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The name speaks for itself! This text to binary translator converts your text to binary numbers cost free. 

How to convert text to binary

To translate to binary, all you have to do is write or paste the text you want converted in the box and press ‘convert’.

On the top right side, the ‘results’ of this words to binary converter will show you the data in your text, converted into binary format. 

Text to Binary background

Almost everyone knows what ‘text’ is, it is represented by .txt format in computers and the most obvious example of it is this article itself. ‘this is text’. 

Now not everyone knows what binary is, of course, the name is quite hinting and gets you halfway across but doesn’t quite give you the complete picture. Binary system is a two state system that is used to encode information. 

Conventionally, the binary system uses 0s and 1s but other two state systems can also be employed like some binary alphabets like ‘A’ and ‘B’. 

Role of binary system in computers

Binary is the only language in which computers process information. The reason being the transistors (switches) used in computer processors that are either in one state or the other, i.e. open or closed to allow or forbid the flow of current in a circuit. Computers exploit this binary switching with logic gates to process information. 

Each binary digit comprises exactly 1 bit of information with 8 binary digits having a total information of 1 byte since 1 byte of information comprises 8 bits. 

This is why this language isn’t pretty common and is limited to computer systems due to ridiculously high information it takes to just say the word ‘yes’ for instance. 

The English word ‘yes’ in binary, is ‘\(011110010110010101110011\)’. That’s 24 binary numbers and 3 bytes of information just for the three lettered English word ‘yes’. 

One would argue that it’s pretty useless then. However, not quite. It’s the only language in which the most useful machine invented by man, processes information in. 

Uses of text to Binary Converter

This letters to binary converter is as useful as it is simple. Supporting the English language, you can convert any English text to binary with this handy little Binary code generator.

We have already explained above how you can use it. Now let’s have a look at its uses instead. It’s applications if you will. 

The spectrum of its applicability is widely distributed from practical uses to novel ones. 

Computer engineers can use this tool in testing phase to find out whether the computer hardware is working properly or not. This is accomplished by feeding computer systems with regular commands at first to see how they process. If there are any errors, the commands can be fed directly in binary to see where the problem lies, whether in the hardware or the software. 

On the other hand, this tool is plenty useful in the academic world where the field of study is related to computation. Enough practical applications! You can use this tool to talk to your squad in code language in online gaming.

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