbness as it begins with weakness. For instance, you would have to apply extra force to life your left hand. This can be a sign that you have a TIA attack. In worst cases, it has the same effect as a stroke but for a small time span. For instance, the left or ride side of the body may become completely paralyzed. In such cases, patients are unable to move that body side. If you are witnessing this sign, you should immediately consult a medical expert. Delaying medical consultation even if you feel numbness is nothing but taking a big risk.

2. Broken speech and slurring

Our tongue receives an instruction from the brain before we speak something. If there is a stoppage of oxygen supply, it adversely affects the ability to communicate. Hence, it is counted as a major symptom. People who suffer from a TIA attack face issues when they are communicating with someone. They slur to an abnormal level and this becomes quite apparent when they are conversing. If you feel that you have a continuous slurring effect while communicating, get proper medical consultation without any delay. It is not intelligent thinking to ignore any symptom of TIA as it can turn into a serious medical problem within no time.

3. Loss of focus and dizziness

There is no doubt that dizziness can be due to various reasons. Even if you are dehydrated, you can feel dizzy. However, it is continuous; it may be a TIA attack symptom. People who face a TIA attach feel dizziness for a long span of time. Another may sign is loss of focus. It becomes hard for TIA patients to concentrate on a particular spot visually. It is strongly advisable to avoid moving around when such signs are experienced. The best way out is get a medical appointment and get further examination done. TIA signs should never be overlooked or ignored in any manner.

4. Vision abnormalities

TIA attacks have adverse effects on various body parts including the eye. In extreme cases, TIA patients can experience blindness or double vision. If you wake up one morning and suddenly feel that you have been blinded in one eye, take it as a serious problem. This may not be an eye related problem by any means. Eye problems occur over the period of time. If you feel that there is double vision, contact a medical expert to get detailed examination done. This is one of the key signs of facing a TIA attack.


Why has a particular medical problem taken place? What are the reasons behind it? To avoid a medical complication from being created again, you should know about the causes that it has. For instance, if you have suffered a TIA attack, what are the reasons behind it? Once you know the causes, the prevention method would be applied in a proper manner.
Following are some key causes of TIA

1. A moving clot can be dangerous

Clots can prove to be very dangerous because they stop the flow of blood in the body. TIA is caused when the flow of oxygen to the brain is eliminated. This happens due to various reasons including a moving clot. This clot may get stuck in one of the arteries supplying blood to the brain. When the supply of blood would be stopped, no oxygen would be supplied to the brain as well. This would result in a TIA attack. If you have suffered an injury and there is a moving clot, communicating with a medical expert is very important. A moving clot can prove to be very dangerous. In worst cases, it can get stuck and stop core breathing supplies. This is a worst case scenario which can prove to be fatal.

2. High cholesterol consumption

If you talk to a medical expert, he would strongly advise you against consumption of high cholesterol food products. Deep fried food can take the cholesterol level to a much higher limit. When cholesterol level becomes too high, it starts clogging the arteries responsible for carrying blood. Eventually, if the deposits are made in one of the arteries supplying blood to the brain, the oxygen supply is cut off. This results in a TIA attack. Keeping a check on the level of cholesterol consumption is very important. You should monitor the diet you are having on daily basis. A good option is to consume fresh fruit and vegetables instead of deep fried products.


Apart from knowing about the causes of a medical disease, it is important to have complete information about the risks as well. Given below are some key risks of TIA. If you have complete awareness about them, it would be easy to avoid and prevent a TIA attack.

1. A family history of the disease

Some health weaknesses are passed on from one generation to the other. In most cases, they are not avoidable. However, you can still use preventive measures to minimize the effects. For instance, if your father had asthma, there are chances that the allergy would be passed on to you or even your children. Hence, when you have a family history of TIA, there are high chances that it would be passed on to you.

If you have a family history, a strict preventive and proactive approach is needed. You have to make sure that you have regular medical check-ups and have a constant communication with the doctor. Having a family history does help you as well because you know about the symptoms and causes. The moment, you see one of the symptoms; simply get in touch with the doctor for assistance.

2. Previous attacks of TIA

If you have suffered a TIA attack in the past, do not reach the conclusion that it would not occur again. People who have TIA attacks in the past have a higher probability of experiencing them again. If you have experienced a TIA attack in the past, there are high chances that you would get another experience.

It is important to be cautious if you have suffered from a TIA attack in the past. Have regular visits with the doctor. Along with that, as an individual, you need to be alert. Make sure that when you notice any symptoms, reach out to a doctor immediately.

3. Increasing age

Ageing cannot be avoided in any manner. In addition to that, ageing increases the probability of every disease. Someone who is 25 years would not experience a heart attack. On the other hand, if you are 55 years of age, the chances would be much higher. The chances of a TIA attack also increase with age.

If you are 55 years or above, the chances of a TIA attack would be quite high. When you start ageing, the overall immunity of the body increases as well. High cholesterol is also a problem which would impact you if you are in the later stages of life. Thus, if you are a senior citizen, keep having sessions with the medical expert to reduce the chances of TIA. By being cautious and alert, you can surely reduce the risks.

4. Anaemia due to sickle cells

Oxygen is carried by cells but level of normality is an important area to be concerned about. Some cells are sickle shaped and they have less oxygen than normal cells. Along with that, as they are sickle shaped, they get stuck in the arteries as well. This actually hampers the flow of oxygen. In worst cases, it can cause a TIA attack.

The disease of sickle cells is carried from one generation to the other. Thus, if any of your previous generations had it, there are chances that you would have to go through the experience as well. If you have the sickle cells issue, it is good to discuss it with a medical expert in advance.

