We live in society where obesity is becoming such a big issue. It’s not because people eat too much. it’s because they put 0% effort to burn down those calories. We often deceive ourselves by saying that we don’t have time to exercise or we work like 10 to 15 hours a day how can we manage to do exercise? And we are better off without doing exercise. Or exercise will cause more fatigue and what good does it do?

Yes you are right! We surely never have had time because we never willing to do and we always have our lame excuses to feed our guilt. But somewhere deep down we all know that we need to do exercise. Not doing exercise can cause more harm to your body than you imagine. It cause high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases and list goes on and on…

We have seen tons of different diet plans on how to gain lean body mass. But the question is does that work?  Well to some extent they do. But without doing exercise it will not affect you the way it should. Exercise will help you shape your body and prevent it from sagging. Incorporating workout planner templates can enhance your exercise routine, ensuring tailored and efficient workouts aligned with your goals. When we talk about aerobics exercise we first need to know what is really meant by aerobics exercise, its benefits and what good does it good to our body? This article will help you to answer all these and a lot many questions and we will tell you some amazing aerobics exercises that will help you gain lean body mass also known as LBM. Before following the instructions check your Last LBM ratio with Lean Body Mass calculator.


Aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise. It means that aerobics exercise sole purpose is to deliver oxygenated blood all over your veins. Whilst performing aerobics sweat is produced and will make you breathe faster. In this way your blood will pump through your entire body.


There are uncountable benefits of aerobics exercise.  During aerobics a peptide is produced called MYOKINES. Myokines helps to you grow new tissues, anti-inflammatory functions and repair tissues.

  • It increases your endurance, builds your stamina.
  • Helps your melt the fats.
  • With the help of oxygen it helps to generate energy.
  • Make your heart and lungs stronger
  • Lessen the stress level.
  • Helps to make you sleep better.
  • Makes you feel fresh.
  • Helps to fight depression and anxiety.
  • Lessen the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.
  • Also helps to lower the cholesterol level.
  • It helps to maintain your posture and tone down the muscle and shape your whole body.
  • Gives you have youthful glowing skin and reduce acne.


  • You need to keep yourself hydrated during exercise.
  • You need to add warm up and cool down session
  • Do not cross the limit
  • Skip the days when you are exhausted or are on your menstrual cycle days.
  • 20 to 30 minutes workout everyday is great to achieve healthy lifestyle.




Walking is a form of aerobics. It improves your nervous system and will make you less aggressive. Will help you to fit in that clothes that no longer fits you. Helps you to prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes and make your heart stronger. Walking for about 30 minutes a day will change your lifestyle and would make you more healthy and active.




Dance is the fun way to do exercise and it makes it a little less hectic and more fun. It is a low impact because it incorporates with intense body moves with rhythmic motions. And you can shred all your extra kilos by just dancing on your favorite songs.  It starts from slow dance moves and gradually it becomes faster. Dance aerobics only focus on your body getting better and not on how you dance.

3. Jogging


Jogging is a very effective way to make you sweat more. it help to strengthen your bones. Helps to burn your calories and extra fat very fast. Maintains your body weight and help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.  Jogging helps to fight hypertension.



Swimming is great exercise. It is not only helps people who are trying to lose weight but its also very useful for pregnant women. It builds the endurance because it makes the body to strain through the water.  The increased motion in the joints it increases the flexibility. Swimming serves as a form of therapy for those dealing with depression or anxiety. For individuals seeking additional support, consulting a therapy service or therapist alongside swimming may provide further benefits.Swimming serves as a form of therapy for those dealing with depression or anxiety. For individuals seeking additional support, consulting a therapy service or therapist alongside swimming may provide further benefits.



If you want to burn calories this exercise is best for you. Jump roping engage all your important muscles like chest, abs, butt and arms and legs. Jump roping is equivalent to running at 8mph. jump roping for almost 16 minutes a day would show great and fast results. And you don’t even need a very expensive equipment to do this exercise. It is very cheap and highly effective aerobics exercise.



It is scientifically proven that running can make you live longer.helps you to lose weight rapidily and keeps you happy. it doesn’t even require a expensive gym membership. You can run at anytime and anywhere. It will make you more active and less depressed. It will strengthen your imuune system. It strengthens your ligaments.



It is very fun way to exercise. Remember the time when we used to ride bicycle as kids and never felt lethargic or depressed and our joints were at good condition. You want to know why?  Because cycling is a good exercise to make your muscles and joints stronger. And with cycling you can chill and exercise at the same time, how fun is that? It is a low impact exercise you can increase its intensity but because if its low impact nature it lessens the risk of injuries.



Kickboxing is great exercise because it let you move your body and maintain its balance. It burns down the fat and strengthen your bones and produces flexibility. It works like therapy for those who are suffering from some anger management issues. And you can also learn self defense !

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