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The human skeleton is the structure on which the human body stands. If this structure starts weakening, various health inconveniences are faced. One of the major bone problems is arthritis which weakens the joints of the human body. People who suffer from severe arthritis are even unable to stand without support. Gout is one of the forms of arthritis and it attacks the bone joints. A clear sign is that the redness on the joint increases. Gout usually begins with one joint and then travels to the others. In most cases, the problem is initiated from the foot thumb after which it moves on to the knees, elbows and other joints as well.

  • The first acute gout attack does not last for a very long time and the pain intensity is not high. Usually, this initial attack lasts for half to one day. From 20 to 24 hours, the pain intensity is reduced on a major scale. Along with that, during the first attack, people even get cured without the use of medication.


  • Although the first attack is not severe but this does not mean that the intensity does not increase in the attacks that follow. In worst situations, the duration of a gout attack can even stretch to two weeks with the pain intensity fluctuating. This does happen if a medical expert is not consulted after the first attack. People generally overlook the problem after the first attack because it gets cured in less than a day. Hence, they do not feel the need to get in touch with a medical expert.


  • If you notice the key signs of a gout attack, do not delay the visit to the doctor. Swelling is one of the major signs. If you have suffered from a gout attack, your joints would swell. Along with that, this swelling would stay for a considerable time span. Along with that, the pain intensity would be quite high. In worst situations, it becomes hard to even sit when you are going through an acute gout attack.


Symptoms and Stages

Knowing about the symptoms of a medical issue is very important. This helps you in getting an assurance about whether you are facing a medical problem or not. When you talk about gout attacks, the symptoms are very clear and well defined.

Given below are some common symptoms of gout. If any or all of them are witnessed, you should reach a medical expert immediately.

Symptoms of Gout 

Pain in Joints with redness

This is one of the common signs of gout attacks. For instance, if your toe joint has been affected, it would be very painful. Another sign is that the affected area would turn red in colour. It would seem as if the flow of blood has stopped in that area. Lastly, the affected area becomes soft due to swelling. These are clear and obvious signs that you have suffered a gout attack.

Limitation applied to physical movement

Each individual has a mobility limitation and it depends on how flexible his bones are. Gout patients have very restricted movement because they experience severe joint pains. Someone experiencing this problem would not be able to take a turn without human support.

The lingering/limping issue

Gout problems initiate from the foot particularly the ankle and toe joint. The physical movement of a human being depends on the strength of these areas. Can a person walk if he has severe pain in his ankle joint? Most people would not even be able to take a step. Some people may be able to walk properly but not without limping. If you feel that there is a pain in your foot joints adversely affecting your ability to walk, it is advisable to consult a doctor as you may be experiencing a gout attack. Gout problems worsen within no time so immediate medical attention is strongly advised.


Stages of Gout

Simply knowing about a disease is not enough and you need to know about the stages so that the severity level can be determined. In basic terms, gout has four key stages defined below.

The Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia stage

This is the first stage of the gout problem. In this stage, the patient does not need to undergo any treatment and the problem continues for a short while only. However, the uric acid level definitely crosses the normal limit.

The Acute Stage

In this stage, the patient definitely suffers from sharp joint pains. The intensity of the pain is high in most cases and it only reduces after a long time span. Some key symptoms of this stage are redness of the affected area and immense swelling. Medical attention is absolutely necessary for this stage. The condition of the patient worsens in a quick manner if immediate medical assistance is not attained. The uric acid level rises by big margins during this stage.

The Inter critical gout stage

In simple terms, this stage is called the intermediate period. During this period, the patient does not experience any pain. This stage is the possible gap between two consecutive attacks. During this time span, the uric acid level continues to increase. If subsequent medication is not taken to reduce this level, the patient suffers another attack in quick time.

The Chronic Tophaceous gout stage

This is the fourth and most severe stage of the gout problem. People who face this stage end up with permanently damaged cartilage or joint. Individuals who reach this stage develop permanent deformity. For instance, if you have a gout attack on your ankle joint and it has reached the fourth stage, you would not be able to walk at all. Again, if due medical attention is given in this stage, the problem can be combated as well.


Causes and Risks of Gout


As an individual, you should know that being aware of the causes and risks of a medical problem helps a lot with treatment options. On the other hand, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about these areas, getting timely proper treatment would not be possible.


Possible Causes of Gout

Given below are the most common causes due to which people face the gout problem

Increase of uric acid levels

The increase of uric acid levels is obviously harmful to the human body. In addition to that, people experience gout attacks due to the increase in uric acid levels. When the uric acid increases in the human body, it gets converted into urate crystals. These crystals get deposited into the bone joints of the body. If this process continues for a long time, the patient suffers a potential gout attack.

The best way to deal with this issue is to pay a visit to the doctor after you experience the first attack. Most people do not adopt this strategy. They ignore the problem due to which consequent attacks occur.

Consumption of risky foods

Consumption of healthy food is very important if you do not want the uric acid level in the body to rise. Some food options cause a sharp increase in the uric acid level. You should always remember that gout attacks are caused by an increase of uric acid so edible alternatives that cause it should be avoided. Avoid steaks, fatty foods and meat of organs as all the edible options increase uric acid. Instead, the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables should be increased.


Risks of Gout

It becomes an intolerable situation for a gout patient when he goes through the gout problem and it occurs again. To avoid this situation, it is important to be aware of the risks attacked by gout issues. When you are able to avoid these risks, the gout issue does not occur again.

