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The use of liquor is common in different parts of the world. People use it for celebrations and occasions. A lot of people even prepare their own brewery at home. However, the level of alcohol needs to be checked prior to consumption. Whether you are buying liquor from a store or preparing at home, checking the alcohol level is very important. The ABV factor comes into play for this purpose. ABV (Alcohol by Volume) is a measurement perimeter used to check the alcohol percentage in liquor.

The Initial and Final specific gravity

Like any other calculation process, some input factors are used to determine the value of ABV. The two key ones are the initial and final specific gravity factors. On the basis of these two factors, ABV is determined.

Why do you need to check the alcohol level before consuming liquor? There is a very simple answer to this question. Consumption of alcohol beyond a certain limit can be very harmful. It can give birth to several health issues including addiction. Hence, the best way to avoid this problem is by checking the alcohol level before you take the liquor. With this high standard ABV calculator, you can accomplish this task in the most convenient and simple manner.

User interface of this ABV tool

It is a stressful experience for users when they end up with a complex tool. Using a complicated ABV calculator means you would have to understand the tool, develop a strong command and then advance to the usage step. This simply means that a lot more time would be needed. With this specific ABV calculation tool, you can afford to relax completely. In terms of interface, this is actually one of the simplest tools you can imagine. The steps are very simple which makes it suitable for all types of users.

When you are dealing with a complex tool, the determination of ABV becomes quite hard. Users fail to find options and input boxes. Other than that, they get confused about the calculation process. The usage of this ABV calculator is not restricted to technically sound users only. Any user can use them and he does not have to be an expert at using online calculators.

Inputs, usage steps and outputs

It is important to understand the flow of a tool before you start using it. This helps you in using the online calculator without getting stuck. On the other hand, if you do not know about the steps, it would be hard to enter the inputs and generate results smoothly.

The user options of this ABV calculator are much simpler than what other online tools expect from the users. Let us have a clear look at the steps one has to complete.

1.    Select the ABV formula and Gravity unit

These are the first two inputs which you have to enter. Consider that the ABV formula is “standard” and the “gravity unit” is “specific gravity”. Once you have entered these inputs, proceed to entering the values of the remaining ones.

2.    Select original gravity, final gravity, volume and country

As it is mentioned above, the original and final gravity is important for the determination of ABV. Consider that the original gravity is “0” and final gravity is “1.015”. Similarly, the volume is 2 milliliters and the country is “Australia”. Click the “calculate” button after you have entered all this information. Based on the values mentioned above, the value of ABV would be -133%.

Drinking safely is the key

The consumption of alcohol needs to be below a particular maximum limit. Exceeding that limit is putting your health at a risk. To prevent these health hazards, you need to use a top-quality ABV calculator. This tool is efficient in every day. In other words, you can be absolutely sure that no errors would be made. In other words, you can depend on the results without rechecking anything or having doubts in your mind. 

This ABV calculator is completely free. Users do not have to pay any charges for upgrading the tool or continuing usage. Such factors can cause problems for users when they do not survey properly about an online calculator. Promising free access does not mean that an online calculator would actually not be paid in any way. In most cases, users have to make payments when they have used the tool for a week or more. At that point, the usage stops suddenly and the user is required to upgrade. No such problems exist with this highly professional ABV calculator. It is free and users can determine the ABV value for as many input combinations as they want to.

An online tool with the accurate result producing ability

This tool can be used in a direct manner without going through any installations. It is mandatory to have technical knowledge if you wish to get done with downloads and installations successfully. Running a setup file is not possible if you don’t have adequate technical knowledge. 

This tool is used online so you don’t need to go through the additional stress of installations. In addition to that, the ABV value produced is completely accurate. It is important to get the correct ABV value so that you know about the exact alcohol consumption rate. Only a reputed and reliable online calculator can help you in calculating the correct ABV value. This tool is dependable in every way. Hence, you can be absolutely sure that the alcohol consumption rate determined is correct.

A free tool to determine ABV

Do you need to spend money for using this tool? The answer to this question is no. This ABV calculator is free which makes it easy for users to use it without limitations. It is hard for most users to pay for ABV calculators. With this tool, you do not have to think about making any payments.

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