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Scientific notation converter is a great tool to convert a number to scientific notation. It can convert million in scientific notation and even billion in scientific notation too. The decimal notation calculator above can be used to convert any decimal to scientific notation.

In this post, we will explain scientific notations, how to use our scientific notation converter, a scientific notation to decimal conversion, and much more.

How to use our scientific notation converter?

This standard notation calculator lets you spend your time on other important things by simplifying the much complex process of scientific notation conversion. Follow the below steps to use the scientific notation conversion calculator.

Enter the decimal number in the given input box.

Scientific notation converter will instantly give you result in scientific notation as well as in E-notation without clicking any button. It works in real-time to produce results to save your time. So, if you are solving some scientific notation problems or dealing in smaller or greater figures, this converter can make your day wonderful.

Moreover, you can use our scientific notation calculator to calculate scientific notations at any time.

What is scientific notation?

Scientific Notation is a system developed to abbreviate numbers with decimal places or an excessive number of digits. It is also referred to as exponential notation.

Scientific notation can be regarded as a short-term method to express numbers. Suppose you need to send the following number to one or more interested parties.


You may abbreviate the above to the following scientific notation:

1.55×10141.55E141.55e141.55 \times 10^{14} \Leftrightarrow 1.55E14 \Leftrightarrow 1.55e^{14}

If you have to send a very small number:


Then you can abbreviate the above decimal number to the following scientific notation:

1.55×10111.55E111.55e111.55 \times 10^{-11} \Leftrightarrow 1.55E-11 \Leftrightarrow 1.55e^{-11}

Note: "E" or "e" refers to the "power-of-10 exponent."

How to write in scientific notation?

Follow the below steps to convert a number or decimal to scientific notation:

  1. Move the decimal point to the left of the decimal point until you get just one non-zero digit. The resulting decimal number is a.
  2. Now count how many times the decimal point has been shifted. Write this number as b.
  3. When the decimal is shifted to the left, b will be positive. If the decimal is shifted to the right, b will be negative. If the decimal has not been shifted, then b will be zero.
  4. Now, write the scientific notation in the form of a×10ba \times 10^b.


Convert 257,345 to Scientific Notation

Step 1: Shift the decimal to the left until there is only one digit after the decimal. Here we have to move the decimal to 5 places to the left to get 2.573452.57345.

Step 2: Write down the value of a.

a =2.57345= 2.57345.

Step 3: We have shifted the decimal to the left, so b will be positive. Write down the value of b.

b =5= 5

Step 4: Arrange the values in a×10ba \times 10^b. So, the number 257,345257,345 will be written as 2.57345×1052.57345 \times 10^5 in scientific notation after conversion.

257,345=2.57345×105257,345 = 2.57345 \times 10^5

Convert 0.007500 to Scientific Notation

Step 1: Move the decimal to the right to get 7.5007.500. Here we have to remove leading zeroes and move the decimal to 3 places to the right.

Step 2: Write down the value of a.

a =7.500= 7.500

Step 3: We have shifted the decimal to the right, so b will be negative. Write down the value of b.

b =3= -3

Step 4: Arrange the values in a×10ba \times 10^b. So, the number 0.0075000.007500 will be written as 7.500×1037.500 \times 10^{-3} in scientific notation after conversion.

0.007500=7.500×1030.007500 = 7.500 \times 10^{-3}

Note that we do not delete the 0s as they were at the right side of the decimal and therefore are important figures.

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