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Alvarado Score for Acute Appendicitis

It is commonly said that the appendix is a useless organ and does not perform any function in the human body. However, this useless organ can cause massive health problems if there is an infection. The Alvarado Score is a measuring system to determine the chances of getting infected by appendicitis. If there is a medium to high probability, you can approach a medical expert without delays. Appendicitis can turn into a very serious problem in a very short while.

The Alvarado Score – what is it used for?

As it is mentioned that this is a test to determine the probability of facing the Appendicitis problem. The test comprises of 8 questions and the score is added in the end. The maximum score for this test is 10. The risk increases with the increase in score. For instance, a patient with a score of 7 would have a probable risk of appendicitis. However, someone who has a score of 9 would definitely have this issue. The questions comprise of clinical and laboratory queries. While answering the queries, patients should not be hasty and ensure that the correct answers have been provided.

Understanding Appendicitis and its details

In simple terms, appendicitis is related to the worsening condition of the appendix. People who suffer from this problem have an inflamed appendix. The intensity of pain is high and immediate treatment has to be provided. In most cases, the patient is operated and the organ is removed.

  • The loss of appetitive, severe constipation and swollen lower abdomen are some of the key symptoms.
  • When you talk about the causes of this problem, the major one is the appendix getting blocked. This can be due to stool or any other reason as well.
  • Vomiting, nausea and severe cramps are some of the major signs of appendicitis.

Diagnosis of Acute Appendix through Alvarado Score

For any medical issue, the best treatment results can only be obtained if the diagnosis has been done properly. In addition to that, accurate diagnosis depends on the reliability of measurement methods used.  Our Alvarado calculator is completely dependable and provides users with the most accurate results.

Here are the usage steps you have to complete.

  1. There are 8 questions in total and all of them have to be answered to get a score in the end. These questions have been categorized in three areas including signs, symptoms and Values toms. The signs and symptoms categories comprise of three questions each. However, in case of values toms, the user has to answer 2 questions.
  2. None of the questions require a descriptive answer. Similarly, you do not have to choose from a list of options. For each of the questions, you need to select between yes and no. At times, users face issues when they do not have the right information to answer the question. However, with this tool, you only have to choose between two options.
  3. When all the questions have been answered, click the calculate button to answer the score. The score would obviously vary with the inputs provided. Before you click the “calculate” button, double check the provided answers. Make sure that all the answers have been provided correctly. The score is calculated on the basis of answers provided by each user.

Positives that the users can attain

This Alvarado calculator is beneficial for the users in a lot of ways.

1.Free usage and no limitations of usage applied

Most people have the same perception about free tools. They have the opinion that free usage is for a fixed span of time. Once the time period is over, the user has to procure the paid version before he continues the usage. This is obviously a shock for the users because the usage stops in midway and they have to procure the paid version. This tool does not have any such issues. It is a 100% free tool and no conditions are applied in this relation.

2.Accuracy of results

In case of medical examinations, accuracy of results is very important. You cannot expect to get 100% accurate results from a tool that has reliability problems. This tool is completely dependable and developed using high standard technical platforms. The score is calculated with 100% accuracy and the user does not have to worry about the results. No rechecking is needed when you are using this tool.

3.No complex user interface

It becomes an issue for users when the interface of a tool is complicated. This tool has a simple interface and answering mechanism is simple as well. For all the questions, you only have to choose between “yes” and “no”. Thus, a short time frame is needed to complete the test. Once the test has been completed, the score would be determined. The overall score is important to determine the severity level. For instance, someone who has a score of 9 would be at a very high risk. As the interface is simple, mistakes are not made when the user is entering inputs.

Alvarado Calculator is an effective method to diagnose Appendicitis

The correct diagnosis of a medical complication can be done only when all the important areas have been covered. This tool covers all important sections required for diagnosis.

  • The first section is related to the signs of appendicitis. For instance, one of the key signs is tenderness in the right lower quadrant. If you are witnessing this sign, select “yes” and move on to the next question.
  • The second section also has three questions and is related to symptoms of this medical problem. For instance, if you are experiencing nausea or vomiting, choose yes for an answer.
  • The third section is related to value stoms. In this section, the user has to provide answers for two key questions.

In an overall manner, this tool covers all the key areas required to diagnose appendicitis. A recommended option is that even if the probability is low, you should consult a medical expert so that a patient specific diagnosis can be done.

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