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By strict criteria; less likely to develop childhood asthma.

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Asthma is an allergy that impacts the breathing ability of an individual. People who have this allergy cannot survive in dusty environments and closed places with lesser cross ventilation. It is important to use a quality tool to determine the probability of having asthma. This Asthma Predictive Index would help you with accurate calculations.

The Input Selections

  • The input selections are simple and only require selecting between yes and no. For instance, if you have a parent with asthma, you have to select yes. Similarly, if you have eczema, you would select yes as the option. These two inputs fall under the major criteria. Similarly, wheezing apart from cold is a minor criterion.
  • When all inputs have been entered, click the “calculate” button. On the basis of what you have entered, the probability of having asthma would be determined.

Free Online Usage

This tool is completely free and no conditions are applied to restrict the usage. The overall interface is quite simple and users do not take a lot of time for adapting it. As a user, you can be sure that the produced results are 100% accurate.

Asthma – Causes, Risks and Symptoms

It is important to understand the symptoms, causes and risks of a disease. This helps in approaching the medical expert and getting treated without any delay.

  • When you talk about the symptoms of asthma, shortness and lightening of breath are among the common ones. Other than that, asthma patients produce a whistling sound when they breathe out.
  • This allergy is caused due to various reasons. One of them is smoking. Due to smoking, the breathing ability decreases which eventually develops into asthma. Along with that, anxiety is another cause for this allergy.
  • Being present in a dusty and unclean environment is one of the major risks of asthma. Other than that, people who have it in their family have a higher probability carry higher chances of getting asthma.

Eczema – symptoms, risks and causes

Eczema is a skin issue and does increase the probability of having asthma. Given below are the risks, symptoms and causes of this skin allergy.

  • Eczema mostly runs in the family. If your ancestors have this issue, it would most likely be transferred to you. Along with that, having highly sensitive skin is one of the causes.
  • Smoking is a factor that increases the risk of eczema. The environment also plays a key role. If you work in a closed environment with a lot of dust, you would have to keep a check on your skin at all times. If you notice any of the symptoms, consult a medical expert without any delay. Eczema worsens at a rapid pace so getting timely treatment is the key.
  • Bacterial infection is a key cause of eczema. Maintain a good hygiene and keep your skin clean at all times. In addition to that, skin nutrition is important. People who have overly dry skin develop eczema with the passage of time.
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