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It is hard to find a lot of people on the face of this planet who do not like buying footwear. People buy different kinds of shoes according to their likes and worn outfits. A teenager going to college would purchase sneakers or loafers to go with his jeans. Similarly, a corporate banker would purchase formal shoes to meet this dressing specs. In a nutshell, people buy shoes after taking certain factors into consideration. Size is actually the most important parameter used for selecting shoes. There is no point in buying something which does not fit you. It is not that simple to determine the size when you are purchasing things online as you cannot put them on and try. In addition to that, if the wrong size is delivered, one has to go through a lengthy exchange process. With a quality shoe size converter, you can get the correct size according to the standards set by different regions.


Get the correct shoe size instantly

Shoe sizes differ with the region in which the footwear is being made. A male individual who has a US size of 12 would have a UK size of 12. The figure does not remain the same. Similarly, the EUR size of the same individual would be 43.9. If you are buying a shoe online from a region you are not familiar with, issues can be faced. Using this converter, you can get the correct size according to different regions.


No need to check size tables manually

It is not a short process to check sizes by looking at tables. Secondly, a lot of tables present online have reliability problems. Thus, it is a risk using and counting on them.  This tool is a better alternative for users as they do not have to perform any check. If you want to purchase a shoe, simply use this tool and you would get the correct sizes according to different regions. It is a time saving option and helps users in preventing exhaustion.


A free tool that can be used online

Using an online tool is always better than using an offline one. However, it needs to meet the highest standards of quality. This is an online tool and the user can use it without completing any installation stages. If you are using a device with internet connectivity, this tool can be accessed. It is a tiring and cumbersome process for users to install a tool and then begin using it.

•    Do you have to spend money for using this tool? The answer to this question is no. This tool is completely free which means that no money has to be spent for using it. The free usage is offered for an unlimited span of time. This means that you can check as many shoe sizes as you want to. Some tools are free but for a restricted number of days. Once that duration ends, the user to spend money and opt for an upgraded version. Nothing of this sort has to be done by the users of this tool. It has free usage without following any conditions.


No issues related to usage

A tool with a simple and easy to use interface is a blessing for the users. If you end up with a complex tool, a lot of effort has to be put in to understand the options. It is hard to use a tool smoothly if you do not have complete command on it. This shoe converter tool is easy. Hence, instead of going through a process to get comfortable with the tool, you can perform the conversions straightaway. The interface is very easy and features and simple to adapt.


Looking at the steps for tool usage

The usage steps of this tool are not complicated by any means. Here are the steps which users have to complete.

  • Entering foot size and other data

    This tool operates on the basis of a technological framework so it would produce correct outputs only if inputs have been entered properly. Initially, you have to select the correct user category from the “adult” and “child” options. The sizes for the adult slab are different than the ones used for children. After that, you need to enter the correct foot size. Here, you can select different parameters for entering the size. For instance, you want to enter the size in inches, select that from the drop down menu.
  • Checking the outputs and viewing an example

    After you have entered the inputs correctly, click the “calculate” button to view the outputs. Consider that you are an adult with a good size of 10 inches. When you click the “calculate” button, four different outputs would be produced. These include US size for males, US size for females, UK size and EU size. You can check the sizes and order a pair of shoes with any of these size standards. 


Core advantages of this tool

Users view the benefits of a tool before they start using it. Here are the core benefits of this tool.

  1. With this tool, you would always buy a shoe with the correct size. It becomes a troublesome procedure for any user when he places and order and gets the wrong shoe size. In this case, he has to go through the exchange protocol which consumes several days. The use of this tool would help you in getting the correct shoe size. As a result, you would not have to go through any exchange process.
  2. Users save immense time by using a quality shoe size converter. You do not need to check your size by reading through tables and comparing the standards of different countries. This tool displays the correct shoe size according to all the standards. Thus, irrespective of the size standard an online store is using, you would be able to make the correct purchase without getting into any hassle.
  3. The tool is quick and simple. Hence, there is no need to enter the inputs and then wait for long spans to view the shoe size.
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| 03/08/2019

Awesome Tool. I regularly use your calculator in my Shoe Shop.

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