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Hijri to Gregorian Converter

Hijri to Gregorian Converter is an online tool to convert Hijri to Gregorian. Before the digital era, it was very difficult to convert dates such as the conversion of Hijri to Gregorian. This tool makes it very simple to convert between two of them.

You can use this Hijri to Gregorian calendar to plan your trips and events dates. In this post, we will discuss the Hijri calendar, Gregorian calendar, Islamic months, and much more, so, stay tuned in this space.

How to use Hijri to Gregorian Converter?

You can use this Arabic to English calendar anytime to convert Arabic date to English date. To use this Hijri converter, follow the below steps:

  • Select the Hijri date from the given calendar to convert.
  • Press the Calculate button to see the Gregorian date.

This Hijri date converter will instantly convert the date from Arabic to English date. You can change the format of the resulted Gregorian date if you want.

What is a Hijri calendar?

The Islamic calendar, also known as the Muslim or Hijri calendar, is used as a religious dating system in the Muslim world. The Hijri calendar started when "Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)" migrated from Mecca to Medina.

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) made the migration since the Muslims were severely persecuted in Mecca, and for a long time, the Muslims were suffering the Kuffar atrocities in Mecca.

It is based on a \(12\) month year beginning at the time of the new moon every month. The months alternately last for \(30 \text {and} 29\) days, barring Dhu al-Hijjah, which changes with the duration of a \(30\)-year period designed to keep the calendar in line with the actual moon phases. The Dhu al-Hijjah has \(29\) days in nineteen years, while the other \(11\)  years have \(30\) days. Therefore, \(354\)  or  \(355\) days are in a year.

No months are inserted so that the months do not stay in the same seasons but return every \(32.5\) solar years throughout the entire year of the solar or of the season.

What is the Gregorian calendar?

Pope Gregory XIII launched his Gregorian calendar in \(1582\). At that time, Europe was following the Julian calendar, first implemented in \(46\) B.C. by Julius Caesar.

The calendar had not been in accordance with the seasons since the Roman emperor miscalculated the solar year by \(11\) minutes. It meant that each year, Easter, which traditionally took place on \(21\) March, fell further away from the spring equinox.

In February every four years the Julian calendar included an extra day. However, the Italian scientist who developed the Pope Gregory system in \(1582\) was Aloysius Lilius.

He realized that adding so many days made the calendar too long. He engineered a modification in a way that unless the year is \(100\) times divisible, a leap day is added every in the year that is divisible by \(4\).

A leap day is added even if the year can also be split by \(400\). The lag created by Julius Caesar's earlier calendar has been almost overcome although this formula may sound confusing.

Lilius's ingenious solution is still \(26\) seconds off to align the calendar with the seasons. As a consequence, a difference of several hours arose in the years after Gregory published his calendar in \(1582\).

Due to this difference, the Gregorian calendar will be a full day ahead of the solar year by the year \(4909\).

\(12\) months of the Islamic calendar

Below you can find a list of twelve months of an Islamic calendar. Use the above calendar or Hijri to English converter to easily convert any Hijri month to Gregorian

No. of monthsName of months in Islamic
3Rabeea'l Awwal
4Rabeea'l Thani
5Jumada Al Awwal
6Jumada Al Thani
11Thul Kea'deh
12Dhul Hijjah

Why use Hijri to Gregorian converter?

  • This Arabic calendar converter allows you to concurrently display the Islamic calendar and the Gregorian calendar and to compare the two dates conveniently.

  • You can choose any date from the Hijri calendar to convert it to Gregorian by using Arabic to English date converter.

  • The Hijri converter not only helps Muslims but is also beneficial for non-Muslims who live in Muslim countries and can get to know it well in advance of future holidays.

  • In addition, You can also find the Islamic date and year in which you were born using this Hijri converter.

  • The new Islamic calendars are mostly available to Muslim households, but it is for Ramadan only. It may, therefore, be very annoying at times when you desperately need to know the Islamic date and the Islamic calendar is not available.

  • You can check when the month of Ramadan or any other month will start as compared to the English date, or you can check any specific date of Islamic month compared to Gregorian by choosing it from the calendar.

  • You access the Islamic Calendar every year and can see and match Islamic dates without hassles with the Gregorian calendar by simply using this converter.


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