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EER calculator

To live a healthy life, there is a minimum requirement of energy to perform all the key activities. This energy requirement has to be balanced. Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) defines the energy you need to maintain this balance. The important thing is that this energy requirement is not the same for all individuals. If one person of 25 years has a certain EER, it is not mandatory that another person of the same age would have the same EER. Certain factors play roles in deciding the EER value. These include gender, height, weight, age and physical activity.


Physical activity is an important factor

What kind of physical activities do you perform during the course of the day? Some people are not active at all. They do not walk or do any form of exercise. On the other hand, certain people work out regularly to keep themselves in shape. For them, the energy requirement would be more than people who are not very active physically. It depends on the physical tasks you perform during the course of the day.


What is the best method to check EER?

The best way to check EER is using a proper online calculator. This is one of the finest EER calculation tools that does not disappoint the user at any level. It is accurate on the maximum scale. Other than that, the usage is online so the user does not have to limit himself to a particular computer or smartphone. This tool can easily be used on multiple devices in parallel.


What are the steps for using this EER calculation tool?

If you compare the steps for using this EER calculation with what other tools have, this is a much simpler option.

Here are the convenient steps, users have to go through.

The input fields you have to complete

A few important fields are analyzed to determine the value of EER. You need to provide your gender, age, height and weight. Along with that, select the physical activity level from the drop-down menu. The options you can make a selection from including sedentary, low active, active and very active. Let us use a set of values in the form of an example. 

  • Gender is Male
  • Age is 32
  • Height is 5ft and 8 inches
  • Physical activity is sedentary

When you enter these values in their respective fields and click the “calculate” button, you would see the following result on the screen below.

EER = 3910 calories per day

Accurate Results are assured

This tool produces results without any errors. From the user’s perspective, there is nothing more important. He does not have to check any results produced. There are various options of EER calculators on the internet but a lot of them do not meet the accuracy standards. However, with this tool, there are no dependability problems and you can count on each EER value produced.

Free usage is another benefit

This EER calculator meets the highest standards in terms of reliability.  However, even then, there are no costs for using it. This online calculator is completely free without the implication of restrictions.

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| 26/09/2019

It very simple and accurate.

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