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Lean Body Mass (lbm) is basically the weight that is carried in one’s body, but it is completely different from fat or is not fat. LBM can be taken as positive and fats as negative when it comes to being fit, because all the fitness trainers and body builders usually recommend losing fat, but keeping the lbm at the constant level. The lbm is calculated by keeping it in terms of density.
does not mean that it does not have any percentage of fat in it. It does contain a small percentage of fats, to be precise about 3 percent.


If you are a fitness enthusiast, and shredding fat but making muscles is your focus and basic task, then know that it is not an easy one. The consumption of the right diet and the practice of the right exercises are all that end up helping you to achieve your goal.
Given below are some ways in which you can increase or decrease the lbm in your bodies in order to adjust its level and to keep only the necessary or needed amount of it in your bodies in order to fall in the perfectly fit range.

Consumption of proteins is something that kills the fats in your bodies and on the other hand increases the lbm. It is usually preferred to have diets rich in proteins for this purpose. Consumption of proteins result in preservation and also the growth of the lean body muscle. As a result of experimentations, it was observed that if the amount of diet intake is limited and the amount of protein intake is increased, the body tends to gain the lbm and not only does it gain the lbm but also loses fat. But do remember that exercising is must with the intake of protein rich diets. There are a number of different sources for protein, for example: Fishes, lean meat, eggs, soy sauce and etc. if one keeps on consuming a protein rich diet with proper and the appropriate exercises, the muscles are toned and the extra fat is cut from the body so you do not look neither weak, neither fat but you get the appropriate physical appearance that you have been working on and that you require.

In addition to this, there are many strength activities which you can practice, as mentioned above, in order to gain lbm. For example, performing strength workouts per week, weight lifting and etc. it is usually preferred to talk to a fitness trainer who will guide you through it and sketch out a proper plan which you can follow because if something inappropriate or some wrong exercise is performed, the body may face some negative changes. However, all the hard work that you’ll do, will prove to be worth it in the end.

But before you opt for anything, you must calculate the level of your lbm in the body. You can not proceed without calculating it and given below is a very simple way of how to it.


By using this lbm calculator, you can easily calculate the lbm. Have a look at the basic interface:
lean body mass calculator the basic interface is quite simple and clear. Every column given has to be filled and your result would be calculated. According to that result, you can further proceed or sketch the plan that you have to.

Now, lets suppose we are calculating the lbm for 65 kgs. Now as soon as you enter the weight in Kilograms, it instantly converts into pounds but in a different column automatically. Then below is a column where you have to mention your body’s fat but percentage wise. When that is done, you get the result in accordance to which you can decide if you have to increase your lbm or work on keeping it at the constant level.

Now refer to the picture below to get a good idea of how to perform the calculations:
lean body mass calculator usage As in the above picture, The result of the calculations or the LBM is about 23.4 kg.
For athletes, the lbm level must be 81 and 91 percent (Women) and when it comes to men, the lean body mass level has to be in between 84 and 94 percent. If the Lean Body mass of a person is less than that, then the range is considered to be unhealthy and the ways given above should be opted for in order to increase the level of the lean body mass in the body. The usual reason why women tend to have a standard LBM lesser than men is because of the fat percentages in their bodies as compared to that in men. The fat level or percentage in the bodies of men is much lesser than that in the women and the basic explanation that can be given behind it for the reasoning purpose is that they have to bear children. So their average lbm level has to be a bit lesser as compared to men, in order to stay in the healthy range and to have less fat level but a very balanced LBM level and to maintain muscles as well.

However, do remember that the percentage and levels might vary from age to age as well. This is mainly because physically, aged people are way more different than younger people. They tend to have more body fat. Even if their weight is all appropriate, their lbm level might not be at the desired level.

Referring to the sample taken above (The picture), the calculated lbm calculator in the picture, as a result, shows that it falls in the ‘’unhealthy’’ range and measures must be taken in order to improve it.