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Arc Length Calculator

If you talk about the definition of the arc length in simple terms, it is the length of a part of the circumference. The radius of the circle and the angle at which the arc is constructed are important parameters for the deduction of this value. Other than that, they are important parts of the formulas as well.

Arc Length Formula

Arc Length = radius * central angle (here, the angle is taken in radians)

Consider that you have a circle with a radius of 6 meters and a central angle of 0.4 radians. Thus, arc length would be given as

Arc Length = 6* 0.4
Arc Length = 2.4

Key reasons for using this arc calculator

There are countless factors that one has to take into account when he or she is choosing an arc length calculator. Here are some major plus points which this specific tool offers to the users.

1.    Hassle-free quick calculations of arc length

There is nothing better than getting done with arc length calculations in a very quick way and that too without mistakes. People think that knowing the arc length formula is enough to get accurate results. Facts are very different and we can get an understanding by checking the set of values given below.

  • Arc Length = 25.77 meters
  • Angle = 3.66 radians

Using these values in the arc length formula is not an easy nut to crack. These inputs are in decimals so a big chunk of time would be consumed for multiplication. Handling decimals is not easy by any means and each step of the multiplication process has to be consumed in a careful manner. When manual calculations are being done, there are high risks of making mistakes. Unlike whole numbers, a lot more concentration is needed when one is handling decimals.

This calculator helps the user in calculating arc length even when the input values are complex. When you have entered the radius value and angle value, the calculation steps would be carried out automatically using the tool. 

2.    Doubt free alternate for getting accurate values

Dealing with mathematical calculations is nothing but getting correct answers. If you are spending 2 hours on writing the solution steps and the output is not correct, there is no point in spending time on these steps. The use of this top standard arc length calculator is much better than exhausting yourself mentally through manual calculations. The time you would spend on calculating the results manually can be used for some other positive purpose. Even when you exhaust yourself by completing so many calculation steps, the chances of making errors are still there. Thus, do not take such risks. Using this tool would help you in several ways including producing accurate results. This quality online tool does not make any human errors so the produced answers. One does not have to confirm the produced answers in any manner.

The short steps of this arc length calculator

Some tools are very easy to use but the steps users have to complete are lengthy. This arc length calculator has short and easy to complete usage steps. Here are the steps one has to complete for using this calculator.

1.    Enter the value of radius and angle (in radians)

To calculate the arc length value, two important inputs are needed. One of them is the circle radius and the other is the central angle in radians. If you have the value of diameter, divide it by two to get the radius value. Similarly, if the value of the central angle is in degrees, convert it into radians by using an appropriate conversion method. Once you have entered these inputs, you can proceed to the calculation of results by clicking the “calculate” button. The time to produce the value of arc length is small.

2.    Checking the value of arc length

Some online calculators take a long time span to produce the value of arc length. This can be a problem for users when they have to complete numerous calculations and the time available is less. This is when users prefer quick tools so that they can complete arc length calculations according to their deadlines. This tool is quite fast so completing several arc length calculations in a small time span is simple. We can take the example of teachers who are responsible for checking several calculations at the same time. They cannot manage manual calculations as the time and effort required are immense.

3.    How does this tool actually work (example)?

The best way to see how a tool works is by looking at an actual example. To see how this arc length calculator produces the results, let us consider the following set of values.

  • Arc length = 3.2 meters
  • Central angle in radians = 0.55

Simply enter these values in their respective boxes. After that, the following results would be shown to you. If you enter the values written above, the arc length generated would be 1.76 meters.

Use this arc length calculator without any offline troubles

It is not that easy to use an offline tool because the user has to go through various environment setup stages, installation procedures and other steps. This is an online tool and no installations steps have to be completed by the user. In addition to that, there are no specific applications you need to have on your computer or smartphone to use this tool. All you need is a device with network connectivity.

This arc length calculator comes for free which is a plus point for users. Paid tools are hard to afford and most users particularly students cannot manage heavy sums of money. Hence, they prefer this tool as it offers quality arc length calculation features without applying any kind of charge.

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