Centor Score

Centor Score (Modified/McIsaac) for Strep Pharyngitis
Group A streptococcus (GAS) rare under 3


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1Centor Score Calculator

Centor Score Calculator

The Centor Score Calculator helps to calculate the norms which can be utilized to figure out the infections of bacteria in the patients. The patients are not youngsters or people of naïve age. The scoring criteria were developed as a method to rapidly check the occurrence of Group A streptococcal infection or analyzing the streptococcal pharyngitis in the people who informed that they are having the problems in their throat.

The people are evaluated on the basis of four different matters, one point is given for every positive stage. The following are the matters which are needed to evaluate:

  1. Sickness in the retrospective
  2. Cervical adenopathy of tender anterior
  3. Presence of cough
  4. Tonsillar exudating or oozing

The revised version of Centor Score takes into consideration the age of the patient. If the age is below 15 years old then 1 point is given. However, if the age is above 44 then 1 point is deducted. The Mnemonics which are involved in the concept are as follows:

C stands for Cough not present

E mentions Exudating

N tells about Nodes

T informs about Temperature of sickness

OR is an indication of the age either young or old

The Centor scoring criterion is useful for telling about the administration. The Scoring starts from -1 till number 5. The following rules are able to tell about the administration:

  • Getting a -1, 0, or 1 point means that the patient does not need an antibiotic.
  • Receiving a score of either 2 or 3 means that there is a problem with the throat and the patients require to be treated. The treatment should be done with the antibiotic.
  • If a patient is given either 4 or 5 scores then it has to be taken seriously. The matter is related to symptomatology.

In the United Kingdom, there is no apparatus that could tell about the age, and the score is ranged from either 0 to 4, with the 3 to 4 scoring means that it requires treatment. When all the 4 criteria are present then it indicates from there that there is an existence of two-fifth to three-fifth positive predictive value. It requires that the testing needs to be done for Group A streptococcus bacteria.

When all the 4 adjustable values are not present then it means that the negative predictive value more than four-fifth is indicated. If the negative predictive value is of a higher number then the Centor scoring methodology can be properly used for excluding strep throat.

Although Centor Score Calculator was officially launched for the adults, the British Medical Journal issued in the year 2013 took into consideration the idea that it may be used for the youngsters aged from 2 to 16.

The research which was carried out in the year starting from 2008 till 2010 the 441 kids visited the emergency department of Belgian hospital and they gave the throat swab. It was finalized that Centor Scoring was not effective in forecasting the necessity of using the antibiotics to treat the children with the throat swab.


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