Pregnancy is a gift of God and this gift comes with great responsibilities as well. Some women became more conscious in their pregnancy period and eat health and only the food that is good for their baby. Some women especially who are going to be mother for the first time might not understand the importance of eating good food because of the lack of knowledge. Now they often think that every food is good as long as you eat it but hate to disappoint you that no, not every food is not good for you. Some food that is good for you in normal days can cause a lot of trouble during pregnancy. Some foods can cause food poisoning as well. That will results in nausea, diarrhea and fever. That food might be containing some sort of bacteria or toxin that causes food poisoning. Now it might sound difficult that how am I supposed to avoid bacterial or virus contained food? Well it is not simple or easy to do but you can avoid it by being little careful about what you eat. Some food contains bacteria LISTERIA that can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Do not keep a food for too long in refrigerator or uncovered. All these little careless deeds can cause bacteria to born in the food. See I told pregnancy comes with great responsibilities. Pregnancy has its own stages from womb to complete individual development and pregnant women can find out her trimester stage with the help of due date calculator.

A good diet will results in health baby. Some foods are really good for the baby’s health and can increase their IQ level e.g. fish like salmon, trout are rich in omega 3 etc Many different veggies and fruits have antioxidants that will help the baby’s cell from damage.



avoid energy drinks in pregnancy

In pregnancy women’s urinate more than their normal days. That can cause dehydration in the body. Now it is safe to drink water as much as you can but drinking fizzy drinks and energy drinks can harm your baby. Women think it is okay to drink anything but they are wrong because they don’t have much knowledge about it. Energy drinks contains very high amount of sugar and too much sugar can make you gain weight.


Avoid green tea in pregnancy

Avoid drinking green tea as well in pregnancy. Now most of you will be shook and say what the hell am I talking wait let me tell you why? It is okay to drink green tea to increase your metabolism. But in pregnancy your metabolic rate is already high so it is not suitable to drink green tea during this time. Green tea also have some amount of caffeine which absorbs the folic acids form your body and that will cause folic acid deficiency in your baby. Avoid too much consumption of coffee during first few months of pregnancy and after few months you can take coffee but just of cup a day too much consumption can lead to abortion and premature delivery.


Avoid chemical fish

Fish is good for you and your baby but some fish are high in mercury which is not good for your baby. Fishes that feed on small fish’s contain very high amount of mercury. So, it is not advisable to large fish like sword fish and tilefish etc.  Mercury does not leave the fish even after we cook it so be careful of that. Now questions raise that why mercury is so bad for the baby? Mercury can damage your baby’s health severally by affecting the nervous system. Mercury can also affect the eye sight and memory issues in babies also they might face some focusing issues in later years. Other than these high in mercury fish, fish is a good source to obtain OMEGA3 and they are rich in fatty acids and nutrients which very important for you and your baby’s growth. Also avoid eating raw shellfish such as oysters, muscles and calms. These shellfishes contain virus and toxins.


Avoid heavy meat in pregnancy

We all love meat and in the pregnancy these cravings became so high. To avoid all the hard work of cooking and exhaustion we tend to eat ready to cook food. Which is easy to eat and you can enjoy as much as you want with doing any hard work right? Sorry to disappoint you again but if want healthy baby you need to quit ready to eat meat period!!! Why? Because chances are it might contain LISTERIA bacteria that can risk your baby’s life. also raw or undercook meat or chicken contains toxoplasmosis parasite which can attack the CNS( central nervous system) and cause premature delivery.



Eggs are good source of proteins. But by eating undercooked or raw eggs is not good for your health. Raw eggs or undercooked eggs contain bacteria like salmonella. Salmonella can cause diarrhea in you and it can cause dehydration and can weaken your baby by eliminating all the nutrients from the body.



Avoid eating soft cheese during pregnancy. Soft cheese is unpasteurized and contains listeria bacteria.  E.g. blue cheese and feta etc. you can eat hard cheese like cheddar cheese because it is pasteurized.



Veggies are good source of nutrients and mineral but vegetables can never 100% ever after you wash them. Farmers use insecticides that can be harmful for the baby also the dirt on the vegetables can cause listeria or toxoplasmosis.  Avoid veggies like eggplant, cabbage and lettuce. Most important of all is eggplant because it has property that provokes menses so it is highly dangerous for the baby because it can cause abortion. Also do not eat raw sprouts such as radish, broccoli and onion etc. these sprots carry bacteria like salmonella, E-coli and listeria. These bacteria’s can cause severe damage to you and the infant i.e. miscarriage, infections etc.



Some fruits are really good if you are trying to lose some extra kilos. But when you are pregnant these fruits can cause some severe problems. some fruits like papaya is high in latex that can cause uterine contraction and  pineapple is full of bromelain that can soften the cervix which results in premature birth avoid eating black grapes as well.


fast food

Too much consumption of fast food is not good for any person and for pregnant women it causes more damage. Because it makes them gain too much weight and increase the rate of heart diseases and fatal growth.



Sugar has  uncountable affects on your body. Eating too much sugary products can enhance the risk of gestational diabetes, constipation preeclampsia and metabolic syndrome in babies. And the list does not end here it also causes weight gain premature delivery etc. try to eat fruits if you ever have sugar cravings. Do not use artificial sweeteners cause on the label it says Sugar free but it is not good for your health


processed food

Any food that has been canned is not good. No matter if its vegetables or fruits, meats etc. these are really bad for your health. I have list of reason why it is bad for your health one because the can lining contains toxic substances known as Bisphenol that cause lethal damage to your endocrine system, cancer, liver and fertility problems. To enhance their shelf life companies adds nitrate in them which is so bad for you. Because nitrate turns nitrosamines when go in the body, which causes complications in pregnancy.



Reading is this heading the first thing that will come in your mind that vitamins are good for your health then why we should avoid it? you are right that vitamins are good for your health and most important it is good your baby’s health. One thing that people fail to decipher that too much of anything is not good. Avoid taking too much water soluble vitamins because they get stored in your fat and liver which may have dangerous affects on the infant and the mother. It causes damage to the digestive system.

Check with your gynecologist of dietian or Online Diet planner for better diet and what to avoid because you could be allergic to many other food items as well. And eat according to diet chart they give you.

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