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What is a Factorial?

These are two major questions that the students need to answer when they are dealing with this topic. In generic terms, if there is a number “n”, its factorial would be a product of all the numbers which have a value of less than or equal to “n”. Consider an example where the value of n is 4. Thus, the factorial of 4 would be given as.

As “n” = 4, n! is given as


n!=24n! = 24

How to use the Factorial Calculator

Our advanced factorial calculator stands out in every aspect of the scientific calculator to find the factorial of a number. It is easy to use and the accuracy of results is not compromised in any manner. Here are the steps you have to perform to use this tool and determine factorial.

1-Input and Output for Single Number Factorial

To start with, enter the first number for which you have to calculate the factorial. Consider that you want to calculate the factorial of 6. Once you have entered the number, click the calculate button and you would see the output on the right side of the screen. In the outputs section, you would see two parts. The first would show you the answer. For instance, in this case, you are calculating the factorial of 6 so the answer would be 720. Now, a lot of people would want to see how the answer was calculated. This is where the second section comes into play. This part shows you how the answer was calculated. In this case, the value of 6! Is given as.

6×5×4×3×2×1=7206\times5\times4\times3\times2\times1 = 720

2-The Advanced Option for Factorial of Multiple Numbers

When you click the tab titled “advanced factorial option”, a drop-down menu would appear. This is where you have to provide information for the second number. First of all, select the mathematical operation which has to be performed. You can choose from subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication with this factorial calculator. After that, enter the second number for which the operation has to be completed. Consider that it is “4” in this case. Along with that, let us reconsider the first number as 6 and opt for the subtraction option.

In mathematical terms, this option would be 6!4!6! - 4!

3- Outputs of Factorial Expression Calculator

The outputs would be shown to you after you have clicked the “calculate” button. In the first row, the factorial of the first number and its calculation process would be shown. In this case, it would be 6! which carries a value of 720. The second portion would show how it was determined.

6!=6×5×4×3×2×1=7206! = 6\times5\times4\times3\times2\times1 = 720

In the second row, the factorial of the second number would be shown along with its calculation process. In this example, the second number is 4. Thus, its factorial process would be

4×3×2×1=244\times3\times2\times1 = 24

The last row would show the result of the mathematical operation.

In this case, it would be 6!4!6! - 4!

Formula of Advanced Factorial Calculator

The formula of factorial has a simple logic behind it. For instance, consider that you have a number “b”, how would the factorial of this number be determined? It would be given.

b! = b (b-1) (b-2)………

If you have a look at the implementation of the formula of the factorial calculator, it explains that the factorial of a number is a product of all the numbers that are less than or equal to it.

How to Calculate Factorial?

Let's suppose to find the factorial of 10.

10!=10×9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2×110! = 10\times9\times8\times7\times6\times5\times4\times3\times2\times1

10!=362880010! = 3628800

Similarly, if you want to determine the factorial of 8, the value would be


8!=403208! = 40320

What is the Factorial of Zero

Normally, people have a lot of confusion about what the factorial of 0 is.

Consider that you have a number “n” and its factorial has to be determined. The factorial would be given.

n!=n(n1)!n! = n(n-1)!

Consider that n=1n = 1 and insert this value in the formula given above to find the factorial of 0.

(n1)!=n!n(n-1)! = \dfrac{n!}{n}

(11)!=1!1(1-1)! = \dfrac{1!}{1}

0!=10! = 1

Analysis of results and formula used by factorial expression calculator.

If you have a glance at the formula mentioned above of the advanced factorial calculator, the value of 0! Is 1. This series of calculations basically shows how the value of 0! can be determined. In other words, the core logic is explained through this example.

Factorial Table/Chart for Some Other Solutions

Factorial Table/Chart
1 1
2 2
3 6
4 24
5 120
6 720
7 5040
8 40320
9 362880
10 3628800
11 39916800
12 479001600
13 6227020800
14 87178291200
15 1307674368000
16 20922789888000
17 355687428096000
18 6402373705728000
19 121645100408832000
20 2432902008176640000
21 551090942171709440000
22 1124000727777607680000
23 25852016738884976640000
24 620448401733239439360000
25 15511210043330985984000000
26 403291461126605635584000000
27 10888869450418352160768000000
28 304888344611713860501504000000
29 8841761993739701954543616000000
30 265252859812191058636308480000000
31 8222838654177922817725562880000000
32 263130836933693530167218012160000000
33 8683317618811886495518194401280000000
34 295232799039604140847618609643520000000
35 10333147966386144929666651337523200000000
36 371993326789901217467999448150835200000000
37 13763753091226345046315979581580902400000000
38 523022617466601111760007224100074291200000000
39 20397882081197443358640281739902897356800000000
40 815915283247897734345611269596115894272000000000
41 33452526613163807108170062053440751665152000000000
42 1405006117752879898543142606244511569936384000000000
43 60415263063373835637355132068513997507264512000000000
44 2658271574788448768043625811014615890319638528000000000
45 119622220865480194561963161495657715064383733760000000000
46 5502622159812088949850305428800254892961651752960000000000
47 258623241511168180642964355153611979969197632389120000000000
48 12413915592536072670862289047373375038521486354677760000000000
49 608281864034267560872252163321295376887552831379210240000000000
50 30414093201713378043612608166064768844377641568960512000000000000


What is (n+1) Factorial?

(n+1)! = (n+1)(n)(n−1)(n−2) …… (n−n+1)

What is the Factorial of 100?

Factorial (100) = 9.332622e+157

What is 5 Factorial?

5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120

Factorial of 5 = 120

What is 9 Factorial?

9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 362,880

Factorial of 9 = 362,880

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