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Speed calculator helps you to calculate how quickly a moving object is travelling based on the distance travelled over a period of time. The mph calculator will come in handy whether you are driving your car, motorbike, want to know the speed of a train, or even curious about how to find average speed.

In this post, we will guide you on how to find speed, how to use average speed calculator and formula for speed.

How to use speed calculator?

Speed calculator is very useful if you don't want to get stuck into complicated calculations because it produces accurate results in no time. It will only take input values from you and find the average speed as soon as you hit the button. Follow these steps to calculate speed using a speed distance calculator.

  • Enter the distance travelled. You can choose from six different units of distance, including feet, meter, kilometer, and miles.
  • Enter the time in the next input box. You can enter the time in minutes, hours, and seconds as well.
  • Press the Calculate

Speed calculator will calculate the average speed using give values and provide you with the result in km per hour, miles per hour, meters per hour, and feet per hour. If you need to calculate the velocity as well, you can use our velocity calculator whenever you want.

What is average speed formula?

The primary purpose of miles per hour calculator is average speed measurement; let's explore this subject more closely. The average speed is expressed in distance units per time:

\(\text{Average speed} = \dfrac{\text{Total distance}}{\text{Total time}}\)

There are several units that can be used to express average speed, such as:

  • Meters per second (m/s)
  • Feet per second (ft/s)
  • Kilometers per hour (kph)
  • Miles per hour (mph)

How to calculate average speed?

Curious about how to calculate speed? We will take you through a detailed calculation of average speed. First, check out this step by step guide to find the speed of a moving object, and then we will use an example to demonstrate how to get average speed?

  1. First of all, identify the total distance covered by the object. For example, if you are calculating the speed of a car, you will need the total distance it has covered.
  2. Then identify the total amount of time object has taken to cover that distance.
  3. Place both distance and the time in the above formula for average speed and calculate the value by solving the equation.


Suppose a train has covered a distance of 500 km in four hours. Find the average speed of the train?

Step 1: Identify the distance covered by the train. In this case, the distance is:

Distance = 500 km

Step 2: Write down the total time it took to cover the distance of 500 km.

Time = 4 hours

Step 3: Place all these values in the average speed equation.

\(\text{Average speed} = \dfrac{\text{Total distance}}{\text{Total time}}\)

\(\text{Average speed} = \dfrac{500 km}{4 hours}\)

\(\text{Average speed} = 25 \space km / h\)

So, the train is moving a 125 km/h if it has covered 500 km in 4 hours.

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