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What is Standard Deviation?

The standard variance is a statistical measurement that takes into account the dispersion of a data set in relation to the mean of data set. It is calculated by taking the square root of variance. When the data points are close to the mean value, there is a smaller difference within the data set. Therefore, the more the data is spread, the higher the standard deviation is.

Standard deviation is also a statistical financial measurement that illustrates the historical volatility of that investment when applied to the annual rate of return. The higher the standard deviation of stocks, the larger the variation, which indicates a higher price range. 

Standard Deviation formula

Standard Deviation = s = \( \sqrt{\dfrac{\sum(x-\bar{x})^2}{n-1}} \)

In this equation, s refers to the standard deviation, x is each number in the data set, x̅ is mean of the data set, and n refers to the size of the data set.


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Johnnie Remaley | 06/08/2019

I will give this calculator 10/10 marks. Precisely measure standard deviation.

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standard deviation calculator

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