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It is helpful to know how to calculate your grade for your final exam so that you can know what you need to achieve to get your desired overall grade. This grade average calculator takes all the inputs from the user and calculates the grades in real-time. The grading calculator can be very helpful in determining the amount of hard work you need to do in the future. You can track your current grades and can point out the areas in which you need improvements.

How to use our class grade calculator?

It doesn't matter if you are a high school student or a college student; this test grade calculator works as a course grade calculator as well as a college grade calculator. It is very easy to use, and everyone can use it without any limitations because it is totally free of cost. Teachers and students both can take benefit from this tool because it saves a lot of time by providing a simple interface.

First of all, enter the class information. Enter the name of the assessment, grade percentage, grade letter, and class grade percentage in the given input boxes. You can add more assessment fields if you need them by clicking on the "Add Assessment" button. Add final worth percentage, desired grade percentage and letter grade to calculate the grades needed in final. After you enter all required values, it will compute the grades for you instantly. It will show you the grades and grades needed in the final in the result pan on the right side. You can also add as many classes as you want to calculate the grades for different courses.

The formula for grade calculation

Grades can be calculated by using the following equations.

The weighted grade can be calculated by getting the sum of the product of grade and weight in a percent:

Weighted grade \(= w1 \times g1 + w2 \times g2 + w3 \times g3 +...\)

When the weights are not in some other form rather than a percentage, a weighted grade can be calculated by dividing the sum of the product of weight and grade with the sum of the weights.

Weighted grade \(= \Big(\dfrac{w1 \times g1 + w2 \times g2 + w3 \times g3 +...} {w1 + w2 + w3 +...}\Big)\)

How to calculate grade

You can calculate your grade manually by using the above formula or grading evaluation technique, but it is a tedious task. You can always use the grade percentage calculator to find your grades. Let's calculate the grade for a basic understanding of the process.

Calculate my grade

Tom's class consists of four main tasks categories summarizing his final grade. The first category includes three small assignments of 15%, and the second category consists of a project of 25%. He has a mid-term and a final exam of 30% each.

Tom obtained 8 out 10, 3 out of 5, and 16 out of 20 in assignments, 24 out of 40 in midterm exams, and 70 % marks in the project. He wants his current mark to be calculated before taking the final exam so that he can find out what his final test will require in order to obtain an average total of 75%.

Tom can calculate his mark quickly and easily using this overall grade calculator. First, the total percentage of three of his small assignments must be calculated since they are all in the same assignment category, worth 15% of his grades. This is an example of how Tom summarizes all his assignments:

Step 1: Add the total marks Tom has earned in the assignments and divide them by the sum of total marks of these assignments.

\(\Big(\dfrac{8 + 3 + 16}{10 + 5 + 20}\Big) = \dfrac{27}{35} = 0.77 \)

Step 2: In order to calculate the percentage, multiply the decimal by 100.

\(0.77 \times 100 = 77 \%\)

Tom knows what he got in the assignment group with that percentage.

Step 3: Now, Tom has to divide 24 by 40 to determine the percentage of his midterm exam. Take the decimal answer and multiply it by 100 to calculate the percentage.

\(\dfrac{24}{40} = 0.6 \times 100 = 60 \%\)

Step 4: As we know, Tom got 70 % in his project, and we can calculate the average percentage by adding all three percentages and dividing by three.

\(77 \% + 60 \% + 70 \% = \dfrac{207}{3} = 69 \% \)

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