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The midpoint calculator finds the center point of a line that divides it in the half. It uses the midpoint formula to find the value of this particular point.

How to use the midpoint calculator?

To find the midpoint of a line through the endpoints, enter the coordinates of the points in the designated boxes of the midpoint calculator. 

The points used to find the midpoint are called endpoints. This is why it is also known as an endpoint calculator.

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What is Midpoint?

The midpoint of a line or segment is a point that bisects the line in two equal parts. The midpoint is exactly at an equal distance from both endpoints. The term midpoint is a mathematical term related to coordinate geometry. 

Midpoint formula

The equation for midpoint is

Midpoint =X1+X22,Y1+Y22\dfrac{X_1+X_2}{2},\dfrac{Y_1+Y_2}{2}

How to calculate midpoint?


How to find the midpoint of a line that is between two points; A(4,2)A(4, 2) and B(6,4)B(6, 4).


The following formula would be applied.

Midpoint =  X1+X22,Y1+Y22\dfrac{X_1+X_2}{2},\dfrac{Y_1+Y_2}{2}

In the above set of points, the values are:

X1=4,X2=6,Y1=2,Y2=4X_1 = 4, X_2 = 6, Y_1 = 2, Y_2 = 4

Thus, the midpoint would be given as 

Midpoint =4+62,2+42= \dfrac{4+6}{2},\dfrac{2+4}{2}

Midpoint =(5,0)= (5,0)

How to find the midpoint of a line segment?

A line is constructed between two sets of points as the diagram shows below.

Midpoint image

In the above diagram, we can see a line AB where the coordinates are A(2,2)A(2, 2) and B(4,4)B(4, 4).

When you talk about the midpoint of AB, it would be present between points A and B. In other words, midpoint coordinates are calculated by taking the average of both points (separately for X and Y).

Consider that the midpoint is C. Thus, C would be given as 

C=2+42,2+42C =\dfrac{2 + 4}{2} , \dfrac{2 + 4}{2}

C=(3,3)C = (3, 3)

As C is the midpoint of line AB;

Midpoint of AB =(3,3)= (3,3)

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Robin Baker | 07/08/2019

Thumbs Up! Now finding midpoint of any X line has become so easy with your calculator.