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Cholesterol Calculator

The risk of having heart attacks depend on a lot of things. One of them is the cholesterol level of the patient. High cholesterol levels can prove to be a big problem in terms of health. How can you keep a check on the cholesterol conditions? Using this tool is a good alternative because you can keep your cholesterol under check.

  • The user interface of this tool is quite simple and this is big advantage for users. The features are easy to use and you do not need any kind of downloads. It is an online tool and can be accessed on multiple devices without any installations.

Free usage with zero restrictions

Apparently, a lot of tools have options of free usage but the user does have to go through limitations. For instance, you may start using the tool and realize that only few features are offered without charges. This is actually a problem for users because they have to opt for a paid version after the time span expired. However, this cholesterol calculator does not have these issues. It can be used for free for as long as the user wants to.

The use controls

To use a tool in a proper manner, you have to be sure about having complete control on the tool. Here are the points which show how this tool can be used.

  1. Entering the input details
    To start with, select your gender. The cholesterol levels do differ for males and females. After selecting the gender, you need to enter few important details. These include the total cholesterol level, HDL cholesterol level, LDL cholesterol level and Triglycerides level. The overall results depend on these details. Thus, the user should be sure that they are entered in a proper manner. It is always good to recheck the entered details prior to submission.
  2. Checking and understanding the outputs
    The outputs would be produced as soon the user has provided the required inputs. These would include the total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
  •  This is a very helpful tool and provides the user with appropriate explanation of the risk levels. If any of the levels is in the “high risk” category, it would be shown in red color and the user. For instance, if your LDL cholesterol level is 250 mg/dl, it would be show in red color. This would alarm the user that his medical condition is in a risky state.

No issues of reliability

A lot of tools which users use have reliability problems. For instance, the correct results may not be produced. This is a problem particularly if the tool is being used for medical purposes. This tool is completely reliable and the user can be absolutely sure that there are no problems with any of the values. As a result, you can be sure that the cholesterol levels have been calculated properly.

This tool does not have any complicated options. As a result, all kinds of users can use it without any hardships.

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