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ERP Calculator

Physics and electronics are complicated subjects. When you are performing calculations related to them, it is better to use a technological tool. ERP (Effective Radiated Power) is the power which is generated through transmission from a radio transmitter. The unit for this power is watts. It is not a simple process to calculate the ERP value even if you have sound knowledge of transmitters and electronic power generation. The use of this tool is always helpful and provides a user with incomparable benefits. 

1.    No need to get tired with complicated formula

There is no doubt that calculation of ERP is a complicated process. To start with, you should know about the correct formulae involved. Secondly, the values should be entered and calculated properly. Even after so much hard work, there is no guarantee that you would get the correct values.

Using this tool means you can flush out all apprehensions from your mind. It has a state of the art technical framework which means that values are calculated correctly. There is no need to check the values because no mistakes are made after all.

2.    Putting time to better use

These days, no one has the time to use lengthy manual methods and determine values. Secondly, there is no reason to do so because you can use a quality online tool and get accurate outputs. If you use this tool, the correct value of ERP can be calculated instantly. There is no need to concentrate for hours.

Checking the steps of using the tool

It is not feasible for users to use a tool if they do not understand it. In addition to that, everyone using a particular tool may not have a technical background. Thus, a tool should be simple so that everyone can use it. Here are the simple steps of using this tool.

  • The correct outputs can be generated only if the inputs have been entered correctly. To determine ERP, you need to provide values for power of transmitted signal, gain of transmission antenna and loss in transmission. These values are used to produce the outputs.
  • When you enter the inputs in the provided fields, click the “calculate” button. A total of five outputs when you use this tool. These include ERP (W), EIRP (W), ERP (dBW), EIRP (dBW) and dBM. 

Complete usage and access is online

This tool is hassle-free in every way. For instance, there is no need to download anything or complete an installation requirement. To use the tool, you only need internet connectivity.

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