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CPM Calculator

It is not possible to sell products or set of services online if you do not have a well drafted advertising campaign. People start buying your products and services when they know about what you offer. The success of a product is measured by the impressions and clicks that you get. CPM (Cost Per Mile) is defined as the cost per thousand impressions. When an online advertisement campaign is executed, the success factor is measured through the number of clicks or impressions. Through CPM, you can get a clear idea of whether the advertisement campaign has been successful or not

The formula for CPM is given as:

CPM = (Total Cost of ad / Number of Impressions) *1000

We can go through an example and gain more understanding for this

Consider that the total cost of the ad is 100000 and the impressions attained are 10000.

Thus, CPM would be given as:

CPM = (100000 / 10000) * 1000
CPM = 10000

Attain accurate results

It is much simpler to use an online tool and determine CPM rather than perform manual calculations. Using out calculator, you can attain completely accurate values for CPM. On the other hand, if you are using manual methods, the calculation becomes much simpler. You do not need to perform any steps without technological assistance.

Steps to calculate CPM

To use this calculator, you need to perform the following steps.

  • Entering the inputs according to CPM formula
    Users have to enter the values of two key inputs. However, before that, select the CPM from the three options present. The other two options are total cost and number of impressions. Once you have selected CPM, proceed to the step of entering the inputs. You need to enter the value for the cost of campaign in the first text box and then the number of impressions in the box below it. After that, simply click the calculate button to determine CPM.
  • Checking the outputs
    The outputs would be produced when the “calculate” button is clicked. On the right side, you would see the correct value of CPM.


An online tool for convenient usage

This is an online tool and no installations are needed to use it. Along with that, it is free and no charges are applied on any of the features. You can perform as many calculations as you want because no restrictions are applied on the usage.

Interpretation of the CPM formula

To interpret the formula of CPM in a better manner, let us consider the formula again.

CPM = (Total Cost of ad / Number of Impressions) *1000

  • Key components of the formula
    If you have a look at the core components of this formula, you would see that the value of CPM depends on two key factors. One of them is the “Total Cost of the ad” and the other is the “Number of impressions”. Thus, it can be said that CPM is the ratio of these two components. This ratio is them multiplied by 1000 to get the needed value.

The total cost of the ad varies from one brand to the other and a definite value is not present.

Positive points of the CPM calculation tool

It is a big hassle to determine CPM if you are a busy advertising expert and not using a technological tool. This calculator suits all busy professionals who need to keep a check on their brand is performing. These people do not have the time to calculate the CPM manually every now and then. By using this calculator, they are able to perform calculations accurately without any hassle.

  • The interface of the tool is very simple. First of all, you do not have to search for options or spend time on filling lengthy forms. As the usage is easy, you can learn the tool without a lot of effort. Other than that, this tool is quick in terms of processing. When you enter the values, it would take a very short while to determine the results. There is no need to wait for a long span.
  • Reliability is an important factor when you are choosing a technological tool. There is no point in selecting one if you cannot depend on the results. This calculator is dependable in every manner.
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