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Volume Calculator

The subject of mathematics throws a lot of challenges towards both students and teachers. Geometry is one essential branch of mathematics and calculation of volume is a major topic taught. In an overall manner, this subject can be a lot more challenging than theoretical subjects. This is simply because you can either be right or wrong. There is nothing like relatively correct or incorrect. Consider that you have to solve the following question.

  • Calculate the volume of a sphere with radius 2.27 meters

Here, the formula for calculating volume of a sphere is mentioned below

  • Volume of sphere = 4/3(π) r3 (Here, “r” is the radius of the sphere)

Apparently when you have a glance at the formula, it does not seem that complicated. However, if you wish to determine accurate results, a better option than inserting the values manually is needed.

Simple to gauge steps of usage

How simple is it to use this volume calculator? You can gain a proper idea by going through the usage steps mentioned below.

  1. Select the shape

The volume can be determined for various three dimensional shapes and each of them has a different formula. For instance, the volume calculation formula of a sphere and cone is not the same. Select the shape for which you have to determine the volume. Consider that you have to determine the volume of a sphere. The only input parameter that has to be inserted by the user is the radius. A careful analysis of the sphere volume formula would confirm this fact. Consider that the radius of the sphere is 8 meters. Simply enter it in the space for entering radius value and click the “calculate” button

  1. View the sphere volume instantly

This volume calculator meets the highest standards in terms of quality of outcome. When you enter the radius, the volume would be calculated in an immediate manner. In other words, you do not have to worry about wasting a lot of time. For most users, having a quick volume calculator is a big relief. As it produces quick results, you get the chance of calculating the volume of more than one sphere within no time.

Cone Volume Calculation (example)

Looking at an example is a great way to understand how you can use this state of the art tool.

The formula for calculating the cone volume is given as follows.

Cone Volume = (1/3)πr2h

Consider that you have to calculate the volume of a cone where the input parameters are as follows.

  • Base Radius = 4 meters
  • Height = 5 meters

The next step is entering the values of base radius and height in their respective text boxes. After that click the “calculate” button and the following result would be shown.

Cone Volume = 83.77 m3

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