Most Important Precautions To Take During Pregnancy

Most Important Precautions To Take During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in women’s life. It is the time when girl became a woman and a woman became a mother. It’s a journey of 9 months where you learn so much and go through so much. You feel so many emotions and you feel immeasurably blessed because there’s a life growing inside of you. Something that hasn’t even born yet turned out to be everything for you. Your world starts to move around the only thing that is your baby your first priority. It should be because this is the gift from God. He has bestowed his utmost beautiful blessing upon you.

This is the time where almost everyone that’s around you shares their opinions, thoughts and home remedies and what not with you. Even though their intentions aren’t wrong but one thing they fail to understand that one thing that has worked for them might not work on you. You should be wise enough know that. It will not only risk the life of your unborn child but yours as well. Anything can happen to you and the baby. It can cause miscarriages and premature birth or disabilities. You should always be careful of what you eat, do or drink. Anything that was working for you in the past might not work for you in pregnancy time period. Your hormones are changing your whole body starts to adapt to this new change in you. That’s why you need be extra precautions. Sometimes any food item can be harmful or exercise or stress. In this article will list down some of the things you need to take care of.


 We all love our pets. Before your pregnancy pets are something you took care of just like babies. No matter how clean they are, they are still animals. You can never be sure what kind of diseases they are carrying. They are a lot parasitic diseases animals carry. Like toxoplasmosis; it is parasitic infection that causes many serious problems in your babies. It starts from flu, or mild fever or headache etc. This infection can be transmitted to you just by touching or by breathing. Cats or dogs feces also contain these type parasitic diseases. And because this is an air borne disease so you don’t even have to touch the pets it can transfer to you through air. Toxoplasmosis can cause lethal damage to your unborn baby. It can damage the central nervous system severally and can cause premature birth etc. one thing that you need to know is; this disease can also be transmitted to you by touching soil or sand or gardening etc. you have to wear gloves for that purpose, avoid touching your pets and take your pets to the vet. Make sure they don’t possess any sort of diseases. Do not let your pets eat raw meat.



In pregnancy every other human being alive on this planet will tell you to eat this and that. They would love to show off their super doctor or culinary master tricks on you. Little do they know that some foods contain bacteria and they can harm the baby? For example uncooked egg and unpasteurized cheese can transmit bacteria in you, which is not good. You are what you eat; you need to be very cautious of that. Intake of juices and sodas or any sugary item in access can either result in excessive weight gain or can cause gestational diabetes in you. Caffeinated drinks; many gynecologists believe that usage of caffeine during pregnancy may result in having slightly smaller babies than normal.   Alcohol consumption during pregnancy damage fetus severally. It causes a behavior problem called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Do not eat larger fish as they contain mercury in very high level. Other than that take smaller fish like salmon, tuna, trout and sardines etc because they are rich in omega 3 which is very good for your baby and will increase the IQ level of your baby. Avoid eating too much fast food. It is full of fats and will increase your weight rapidly. Go to your nutritionist or gynecologists or check for macro calculator online they will make you a proper diet plan according to your body needs and you have to follow that religiously.  There’s nothing more important than you and your baby.



Exercises during pregnancy are very useful like swimming and some other exercises that are really good. These exercises will help while giving birth. They will also help to lighten the stress level and better sleep. Start form simple exercises like 15 to 20 minutes walk a day is very good for your health. Overdoing any exercise can cause severe damage to your health like fatigue etc.

You will gain some weight during this whole time. Do not worry about it all and do not start exercising to reduce weight because too much exertion is dangerous for the baby. You can do one thing that is; talk while doing any simple exercises and if you cannot talk through it then you have to stop.



Our society is full of myths e.g a myth of not taking any medicine during pregnancy period. These advices mostly come from our grandmothers and aunties with no life. They will tell you to take home made drinks, remedies etc no matter how bad your condition is they will strictly tell you to not take medicines. But they are right to some extent because you should not take medicine without your doctor’s consent. You should only take medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. Do not take sleeping pills or anti allergens without your doctors permission. Keep an eye on your trimester stages and expected due date with due date calculator.



There are so many different things you can avoid during this period some of them includes smoking even though you don’t smoke but try to avoid people who smoke. Cigarettes contain nicotine and it can cause SIDs in the baby. Avoid too much heat exposures like do not go out in the extreme sunlight or do not bathe in the hot water or avoid sauna. It is very important because it can cause abnormal organ development in the fetus.

As I said earlier pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a women’s life. Enjoy it, do not take stress and exercise daily rest and try to be positive and happy, eat healthy , and keep yourself hydrated.

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