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1Ohm's Law calculator

Ohm’s law is basically concerned with the relation between electric current, voltage, and also resistance. Electric current is dependent upon a number of different factors among which resistance and voltage are the most prominent ones. The flow of electric current is stopped by resistance. Resistance basically refers to force which acts as a reaction to the flow of current which is directed opposite to the electric current and hence stops the flow of current or minimizes it.

On the other hand, voltage refers to the potential difference which occurs between two things. Ohm’s law tells us that current is directly related to voltage and inversely related to resistance. It holds importance as for the description of the current and factors that influence it in one way or the other.


The numerous different uses of this calculator are not deniable and another factor which makes it an amazing calculator is that it is not complex or hard to use. It does not take ‘’a lot’’ of time to calculate the required value. Hence, not only is the calculator VERY useful, but also very convenient to use. There are some simple instructions and guidelines which will guide you on how to use the calculator. (These are given below)

The calculator is able to calculate three things,

  1. Voltage: With different values of resistance and current.
  2. Current: With variable values of resistance and voltage.
  3. Resistance: With numerous different values of voltage and current.

Hence, two values have to be known to calculate the third one. Also, keep in mind that the values must be with the standard unit.

Example, Resistance, in OHM and current in Amperes.

You just simply, have to fill in the square boxes and by using the formula of,
Current = Constant x Voltage/Resistance, the calculator gives you the required value within seconds.


Just by the provision of two values, the calculator enables you to calculate the third one even if you do not know the formula. This calculator is known to be extremely useful to calculate the safe current, voltage and resistance values. Why does one need to know the values Is another topic. The calculator is purely based and works on the formula derived from Ohm’s law definition and hence the calculator is known as Ohm Law calculator.


Safe electrical supplies are the number one priority of the house. Different cables are used for the conduction and flow of current and different cables offer different resistances and the current flowing through them have different voltage values. There is a limit of current which a cable can take and if the current level exceeds beyond the level, short circuiting or melting of the wires occur. Therefore, it is very essential to calculate these three values. Resistance offered by a cable is usually fixed (unless some factors change it), and therefore, current can easily be calculated by knowing resistance.

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