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Table of Contents: What is Aspects Score? > what-is-aspects-score Stroke > stroke Symptoms of Stroke > symptoms-of-stroke Stroke Causes > stroke-causes Stroke Risks and Complications > stroke-risks-and-complications Stroke Preventions > stroke-preventions Diagnosis > diagnosis Steps for Performing Calculations > steps-for-performing-calculations The Aspect Calculator is Cost Free > the-aspect-calculator-is-cost-free

What is Aspects Score?

Some medical conditions become severe in no time and cause fatality. A stroke is one of them. The aspects score is a calculation mechanism through which the possibility of score is determined. It is a quantitative analysis which comprises of ten points. The patient has to provide answers for these questions. The probability of having a stroke depends on the overall score.

Going through the questions of aspect score

  • The aspect score calculation system comprises of ten questions and the user has to choose between yes and no for each of them.
  • One of the areas for which the user provides information is subcortical structures. There are three questions falling under this category. These include Caudate, Insular Ribbon and Internal Capsule. When the user has provided the answers to these questions, he can move on to the next category.
  • The user has to provide answers for MCA Cortex areas as well. These include Lentiform Nucleus and Anterior MCA Cortex. Similarly, a total of ten individual questions have to be answered by the user. In the end, a total score is determined. Based on this score, the possibility of having a stroke are determined.


In simple terms, stroke is a medical condition in which the supply to the human brain is blocked. This is a severe condition and can become fatal if urgent assistance is not provided to the patient. To get a stroke treated on time without things getting spoilt up, it is important to have all the necessary information.

Symptoms of Stroke

Given below are some symptoms of a stroke. If you are having any or all of them, seeing a medical expert is necessary.

  • Chronic headache accompanied by continuous vomiting are two key symptoms that the patient may be facing a stroke.
  • Stroke patients usually have a paralytic attack in one arm or leg. If you are facing a medical condition in which one arm or leg is not moving normally, you should immediately communicate with a doctor.
  • Stroke patients have continuous dizziness and find it hard to walk properly. They are unable to focus and stand without assistance. Having such a medical condition is a potential sign of having a stroke.

Stroke Causes 

Every medical disease has certain reasons and it is important to know them. Stroke patients do have relapses when the patient does not know about causes. Given below are some key causes due to which patients suffer a stroke.

  • The most common form of stroke which a high percentage of patients suffer from is Ischemic stroke. A patient faces this medical condition when the arteries that are carrying blood supply to the brain develop a blockade. In such situations, an individual would suffer from an ischemic stroke. 
  • Hemorrhagic stroke is another category that patients suffer from. The reason for this form of stroke is high blood pressure. People who regularly have a high blood pressure problem may face a hemorrhagic stroke. Thus, if you have continuous high blood pressure. It is best to get the treatment done in due course of time.

Stroke Risks and Complications

To prevent a medical problem from occurring again, it is necessary that the patient is well aware of the risks attached with it. Given below are the risks and complications of stroke.

  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two common but strong reasons for a stroke. If someone has high cholesterol or high blood pressure, the risks of developing a stroke increase by a big margin. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol issues, timely treatment is needed.
  • Diabetes is a serious issue in its own individual way. It is also a chronic risk for facing a stroke. If you have high sugar regularly, regular medical treatment is necessary to prevent the chances of stroke.
  • Smoking is a potential risk as well. People who smoke regularly usually have high blood pressure. This again leads to stroke. Not smoking or quitting it in due course of time decreases the possibility of having a stroke.
  • Loss of thinking is a major complication created for stroke patients. They are unable to think up to par like other normal people.
  • Stroke patients are most likely to suffer from emotional disorders. This mostly happens when there is a paralytic attack and the patient loses his ability to move. Depression is a major problem which such patients face.

Stroke Preventions

Some core preventions of stroke are listed as follows.

  • Keeping your blood pressure under control if you want to reduce the chances of a stroke.

  • Tobacco smokers have higher risks of having a stroke. Hence, you should quit tobacco smoking to eliminate the potential risks of stroke.
  • Diabetes patients have higher risks of facing a stroke so it is important to keep the sugar under control. If you have normal sugar, you are less likely to have a stroke.


The correct treatment of a disease depends on how correct the diagnosis is. The Aspect Score calculator by is a quality option for performing this diagnosis. The link for this calculator is given below.

Steps for Performing Calculations

  1. When you open the link, you would see a list of ten questions which have to be answered. On the basis of these ten questions, the overall score would be calculated. 
  2. You need to provide answers for key questions like Caudate, Anterior MCA cortex and Lentiform Nucleus, Posterior MCA Cortex and other areas as well. For each of the questions, the user has to answer with a yes or a no.
  3. Once all the questions have been answered, click the “calculate button”. After that, the output values would be shown on the right side of the screen. These output values include the points and percentage of CT scan.

The Aspect Calculator is Cost Free

This aspect calculator by is completely free and no charges are applied. You can use it as many times as needed without abiding by any restrictions. Along with that, it can also be added as a widget. For correct diagnosis, a quality calculator is necessary. This calculator is quite reliable in every way.

Treatment Options

In case of a medical issue, you can only get the best results if the treatment has been done properly. Stroke patients should consider the following treatment options.

  • The use of anticoagulants is one of the commonly used treatment options. These drugs are used for blood thinning. Warfarin is one of the commonly used blood thinning drugs. 
  • Anti-platelet drugs are used to treat stroke patients. The use of anti-platelet drugs reduce the intensity of clots in the human body.
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