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The biggest concern for any student at college or university is to score a high GPA because that helps him in getting good employment options. Let us understand how the overall GPA system works before we get into the details. GPA (Grade Point Average) is a set of points against a particular grade. When scoring that grade, the respective GPA is awarded to you. To determine the overall GPA in a semester, you need to follow the formula given below.

\(\mathbf{GPA = \dfrac{Total  Points  Earned}{Total  Credits  Attempted}}\)


GPA Example:


\( \dfrac{33  \mathrm{Points  Earned}}{16  \mathrm{Credits  Attemped}} = 2.06  GPA\)

For instance, consider that you have a GPA of 3.33 in course 1 of 4 credit hours and 2.33 in course 2 which has 3 credit hours. Here is how the total GPA would be calculated.

\(\mathbf{CGPA} = \dfrac{(3.33 \times 4) + (2.33 \times 3)}{7}\)

\(\mathbf{CGPA} = 2.9\)

CGPA defines the total or overall GPA which a student scores in a semester. It combines all the individual GPA’s that the student has attained in a specific semester. As a student, you should remember that the courses with higher credit hours would have a greater impact on the GPA scored. In other words, scoring a low GPA in a 4 credit hour course would be more damaging that scoring low in a 3 credit hour course. This is one key point which students should be aware of.

Using a quality GPA calculator

During your academic tenure, you would be calculating the GPA multiple times but doing this manually is a tiring procedure. You would have to multiply the GPA of each individual course with the credit hours and then use the formula manually. A much easier way is to use GPA calculator which would give you an exact measure of how you are performing. To start with, this option would save a lot of time for you. There would be no need to pick a GPA calculator that is reliable and can provide you with the correct GPA count within no time. The GPA calculator by is an amazing option to look at. It has an easy usage method and provides students with the correct GPA count at all times.

Steps to use the GPA calculator

Before you start using the GPA calculator, you should have a good look at the steps which have to be performed. Given below are the steps which have to be performed to use the GPA calculator.

Entering Details Of Subjects

To start with, open the link that has been provided above. On the opened screen, you would see a list of text boxes on the left. The first column is the list of subjects which have to be entered. For instance, if you have taken physics, computing systems and hardware engineering this semester, enter the names of these subjects in the provided text boxes.

Entering Details of Credit hours and grades

When you have entered the names of the subjects, mention the credit hours beside them for each of them. The last column is the grade which you have attained in each subject. For instance, if you have scored A grade in physics, select it. After you are done with entering all the details, simply click the calculate button. On the right, you would see the individual GPA of each course and the cumulative GPA scored in that semester. In simple terms, by using this calculator, you would know the cumulative GPA without any stress or exhaustive process. Lastly, the GPA calculator is dependable in every manner so you can be sure. Hence, you can be sure that the calculated GPA is 100% accurate.

Cut down on the effort with the GPA calculator

Is using a GPA calculator the best option available for students? The answer to this question is yes. If you are not using a calculator, the other option is to determine the GPA manually. If you are using this option, you would have to select the individual GPA of each course and then determine the cumulative GPA through the formula. This option is workable but you need to perform calculations manually. Hence, a lot of effort is needed. Secondly, this option has efficiency issues as you can always make mistakes while performing the calculations.

Best Techniques to increase GPA

It is not easy to score a high GPA at high school or university. Apart from working hard and giving in serious hours for studying, you need to use the right list of tips. Given below are some of the finest techniques which can help you in getting a high GPA.

1. Do not skip classes

Attending lectures is very important and a lot of students do not pay attention to this aspect. They have the opinion that simply going through books would help them out. Unfortunately, for most students, simply going through books is not enough. Students who attend lectures know how the exam would be designed and the adequate preparation process that has to be followed.

2. Use authentic online sources

Getting a good GPA is not about passing courses only. To stand out, you need to use other sources apart from the standard course book. For instance, get your hands on digital libraries and access online sources that provide you with extra material on the subject. It is important to get more in-depth information about the subject so that your preparation for examinations stronger.

3. Have a circle with good GPA holders

Getting a good GPA is all about studying and working hard. At times, simply looking at the course books is not enough because the encouragement to study is not there. This requires you to have a god academic circle that comprises of people with good grades. If you have intelligent people around you, the encouragement to study harder and get good grades would be there as well.

4. Class participation matters a lot

Simply sitting idle in the class without any participation is not the correct way to handle things. Being idle is as bad as not attending the class after all. If you participate more in class, you would find it easy to adopt the concepts. This would obviously help you in getting better GPA at the end of the semester.

5. All assignments and quizzes matter

The GPA awarded at the end of the semester to the student comprises of various key calculations. It is important to score well in all assignments, quizzes and other submissions as well. Normally, most students only work hard for final exam and research submission. On the other hand, if you have a look at smart students, they work hard throughout the semester.

