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PPI Calculator

PPI calculator is used to calculate the pixels per inch on a screen. The screen could be a television screen, monitor screen on any kind of display screen. In other words, the pixels per inch calculator is used to calculate the resolution of a display screen.

In this post, we will discuss PPI, how to use a PPI calculator, and how many pixels in an inch using its formula.

How to use PPI Calculator?

To use the pixel density calculator, follow the below steps:

  • Enter horizontal and vertical resolution of the screen in given input boxes
  • Enter the diagonal size of the screen in inches or centimeter
  • Click on the Advanced Options button to check if your device is already listed. Select your operating system and the device if available. If not, you carry out with the values you have.
  • Press the Calculate button to see the results.

How to calculate PPI?

PPI can be calculated using the PPI formula. The formula for calculating PPI is:

PPI=ddPPI = \dfrac{dₒ}{dᵢ}


dₒ refers to the number of pixels fit in the screen and

dᵢ refers to the diagonal size of the screen.

To get dₒ, we will use the following equation:

d=(w2+h2)dₒ = \sqrt{(w^2 + h^2)}


is the number of horizontal pixels and

is the number of vertical pixels on a screen.

To calculate PPI, dₒ should be calculated first. You can use our PPI calculator if you want to know how many pixels per inch on your screen. Don’t get confused between PPI and DPI because both of them are relatively different. If you need to calculate DPI of your screen, use our DPI calculator.


If the diagonal size of a screen is 8 inches, horizontal pixel count is 700, and the vertical pixel count is 500, what will be the PPI of that screen?

Let’s calculate the pixels per inch on this screen by using the above equations. Follow below steps to calculate PPI of a screen:

Step 1: Identify the given values.

w=500,h=700,di=8andd=?w = 500, h = 700, d_i = 8 and dₒ = ?

Step 2: Calculate dₒ by using its formula. Write down the equation:

d=(w2+h2)dₒ = \sqrt{(w^2 + h^2)}

Step 3: Place values in the above equation and calculate dₒ

d=(w2+h2)=(5002+7002)dₒ = \sqrt{(w^2 + h^2)} = \sqrt{(500^2 + 700^2)}

d=860.2dₒ = 860.2

Step 4: Place dₒ and din the PPI formula

PPI=ddi=860.28PPI = \dfrac{dₒ}{d_i} = \dfrac{860.2}{8}

PPI=107.52PPI = 107.52

So the pixel per inch in that screen is 107.52.

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