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Estimated Home Price --
Mortgage Payment -- --
Housing Expenses----
Debt Payments----
Net after housing expenses----
Total Debt and Housing Expense --
Monthly Income (After Taxes) --
Estimated Home Price --
Loan Amount --
Down Payment --
Est. Closing Costs --
Family Gross Annual Income(Before tax)
Family Monthly Income (after taxes)
Monthly Housing Expenses
Total Housing Expenses
Gross Debt Ratio
Max GDS Ratio Mortgage Payment
Monthly Debts
Current Monthly Debts
Total Debt Ration (TDS)
Max TDS Ratio Mortgage Payment
Available Funds
Net Down Payment (after closing costs)
Financing (Mortgage Needed)
Percentage of Down Payment
Net Down Payment (after closing costs)
Mortgage Loan (Before Mortgage Insurance)
Mortgage Insurance (if downpayme nt less than 20%)
Mortgage Loan (After Mortgage Insurance)
Calculated Monthly Mortgage Payment
The Rent Payment Method
Target Price For Monthly Payment
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Affordability calculator

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