Health Conditions and Life style followed

Getting infected with a medical disease depends on countless parameters. Some health conditions identify the incoming of a major health problem. Most people ignore the sign and keep following the same lifestyle until the problem finally comes on their head. If you ignore the pertaining health conditions, you are practically increasing chances of the medical issue. Here are some health conditions which can be alarming for a TIA attack.

1. Persisting high blood pressure and cholesterol problems

A high percentage of people do not get their blood pressure checked. They continue consuming fatty foods, fizzy drinks and high sugar confectionaries until the problem reaches an alarming stage. This is where the problem begins. High blood pressure basically reduces the smoothness of blood flow. If the blood is not being passed to the brain at the required level, the supply of oxygen would be lesser than normal as well. This would be the triggering point of a TIA attack. A TIA attack happens when the brain does not get enough oxygen.

Our Developer team buit a calculator which helps to find out Maximum Heart rate , Reverse HR and and Heart Rate on Rest according to your age. This Heart Rate Calculator have 9 different equations. So you can switch to any of these.

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol are major health problems that can hamper the overall medical condition of an individual. The cholesterol level increases when individuals do not have a good diet plan in hand. Eating the right food helps you in keeping the cholesterol level within limits. Most of us do not have the correct schedule or diet plan. We eat the wrong things at the wrong time. When the level of cholesterol goes beyond the normal range, it
  • deposited into the arteries carrying oxygen to different parts of the body. If the deposits are made in the arteries carrying oxygen to the brain, the chances of a possible TIA attack would increase.
  • Having high cholesterol and blood pressure carries can result in various health hazards including a full scaled TIA attack. Even if you have these problems, talk to a medical expert regarding them and use potential techniques to combat them.

2. Heart related problems

People with cardiovascular diseases are also at the risk of various other issues as well. One of them is TIA. People with heart attacks have reduced blood pumping and supply. When the heart pumps at a low rate, the arteries also get reduced supply. This is where the problem starts. As it is mentioned above, TIA attacks take place when there is less or no supply of oxygen to the brain. This happens when the supply of blood gets affected adversely.

It is important to keep in mind that supply of blood depends on the condition of the heart. If you have a healthy heart, the blood pumping process would be normal and adequate blood would be distributed to all body parts including the brain. However, when you talk about cardiac patients, they do not have a normal rate for blood pumping as the heart is in a weak condition. In a nutshell, it can be said that cardiac patients have a very high risk of facing a TIA attack.

3. Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients are weaker than normal people in terms of physical strength. People suffering from diabetes have narrow arteries which makes it very hard for the blood to flow through. This obviously reduces the level of blood flow to all parts of the body. If the blood flow to the brain is reduced, the patient can suffer a TIA attack in quick time.

Adequate Life Style

In a lot of situations, people suffer from serious diseases due to the life style that they have. For instance, if you have an unhealthy routine and consume fatty foods, your blood pressure and cholesterol would be on the higher side. This would obviously increase the chances of getting hit by a TIA attack. Thus, to avoid health issues, it is important to have a healthy life style.

Here are some aspects for a healthy life style which would help you in preventing a TIA attack.

1. Have a regular exercising / workout schedule

Working out or exercising is important if you want to live a long healthy life without coming across diseases. If you simply eat and do not get involved in physical activities, the cholesterol level of the body would increase. This is obviously harmful because people who suffer from high cholesterol have very high chances of facing a TIA attack. People who exercise regularly have very low chances of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition to that, high blood pressure and cholesterol are root causes of a TIA attack. Keep a check on the schedule you have and make sure that you exercise for a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes a day. To calculate you body HDL, LDL, Triglycerides visit our Cholesterol Calculator

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking is by no means a part of a healthy life routine. Apart from causing lung cancer, it can also result in chronic heart attacks. People who smoke have choked arteries resulting in the blood flow to the brain slowing down or cutting off. Hence, it is important that if you are a smoker and want to lead a healthy life, this habit should not be a part of your daily routine.

Smoking is one of the biggest reason for health problems around the globe. Study shows that 1 of 5 death from heart attack is directly related to smoking. Our ASCVD Risk Calculator checks the smoking factor while calculating the risk factor of heart attack.

3. Alcohol and Drugs

Every human being who has basic knowledge knows that alcohol and drugs can be extremely damaging. These habits have multiple health hazards attached with them including potential TIA attacks. Alcohol consumers have abnormal blood flow. Similarly, people who consume drugs have very high chances of potential cardiac attacks. The chances of across a TIA attack are also much higher for alcohol and drug consumers. AUDIT-C is test to Identifie at-risk drinkers (i.e., binge drinking) who may not be alcohol-dependent.

Core Prevention Techniques

It is impossible to battle out a health issue if you are not using the correct prevention techniques. You cannot expect to avoid lung cancer if you are smoking 2 packs a day. Even if you are taking the best medicines, this is not possible. To start with, you need to use the correct prevention methods so that the chances of getting infected by a disease can be reduced.

1. Eat healthy and have a diet plan

It is all about eating healthy and having a proper routine for this purpose. It is foolishness to expect that you can avoid high cholesterol if you are eating friend chicken piece for every meal. People who have a healthy diet plan easily avoid various health issues including TIA. Eating healthy simply means that you should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Avoid the consumption of fried food because it carries a lot of risk. Macro Calculator is a good options if you are looking for a best diet planner. People who consume fried food on daily basis have very high risks of heart issues, high cholesterol and TIA.

2. Exercise everyday

Physical movement is very important for the human body. Even if you do not like going to the gym and lifting weights, make sure that you perform basic physical tasks like walking, jogging and doing yoga. People who exercise regularly have a healthy life style. On the other, people who simply eat and do not subject their bodies to any kind of physical activity are always at the risk of cardiac issues and high cholesterol problems. Thus, to avoid, TIA and other similar problems, exercising is an absolute necessity.

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