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Square feet calculator is used to calculating square feet or square footage of an area. It can be used to calculate the square footage of several types of shapes such as square, rectangular, circle, or triangle. Square foot calculator can also calculate the price for the total number of square footage.

The sq ft calculator is easy to use tool for calculating square feet. Students can use it; to solve their geometrical problems, teachers, to check solved problems by students and contractors; to calculate the cost of building and renovation (tiling, flooring, etc.).

What is the Square Footage?

Square footage is a representation of a square foot area, which is the measuring unit. An area is the size of a surface, which is two dimensional. The square area is the gap in a set of lines. Such lines should be measured in feet and translated into inches, yards, centimetres, millimetres, and meters if necessary for square footage measurements.

How to calculate square footage?

Wondering how to figure square footage manually? You should measure the length and width of the square surface to calculate square footage of an area. The methods can vary with the area's shape.

To measure the square footage of a rectangular room, multiply the length and width of the area. To measure the square footage of a randomly shaped area, such as an L-shaped area, Start by splitting the field into two separate sections, rendering the two sections square or rectangle. Now calculate the total area, measure the area of each section, and add them. Make sure the measurements you took are in square feet (ft2) before measuring the square footage. You will need to translate those measurements into feet if your scales are in another measuring unit, say inches or meters, using the following process.

If the length and width are measured in other than feet, convert them into feet by using the following conversion process.

  • Divide your value by 12 for inches to feet. The result would be in (ft.)
  • Multiply your value by 3 for yards into feet. The result would be in (ft.)
  • Multiply your value by 3.281 for meters into feet. The result would be in (ft.)
  • Multiply your value by 0.03281 for centimetres into feet. The result would be in (ft.)
  • Multiply your value by 0.00328084 for millimetres into feet. The result would be in (ft.)

How to use square feet Calculator? 

Don’t worry. Our square footage calculator is always there to make the process simple and smooth.

  • Select the type of shape for which you need to calculate square footage. You can choose from square, rectangle, triangle, circle, and ellipse.
  • enter the asked values in the corresponding input boxes. Note that, for each type of shape, you may need to enter different types of values. For example, for square, you only need the measurement of one side, but for a triangle, you need to enter the measurements of three sides. Values can be entered in feet, inches, centimetre, millimetre, micrometre, yard, kilometre, or mile.
  • Enter the price per square foot if you are interested in calculating the cost per square foot.
  • Hit the “Calculate” button, and there you go. It will show the total measurement and cost per square foot for your given values.

Square footage formula

Square Footage : \(\text{Length [ft]} \times \text{Width [ft]}\)

Square Footage equations for different shapes

Square Footage for Square

Square Footage Formula for Square Area:

Square Footage (ft2): = \(\text{Side Length [ft]}^2\)

Or you can use Advance Square Area Calcularor

Square Footage for Rectangle

Square Footage Formula for Rectangle Area:

Square Footage (ft2): \(\text{Length [ft]} \times \text{Width [ft]}\)

Or use Rectangle Area Calculator.

Square Footage for Bordered Rectangle

Square Footage Formula for Bordered Rectangle Area:

Inner Area (ft2\(=\text{Length [ft]} \times \text{Width [ft]}\)

Outer Area (ft2) \(=(\text{Length [ft]} + (2 \times \text{Border Width [ft]})) \times (\text{Width [ft]} + (2 \times \text{Border Width [ft]}))\)

Square Footage for Circle

Square Footage Formula for Circle Area:

Square Footage (ft2)\( = \pi \times \Big(\dfrac{\text{Diameter [ft]}}{2}\Big)^2\) 

where: \(pi = 3.14\)

You can use this Cricle Area Calculator for advance calculation.

Square Footage for bordered Circle

Square Footage Formula for Bordered Circle Area:

Outer Diameter of bordered Circle

Outer Diameter (ft2) = \( \text{Inner Diameter [ft]} + (2 \times \text{Border Width [ft]}\)

Outer Area (ft2) = \(\pi \times \Big(\dfrac{\text{Outer Diameter [ft]}}{2}\Big)^2\)

Inner Area (ft2) = \( \pi \times \Big(\dfrac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\Big)^2\)

Total Area (ft2\( = \text{Outer Area - Inner Area}\)

Square Footage for Triangle

Square Footage Formula for Triangle Area:

Square Footage (ft2)

\(= \Big(\dfrac{1}{4}\Big) \times \sqrt{ (a+b+c) \times (b+c-a) \times (c+a-b) \times (a+b-c)} \)

or use Triangle Area Calculator.


