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Our calculator is 100% reliable

There are no reliability problems with this calculator which makes it preferable. Along with that, users have to go through a very easy interface. It is an online tool and users can use it from their smartphone or computer without any downloads.

Inputs and Steps

  • The number of meals you eat per day has an impact on the calorie count consumption for each meal. First of all, select the number of meals you eat every day. You need to choose from 3, 4 or 5 meals.
  • The second input you need to enter is the number of calories you have to consume per day. After entering these two inputs, simply click the calculate button.

Analyzing the outputs

This calculator would show the number of calories you should consume with each meal. For instance, consider that you have three meals per day. The breakfast should have 30 to 35 percent of the total calorie count. Similarly, lunch and dinner would have 40 to 45 percent and dinner should comprise of 20 to 35 percent of the total calories. The results would differ for people who have 4 or 5 meals per day.

The following outputs are produced by this calculator.

  • You would be provided with the calories you need to take during breakfast. In the morning, people have specific meals with certain calorie counts. Thus, if you have a clear count of how many calories you should consume, it becomes much easier to choose the correct meals.
  • During lunch, it is advised to consume fewer calories. The calculator also provides you with the calories you should intake for lunch.
  • For people who eat 3 meals a day, dinner is the last meal. With this calculator, you can determine the calorie count you should be consuming at the end of the day.

A free tool which can be added as a widget

You can add this calculator as a widget to your website. In this way, you would be able to use it in a more convenient way. Using the tool does not cost you any money as it is 100% free. None of the features are categorized as “paid options”. Any of the features can be used as many times as the user wishes to.

Minimum calories needed per day

It is a fact that you have to lose calories to reduce weight and get back in shape. This simply does not mean that you do not need any calories to survive. A minimum count is needed to be physically active and survive the day without any problems. This minimum calorie count is termed as BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). It depends on the following components.

1.    Height and Gender

The minimum calorie count depends on the height of an individual. People who are taller consume more calories for daily survival. Similarly, women need lesser calories than men.

2.    Weight and Age

If you have a high weight count, you would have to consume more calories to, the retain it. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the weight, the calorie count would go down as well. Similarly, older people require lesser calories to survive the day as they have lesser physical strength.

3.    Sedentary Activity

You need a higher calorie count if you are physically active. For instance, someone who works out lightly would not need the same calorie count as a fitness expert who goes to the gym seven days a week.  To determine the minimum calorie count you need for each day, you should be sure about the sedentary level.

Counting the macros

This calculator would identify the calories you can have with each meal. You can use the calorie count for each meal to determine the count of carbs, fats and proteins. Being aware of the macros you can consume during the day is a more productive alternative than simply using the calorie count as a benchmark

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