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It is a feeling of immense pride for someone to serve his country in the army. The army carries the responsibility of safeguarding a country from enemies and negative forces. Hence, the selection process is very competitive and only the fittest individuals with immense physical strength are selected. Someone who is obese or has extra flab on this body cannot perform extreme physical activities that a solider is regularly involved in. Army standard is very stern when it comes to checking body fat. Thus, applicants should be sure that they are not overweight by even one kilogram. Such an accurate analysis can be done only by using a high-quality online tool. With this top standard army body fat calculator, you can keep the body under critical check to see whether you are meeting army requirements or not.

Army Body Fat Percentages - APFT Standards


In accordance with army regulations, 600-9 males should have defined body fat levels. Nonetheless, strict DOD targets, 18% of body fat for males, are encouraged. 

Age Group 17-2020% Body Fat
Age Group 21-2722% Body Fat
Age Group 28-3924% Body Fat
Age Group 40+26% Body Fat


For females, the body fat requirements are defined under army regulations 600-9. Nevertheless, strict DOD guidelines, the 26% body fat ratio for females, are encouraged.

Age Group 17-2030% Body Fat
Age Group 21-2732% Body Fat
Age Group 28-3934% Body Fat
Age Group 40+36% Body Fat

Reliability on a complete scale

There are no compromises when if you are applying for the army. The standards are clearly defined and well set. Hence to make sure that you are not overweight according to the selected scale, use a tool that does not have quality problems. This army fat calculator is trustworthy and provides you with an exact figure of the fat you should have.

Gauging the steps of tool usage

No complicated steps are involved in the usage of this tool. It is very simple to use and comprises of the following convenient stages.

1.    The input entering stage

The body fat percentage depends on the details that each user enters. To get accurate results, make sure that you have entered the inputs without any mistakes. If the input parameters are not correct, the outputs would not be correct as well. It is good to double-check the details before you click the “calculate” button. To start with, select your gender as army selection standards are different for men and women. After that, provide details for age, height, neck circumference and waist circumference. You can move on to the output generation after this.

2.    Produced output and related example

When the “calculate button” is clicked, the required body fat for army selection would be calculated according to the entered details. We can go through an example and get an in-depth understanding of this tool.

Consider that you are a male with age 25, height 6ft, neck circumference 3ft and waist circumference 5ft. Enter these parameters and then click the “calculate” button. These input values would be incorporated and the required army body fat count would be produced. In this case, it would be 25.4%.

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