Bacterial Meningitis Score

Bacterial Meningitis Score for Children

CSF: Cerebrospinal Fluid
ANC: Absolute Neutrophil Count


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The Bacterial Meningitis calculator

This is a reliable calculator to determine the presence of bacterial meningitis. Here are the steps which you have to perform to use this calculator.

Usage Process

  • To start with, you have to provide answers to five questions. For all the questions, you need to answer with a “yes” or “no”. Once you have answered all these questions, the total score would be calculated. On the basis of the overall score, it would be determined whether an individual has bacterial meningitis or not. Again, it is a very serious medical condition so error-free examination is important.
  • You have to provide answers for five questions. These include CSF Gram, CSF ANC, CSF Protein, ANC Cell, Peripheral ANC and Seizure. When the answers to all these questions have been given, the total score would be calculated. On the basis of this score, it would be determined whether the patient is suffering from bacterial meningitis or not. Again, all the questions have yes or no as answers. The user has to select one of them.

Accurate Medical Diagnosis

It is not possible to treat a disease if the diagnosis has not been performed in a proper manner. This bacterial meningitis calculator is an amazing way to perform diagnosis and get an assurance about whether the patient is suffering from bacterial meningitis or not. This calculator is a powerful tool to perform medical diagnosis in a proper manner.


It is not possible to get a disease treated if you are not well aware of the symptoms it has. Here are the key symptoms of bacterial meningitis. If you witness any of them, you should approach a medical expert on immediate basis.

  • One of the main symptoms of bacterial meningitis is rashes. How are these rashes different from the normal ones? When you press these rashes against the glass, they would not fade away or change colour. This is an alarming sign. If you feel that there are rashes on your body which are not fading with time, it may be a sign of bacterial meningitis.
  • People who suffer from bacterial meningitis find it hard to concentrate on a basic day to day tasks as well. This is because these people are always in a state of confusion. If you feel that you are unable to concentrate on basic tasks, the sign should not be ignored in any manner. It may be a sign of bacterial meningitis.
  • Continuous vomiting and nausea and common signs of bacterial meningitis. If you are continuously throwing up, you should consult a medical expert without any delay. It may be a sign of bacterial meningitis.


Bacterial Meningitis is a serious medical problem so it is important that the correct treatment options are used in a timely manner. Here are the treatment options which have to be given to patients

1. Hospitalization and medicine

Most patients suffering from bacterial meningitis are in a serious medical state and admitted in ICU. However, medical professionals advise antibiotics before the hospitalization phase begins.

2. Use of sedatives

Bacterial Meningitis causes a lot of irritation and uneasiness in human beings. The use of sedatives is important to calm down patients when the treatment is underway. During the treatment of bacterial meningitis, sedatives are given so that patients do not become hyper unnecessarily.

3. The use of intravenous fluids

Patients who are infected by bacterial meningitis usually experience continuous vomiting. In such cases, the use of intravenous fluids is important so that the patient does not get dehydrated in any manner. These fluids keep the patient hydrated when he is suffering from bacterial meningitis.

Prevention through vaccination

It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure. In the case of bacterial meningitis, it is important to prevent the disease because the medical issue is serious. There are two key vaccinations used to prevent this disease. In case of children, the meningococcal vaccine is given. This vaccination is given at the age of 11 to 12 years. Along with that, it is also given at the age of 16 years when the risk and possibility are higher.

Bacterial Vs Viral Meningitis

There are various differences between bacterial and viral meningitis. The first one is intensity. Viral Meningitis is not that severe and the patient usually recovers in a time span of 10 days. This is certainly not the case when one is suffering from bacterial meningitis. To start with, the disease has a high medical intensity and usually, hospitalization is the solution. A longer time span is needed for recovery. The disease is very weakening so patients have to be treated with a proactive approach.

When a patient is suffering from a disease, proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary. If the diagnosis is not correct, relevant treatment would not be prescribed. This can obviously worsen the condition instead of treating it.  The Bacterial Meningitis calculator is used to determine the risk and intensity of this disease. This is an online calculator so patients can use it without completing any installations. Along with that, it is very reliable and it is very easy to trust on the produced results.  If the results show that the patient has bacterial meningitis, further treatment options can be exercised. 

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