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GPA calculator is a tool for computing GPA online for college and university. It provides a detailed report which tells the overall GPA aka CGPA, GPA per semester, and points of each subject per subject.

You can also add more semesters to calculate CGPA. This GPA calculator is available in multiple languages including Indonesian, French, Dutch e.t.c. This tool makes calculating the average college GPA an easy and quick process.

Also, have a look at the High school GPA calculator. Let us understand how the overall GPA system works.

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a set of points against a particular grade. When scoring that grade, the respective GPA is awarded to you.

The biggest concern for any student at college or university is to score a high GPA because that helps him in getting good employment options. To determine the overall GPA in a semester, you need to follow the formula given below.

GPA Formula

\(\mathbf{GPA = \frac{Total \  Points \ Earned}{Total \ Credits \ Attempted}}\)

What is CGPA?

CGPA defines the total or overall GPA which a student scores in a semester. It combines all the individual GPAs that the student has attained in a specific semester.

Remember that the courses with higher credit hours greatly impact the GPA score. In other words, scoring a low GPA in a 4 credit hour course would be more damaging than scoring low in a 3 credit hour course.

How to calculate GPA?

If you are wondering "what is my GPA?" or "How to calculate my GPA", Don't worry because below is an example explaining the calculation of GPA. 


A student had two subjects this semester. The result of the subjects was as follows.

Subject NameCredit hoursGPA
Subject A43.33
Subject B32.33

Find GPA.


GPA = \(\frac{\left(3.33\:\times \:4\right)+\left(2.33\:\times \:3\right)}{7}\)

GPA = \(\frac{\left(13.42\:+\:6.99\right)}{7}\)

GPA = \(\frac{20.31}{7}\)

GPA = 2.9

Grade Table:

Usually, in educational institutes, only grades are rewarded. This causes a problem for those who want to calculate GPA manually. So, the grade table helps the student to know what grade means what GPA.

Grade4.0 scale4.0+ scale
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