What happens if you wear ill-fitted bra?

What happens if you wear ill-fitted bra?

Wearing an incorrect bra size could lead to many complications, including body ache and others. That is why measuring bra size accurately is important. You should measure your band size and cup size carefully to avoid these issues. You can face any of the following issues if you wear the wrong bra size.

Body Pain:

The incorrect bra size will usually lead to body distress. It's very likely that you will experience shoulder pain if your bra or straps dig deeply into your muscles. A tight bra can often cause rashes, cuts, and digs so you should choose the right size of your bra by using a bra size calculator or bra size converter to size according to your region accurately.

Bad Posture:

It ensures that the bra doesn't suit you exactly if you see a curve or bend in your bra band. It can also lead to heavy shoulders or curved back. Choosing the wrong bra size will wreck your body posture totally.

Bad look:

The under wearing clothes give support to your upper wears. A badly fitted bra with loose cups will never form the breasts more roundly. On the other side, it can make your outerwear look unfitted and flatten your chest if you use a small bra. In this scenario, you may want to check the size of your bra cup.


If the bra is too low, the breast tissues can definitely be torn apart, produce ugly double boob effect, or bulges. A small bra or incorrect size may even lead to repulsive back bulges, under fitted clothing especially. The bra size chart should always be used while shopping. You can check whether you have a smaller or larger cup size using a bra cup size chart.


It will always reveal outside if you are not comfortable or relax on the inside. Make sure your bra is an exact fit, and it should not be too small or too loose. It should be smart enough to make you relax all day. Clothes should provide comfort instead of causing discomfort, so choose your bra size with cautiously.

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