Consumption of inappropriate diet

The consumption of inappropriate diet increases the risk of several medical issues including gout. People who have a regular intake of alcohol, fizzy drinks and fatty foods have an increased level of uric acid. It is important to be aware of uric acid levels that a diet option has before you consume it.

Damaging Diseases

Do you know that some existing diseases may lead to gout attacks? If you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, you have very high chances of ending up with a gout attack. This is simply because these diseases cause a rise in the uric acid level. When the uric acid gets deposited into bone joints continuously, the patient eventually suffers a gout attack. Hence, if you are suffering from any of these diseases, make sure that you take the prescribed medication properly. This would obviously reduce the risks of a potential gout attack.

Increased body fat

It is all about the correct proportion of uric acid in the body. The human body produces uric acid and the kidney is responsible for excreting it. If the human body is producing a higher quantity of uric acid and the quantity exceeded is lesser, the patient would most likely suffer a gout attack. This is simply because a major percentage of uric acid would be deposited in the bone joints. This would eventually result in a gout attack.


Diagnosis of Gout Attack

These days, there are technological solutions for determining medical issues. Through these tools, you can perform a diagnosis and determine whether you are suffering from a medical issue or not. An acute gout calculator helps in confirming gout attacks.

The acute gout calculator by is one of the dependable options. Given below is the link to this calculator.


Steps to be followed

  • To start with, you need to open the link to the calculator. As the link would be opened, you would see a list of details to be entered. The first one is “male sex” for which you need to choose between “yes” or “no”. Similarly, you need to make a selection for “previous arthritis attack”. If you have suffered an attack in the past, you need to select yes. If you have not suffered an attack in the past, you need to opt for “no”. Along with that, you need to answer questions related to joint redness and other areas.
  • Once all the questions have been answered, you need to click the “calculate” button after which the results would be calculated and shown on your right. In an overall manner, the acute gout calculator is very simple to use. Along with that, it is very accurate and provides a complete picture to the patient.
  • The acute gout calculator by calculators,tech is a dependable option to diagnose gout attacks. Once you have entered all the details, you would get a complete picture about whether you would experience a gout attack or not.


Treatment of Gout Attacks

Multiple treatment options are available for gout attacks and patients can choose anyone depending on the intensity and severity.  In severe cases, surgery is also advised to the patients. Other than that, the following treatment options are prescribed to the patients.

  • There are certain therapies for reducing the level of uric acid in the body. Patients who do not opt for medical drugs take therapies for reducing the uric acid level.
  • Various medications are prescribed for treating gout attacks. These include Cozaar and Uloric.
  • The most important treatment for a gout attack is the adopting of a healthy diet plan. People who eat fruits and vegetables on daily basis have much lesser chances of getting these attacks. Along with that, the increased consumption of water also eliminates the risk of gout attacks as it helps in keeping the uric acid level under control.

Preventions of Gout Attacks

It is a common saying that prevention is better than cure. Why do you need to face a gout attack and consume medications to treat it when the option to avoid it is present? There are few prevention techniques through which you can reduce the chances of potential gout attacks. Some of them are listed below.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Obesity is one key component that increases the level of uric acid in the body. If you keep your weight under control, it is obvious that the uric acid level would stay within the normal range as well. Adopting a healthy lifestyle also includes keeping a check on what you eat. Eating fatty foods and drinking alcohol can also increase the uric acid level. It is an expected fact that when the uric acid level rises in the body, urate crystals start getting collected in the bone joints. These deposits finally result in a proper gout attack. People who have a healthy routine do not face risks of these attacks.

Avoid high sugar consumption

The consumption of high sugar leads to diabetes. Diabetes is a damaging disease and it also results in other medical complications including gout attacks. Diabetic patients are at higher risks of facing possible gout attacks.


Gout Complications

A disease or medical disorder can turn into a serious problem if proper diagnosis and treatment are not done. Gout is not an exception as well. If the problem is not treated properly on time, it can create various medical complications. Some of them are listed below.


Stones in the Kidney

Gout has to be treated on time and if this is not done, it develops further medical complications including kidney stones. If you are experiencing sharp pain in your kidney, you may have developed stones in it. Approach a medical expert immediately if these symptoms are witnessed. Delaying can obviously complicate the situation for the patient.


Development of Tophi

If uric acid is being deposited continuously in the body joints, it would eventually result in the creation of tophi under the skin. This does not cause serious pain but makes the skin and flesh tender.


Recurring gout attacks

Some medical issues have a tendency of repeating if not treated properly on time and gout is one of them. Gout attacks should be taken seriously and the treatment should not be avoided in any manner. If these attacks are not treated properly without delays, the severity level increases which is obviously not a good sign.


When is Gout Surgery necessary?

In the case of most medical issues, standard medications are prescribed. At times, the severity level is high and medications do not produce the desired results. In such cases, patients have to undergo surgeries.

Given below are some gout conditions in which patients have to opt for surgical options.

  • When uric acid gets deposited in the joints of the human body continuously, it eventually creates tophi. What are tophi? In terms of appearance, they are gritty nodules which are created in the bone joints due to continuously increased levels of uric acid. Tophi cause serious infections so they have to be removed through surgery.


People experience gout attacks when the level of uric acid in the body goes beyond the normal level. The increased uric acid gets deposited in the joints of bones including elbows, toe and knees. When this condition worsens, patients experience gout attacks in which they experience swelling and pain. Timely diagnosis and treatment is important to combat this situation and prevent the situation from worsening.

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