Square Footage for Trapezoid

Square Footage Formula Trapezoid Area:

Square Footage (ft2) = \(\Big(\dfrac{a + b}{2}\Big)\times h\)

or use Trapezoid Area Calculator.

As square footage (sq. ft2) is a standard measuring unit, this calculator is frequently used in our everyday lives. Particularly if you're a lover of DIY projects, a carpenter, or a building contractor. Your work may need landscaping for a garden, roofing shingles, carpeting, wallpaper, tiling, or flooring space. Here are some real-life explanations of how your next idea can use a square footage calculator.

Applications of Square Footage Calculator

1. How to estimate the number of tiles required for floor tiling?

If you have a floor of 20 feet long and 25 feet wide, the square foot calculator can be used to measure the wall. The floor will be 500 square feet.

If the measurement of one tile is 20 square feet, the area of the floor will be divided by 20. A floor with 500 square feet area will take 25 tiles (20 square feet each) to cover the whole floor.

2. House Painting

House painter professionals frequently base prices on a property's square footage. It can provide accurate estimates of the amount of paint that is needed even when a person decides to paint his house himself.

The total cost includes more than the amount of paint needed for the preparation, blending, distribution, and cleaning of paint, including the cost of materials such as brushes, turpentine, and any other materials. Such considerations are usually included in addition to labour costs in a quote from a professional painter. The bigger the scale of an item or place, the higher the cost to paint it.

3. Flooring installation

Many products, including wood, laminate, and tile, are widely used for flooring purposes. The cost of flooring can vary considerably depending on material quality and preference. The above calculator can be used to estimate the cost of installing floors.

4. Building a home

By building a home and visiting various homes as a guide, a person may gain a better understanding of the square footage that fits with his preferences.

The cost of building a home differs widely based on a number of factors, including construction, the form of structure, roof space, and various other features not necessarily related to the size of a house. The many considerations involved in building a house make it more difficult to estimate the cost per square foot, unlike the cost of installing floors per square foot, which can be measured on the basis of materials, price, and construction expenses. As a result, costs per square foot are often calculated on average and may not be an accurate estimate of costs according to a specific project.

Alternatively, a builder's estimate based on certain criteria might be useful to measure and to divide the calculation by how many square meters the house occupies.

Unit Area Abbreviations

Ft 2 = Square feet

Yd 2 = Square Yards

In 2 = Square Inches

Mm 2 = Square Millimeters

Cm 2 = Square Centimeters

= Square Meters

Conversion factors

To convert among square feet, square inches, square yards, square centimetres, square millimetres, and square meters, you can utilize the following conversion table.

Square feet to yardsmultiply ft2 by 0.11111 to get yd2
Square feet to metersmultiply ft2 by 0.092903 to get m2
Square yards to square feetmultiply yd2 by 9 to get ft2
Square yards to square metersmultiply yd2 by 0.836127 to get m2
Square meter to the square footmultiply m2 by 10.7639 to get ft2
Square meters to square yardsmultiply m2 by 1.19599 to get yd2
Square meters to square millimetresmultiply the m2 value by 1000000 to get mm2
Square meters to square centimetresmultiply the m2 value by 10 000 to get cm2
Square centimetres to square metersmultiply the cm2 value by 0.0001 to get mm2
Square centimetres to square millimetresmultiply the cm2 value by 100 to get mm2
Square millimetres to square centimetresmultiply the mm2 value by 0.000001 to get cm2
Square millimetres to square metersmultiply the mm2 value by 1000000 to get m2

How many square feet are in a 10x10 room?

Answer: By Multiplying width [ft] by height [ft] we can find the ftof the room.

\(10 \times 10 = 100\) ft2

How many sq ft is 20x30 room?

Answer: By Multiply the width and height of the room.

\( 20 \times 30 = 600\) ft2


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