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Table of Contents: What is Cardiovascular Risk? > what-is-cardiovascular-risk ASCVD Risk Calculator > ascvd-risk-calculator How to Use a Heart Risk Calculator? > how-to-use-a-heart-risk-calculator How Cardiovascular risk Score Calculated? > how-cardiovascular-risk-score-calculated What to do if you have Cardiovascular risk? > what-to-do-if-you-have-cardiovascular-risk

Cardiovascular risk, also known as the "heart attack" risk can be predicted before time. A heart is a very sensitive and very essential organ of the body. It distributes the oxygenated blood after the lungs do their job.

A heart attack is a condition when the heart is under extreme stress and there is some disruption in its activity. The percentage of cardiovascular risk is extremely common. It can happen all of a sudden and that is why regular checkups are given a lot of importance because if there is some problem, it can be detected at the right time.

ASCVD Risk Calculator

Online ASCVD Risk Calculator are available which enable you to calculate the risk percentage of cardiovascular diseases. The calculator keeps a check on the functioning of your heart. Basically, the heart attack can be predicted using this calculator. This is done keeping in account the "weight" of a person. Heart attacks are caused due to the fat accommodated around the heart which is more like a ‘’blockage’’ for the heart to perform its function normally. These factors help in the prediction of any kind of myocardial defects that might occur in the future. So, this calculator is more like a check or test.

How to Use a Heart Risk Calculator?

The ASCVD calculator or cardiovascular risk calculator is very easy to use. It does not require any personal information such as your name, email etc. But just asks for some basic factors that are needed to calculate the risk of a heart attack. Given below is the basic interface of the calculator and its requirements.

The calculator requires your gender, age, your cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein, and your systolic blood pressure. All these factors are all concerned with the heart.

Some other information needed is,
If you are a smoker or not, if you have diabetes or not, are you taking some kind of high bP tablets, and have you smoked even once in the previous month. Once you fill all these boxes, you can calculate the required value within a second.

How Cardiovascular risk Score Calculated?

The factors such as cholesterol, BP and etc. can be calculated using the medical instruments.
The cardiac risk calculator makes it extremely easy to calculate the required value and it is extremely efficient. ASCVD risk score varies according to the factors. It can be termed as a "life-saving" calculator and you do not have to get complex tests to calculate the value that you need.

What to do if you have Cardiovascular risk?

Heart attack or the risk of it is caused by the unbalanced cholesterol levels and all such factors. Hence, if by the use of this calculator, you detect the rates of the risk that your heart has of a heart attack, you start taking precautionary measures. If you start taking such measures, your heart might stabilize itself in no time. If the calculated risk is extremely high, then you can go see a doctor who can guide you with all the things you must do to stabilize your cholesterol, blood pressure and etc.

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