6. Have a daily study schedule

In most institutions, a semester stretches for 3 to 4 months roughly. A high percentage of students do not study hard during the semester. They open the books only when the examinations are near. This practice may get you an average or below average GPA but not one on the higher side. It is important to perform a revision daily when you reach home from college or university. What we study everyday stays fresh in our minds. Hence, simply reviewing it after coming home is much easier than going through bulk of the content one day before the examination. Thus, the most important thing is that you should have a daily study schedule.

7. Reward yourself with something precious

It is a simple psychological fact that people work hard to achieve something when they have an incentive waiting for it. For instance, consider that you like a gaming console. Place a condition that you would buy it only if your GPA is above a particular limit at the end of the semester. In this way, you would be convinced to work hard and achieve the targeted GPA. This option really works well particularly if you are not that encouraged to study. However, the key is that you should have a high level of commitment behind it. If you consider the example of the console mentioned above, you should only purchase it when you have attained the GPA target.

8. Regular interaction with professors and TA’s

As a student, you should know that the GPA is calculated on the basis of several key factors. For instance, if you do not score well in a mid-term assignment, it would have an adverse effect on the overall GPA. This is what students want to avoid. Particularly when you are working on an assignment, interaction with professors and teaching assistants is important. They provide guidance about where you are going wrong and how improvements can be made.

9. One night studies do not actually work

There is a lot of difference between something expected to work and actually working. When you expect to complete the entire coursework in one night, it is more of a perception. In logical terms, even going through one topic briefly in one night is a tough ask. If you have a look at students who score a high GPA, none of them study everything in night. Even if you are going through an easy course, it would be impossible to complete everything in one night. Other than that, even if you are able to complete the course, it would be hard to retain everything. Lastly, students do not realize that when they stay awake for the whole night, they have to go through a lot of exhaustion.

10. Revisions are important

A high proportion of the overall marks are scored in the final term examination. The syllabus of this examination comprises of all that the student has studied throughout the curriculum. When you have to cover a large number of topics, revision is very much a necessity. If you have covered a topic only once and new topics have been covered at the last moment, it would become hard for the student to remember things. It is important to revise topics which you have studied in the earlier semester days. Revision is absolutely necessary so that you know the topics which have to be covered and nothing is forgotten.

11. Individual attention pays off

A simple point is that students have their strengths and weaknesses from a list of topics. One student may find a topic very easy while another student may struggle with it. Getting individual attention from the professors and teacher assistances is a necessity. To start with, make a list of all topics which have to be covered before the examination. Among the list of topics, filter the ones on which you have a good command. This would leave the topics for which you need help. For these topics, try to get individual attention from your advisor. Other than that, this would be done well before the examination date. Do not leave anything for the last moment.

12. Take Advice and learn from Experiences

Teachers are always ready to give their students extra time if they have some queries or confusions. If you want to improve your GPA, you can consult your teachers and ask for advices in order to improve the GPA. This proves to be very helpful.

You must also surround yourself with students who achieve a high GPA. This will bring a very positive change in you and also encourage you to study more and work more to get your desired GPA.

13. Conceptual Study:

This is the most basic step if you want to achieve a high GPA. It is said that better than intelligent people, are hardworking ones because hard work always outnumbers intelligence and if both of these are combined, then nothing can stop you from achieving your aim.

Now, do remember, that you do not have to memorize things, rather, focus on conceptual study. Keeping the concepts clear will always make you ready for any kind of hard and different questions that you might get in your exam. Also, keeping your concepts clear will prove to be very helpful in universities.

Awareness and Attention Towards the Concern

The basic thing is awareness. If a person is not aware of how much GPA is required by them in order to get into a good university, then all the hard work goes down the drain. For medical studies, it Is said that the GPA is the highest and so, medical students are expected to achieve extra ordinary GPAs in order to get into the university or college that they have always dreamt of.

there must be proper counselling of the students which will help them to find out the subjects of their choice. Usually the students find themselves In a fix. For that, they must be provided assistance. This assistance would help them to find the right aim and to hold onto it. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration before selecting a field. Market value, and interest are the leading factors.


Even the smartest students struggle when it comes to getting a good GPA. Most of them do not use the correct learning techniques for this purpose. For instance, a lot of them do not have a schedule for studying. The preparation is done in a haphazard manner. Chapters are not covered in a sequential manner. In a nutshell, students commit various mistakes due to which they are unable to score a high GPA.

The most important thing is working with a timeline. Have a plan in hand about how you would prepare for the examinations and other submissions during the semester. If you execute the preparation process in a sequential manner, nothing would be left for the last moment. It is good to avoid last minute preparations particularly if it requires staying up the entire night. The most important thing is end to end revision before you appear in examinations. Along with that, you should prepare well enough for assignments, term papers and other submissions as well.

Using a quality online GPA calculator is the best way to determine what your score is whenever you want to do so. The GPA calculator by is one of the best alternatives you can look at.

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