6 Most Perfect Meals To Gain Lean Body Mass

6 Most Perfect Meals To Gain Lean Body Mass

Before we jumped in diet plan part that will help you achieve lean body mass. It is very important to know that what is meant to gain lean body mass? Lean body mass also known as LBM is made up of everything except fats. People with lean body mass have no fat in their bodies. Male body contains 42% of body weight of skeletal muscles and in women this weight is 35%. Lean body mass includes muscles, connective tissues and muscles.


As we know that lean body mass is comprise of muscles and tendons and ligaments. These organs contain small and essential ratio of fat. Lean body mass increases your metabolic rate. Having large amount of fat cells can cause inflammation whereas people with lean body mass face low amount of inflammation or no inflammation at all. If we lose lean body mass our body will lean towards malnutrition. Lean body mass is linked with your BMR (basal metabolic rate. It means how many calories you burn when you rest. Lean body mass stores some amount of protein which helps to fight the sickness and stress as well. LBM also helps to fight against a bone disease known as osteoporosis. It helps to rebuild the bones when they get fractured. The term SARCOPENIA is used to define muscles loss in medical field. A good diet plan and exercises like cardio helps to gain lean body muscles.


There are some rules you need to follow religiously to have lean body mass.

  • You need drink a lot of water almost 8-12 glasses a day
  • Try to be loyal to yourself. You cannot achieve your desired goal if you cheat.
  • Try to eat smaller meals. It will give a instant boost to your metabolism.
  • Keep a check on amount of calories or grams you’re taking with TDEE Calculator.
  • Lessen the amount of saturated fats like meats and diary.
  • Do not drink soda drinks as they are very high in sugar.
  • Do not have alcohol at all.
  • Lessen the amount of tea.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners use honey as an alternative.
  • Do not skip a meal. It will not be good for your health.
  • Keep yourself motivated.
  • Regularly check your LBM score progress with Lean body mass Calculator.


Here I’m going to discuss few food items that will help achieve the required result. Eating three whole eggs for breakfast help you s much. Eggs have ability to increase lean body muscles.  Green salad in lunch will increase the blood flow which is good when you are exercising. Greens also help in muscle growth. When talking about greens let’s not forget spinach. Spinach contains glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid which is again great for your mass gain. Apples have polyphenols which good to strengthen your muscles. Oranges helps in muscles growth and increase your endurance. Greek yogurt is full of casein protein. Milk has whey and casein and is full of amino acids and glutamine. You can always use these foods and incorporate in your meals I will discuss below.

Meal 1



Take about ½ cup of oatmeal and made this water. You can add your favorite berries or strawberries. You need 6 egg whites and you can use only 1 egg with yolk. For snack you can add green vegetables and 8 oz of chicken preferably breast pieces. For lunch you can eat sandwich made with tuna. For sandwich you need to have 2 whole grain bread slices. To make it more somewhat eatable you can add 1 tbsp of fat free mayo and 2 leaves of lettuce. You can have shake that is made with whey protein. For dinner you can make some chicken salad use breast pieces and mixed it with Italian dressing. For this dressing you need ½ medium tomatoes, 2 lettuce leaves and ½ broccolis.




For breakfast you can have 1 medium bagel and 2 tbsp of reduced fat peanut better. With 6 eggs and eat only one full egg. One more yummy idea is you can add 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of green vegetables and 6 pieces of chicken. 3rd option is add one cup of vegetables and 6oz of lean steak. Drink protein made with 30 to 40 grams of whey protein. Eat red snapper and 1 cup of broccoli in it.



For breakfast you need ½ of oatmeal and 6 egg whites cook them and use 1 yolk only and add one fruit of your fruits. 2nd you can have green vegetables and 8oz of chicken use breast pieces only. 3rd eat one green vegetable you can use any vegetable of your choice. 6 oz of lean steak and bake a potato with skin.  Eat omelet that is made 8 eggs and you can use only 1 yolk. Add broccoli ½ and 2 mushrooms.




For a change you can have a whole grain cereal 1 cup in quantity. One cup of 1% milk and adds fruit. You can add any fruit you like and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 2nd you can have 6oz of lean steak and add veggies with one baked potato. 3rd have protein shake tuna sandwich with asparagus.



Cook about ½ cup of oatmeal in water add strawberries and have 7 eggs and use one yolk only.2nd  eat about 8oz of chicken use breast pieces and 1 cup of vegetables. 3rd use about 8oz of slice turkey and vegetables with one baked potato. 4th eat lean steak of 7oz and asparagus.



You can have 1 wholegrain toast with sliced tomato and top it with cottage cheese. Add about 1 fruit preferably apple. For snack have low fat yoghurt. In lunch have grilled chicken with itlian salad. For another snack eat 1 cup of walnuts. For dinner eat about 90 grams of roast beef with only one tablespoon of gravy and add about 6-7asparagus.

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