Abbreviated Mental Test

Ask the patient to state each of the following:


42 West Street. This should be repeated by the patient to ensure it has been heard correctly.
Show the patient two pictures: A Postman and a cook, or Who are these two people? (Show pictures of Pope and Queen.)

AMT-4 Score

0 Points
0-3 Server impairment. A severe impairment, defined by the SSA, is an impairment or combination of impairments that significantly limit the individual's physical or mental abilities. 4-6 Moderate impairment. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is the stage between the expected cognitive decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia. > 6 Normal.

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It is not easy to diagnose mental diseases and then provide related treatment for them. There are various mental disorders which reach the level of seriousness within no time and Dementia is one of them. Let us have a look at how this disease affects the patient and the methods used to diagnose and treat it.

What is Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS)?

What is the first thing which patients do when they witness a medical abnormality with their medical state? For instance, if you vomiting at regular intervals, the first thing you would do is visiting a medical expert and get treatment advice. This is when the medical expert would ask you to have some tests done so that he can get a clear idea of what the problem is the intensity it has.

The purpose of abbreviated mental test is nothing but to check whether a patient is suffering from dementia or not. In basic terms, dementia is related to mental cognition. People who suffer from this problem are even unable to perform day to day tasks that require mental concentration.

Abbreviated Mental Test is for Dementia diagnosis

Although lack of concentration and focus are signs that the patient may be going through dementia but the conclusion cannot be drawn until a proper test has been carried out. This is where the Abbreviated Mental Test comes into play. When the common signs are present, this test is carried out to get a confirmation.

AMTS comprise of a series of questions

This test comprises of a serious of questions that are used to check mental awareness and focus. People who suffer from dementia usually forget the basic details related to their own profile. For instance, in worst cases, people even forget their names. AMT’s comprise of questions related to basic details of the person. During this test, the individual would ask the patient about his name, date of birth, year, place or birth and other similar questions. The results of the test are interpreted of the answers given by the patient.

Abbreviated Mental Test 4 Formula

In the present time, technology has advanced beyond all margins. Today, we have the latest software tools to determine the medical condition of a patient. There are several tools designed for specific medical issues including cognitive impairment. By using the Abbreviated Mental Test 4 formula, it can be determined easily whether a patient has cognitive impairment problems or not.

The Table

Date of Birth01

Interpretation of Table

To understand how the AMT 4 test works, you need to go through the table provided above. In the question column, you can see four questions which would be asked from the customer. He would be asked about his age, date of birth, place and year. For every correct answer, one point would be added. Similarly, if the patient provides an incorrect answer, a zero would be written against the question. If the score is 4, it simply means that the patient does not have any problems related to cognitive impairment. If the score ranges between 0 and 3, it means that one or more questions have been answered incorrectly. This would generate the interpretation that the patient has cognitive impairment issues. Thus, further tests have to be carried out for detailed diagnosis and treatment.

The formula and score of AMT Test

If you look at the formula used to carry out the AMT 4 test, you would figure out that it is a very simple one.

  • The patient has to answer a total of four questions. The first question is about his age. If he provides the correct answer, he would be given one point. Similarly, if the answer is incorrect, a zero is awarded as the score. In the end, the scores of all four questions are added to determine the total score. A patient is only termed free of cognitive impairment when he has a score of 4 which simply means that he has answered all four questions correctly.
  • If any one or more of the questions is answered wrongly, it means that the patient has cognitive impairment issues and related treatment has to be given. When patients score less than 4, they have to go through further tests so that a clearer picture can be attained. The AMT 4 test simply provides a basic categorization of whether the patient has cognitive impairment issues or not. However, it is strongly advisable that further tests should be carried out for better analysis and results after finding the mental test score on online calculator.

What is Dementia?

Mental problems should never be ignored because if they worsen, they can turn into serious life threatening complications. Dementia is a serious medical condition and has a proper set of symptoms. If you feel that you or someone you know is portraying symptoms of the disease, getting treatment on time should be your biggest priority. Let us go through some further details related to this disease.

Core Causes

An individual can get affected by dementia due to a number of reasons. Someone who has suffered from stroke may witness signs of dementia as after effects. Similarly, people who have regular thyroid problems also develop dementia with the passage of time. If not treated / diagnosed on time, dementia can get converted into a serious problem.

Effects of Dementia

If you have a look at the effects of dementia in an overall manner, it has an impact on the ability to remember things. One of the key examples is Alzheimer’s. People who suffer from this disease start forgetting the most recent memories. For instance, a patient would not remember what he had for lunch a day before but would clearly remember his school student number. Such patients suffer from large scaled short term memory loss. They are unable to keep a track on what they did in the recent times. However, this is a temporary condition. As the condition worsens, patients even forget their name and identity.

People who suffer from dementia fail to pay attention to even the most basic day to day tasks. For example, if you have this problem, you would not know how to cross the road or visit a shop to purchase something. Tasks that are very simple to perform become big challenges for such people. The reason is that their brain memory functions well below the average level.

Concentration and attention span reduced

It is very important for the human memory to stay in healthy condition because the ability to concentrate depends on it. A normal person would easily be able to read the table of 2 because his concentration level and attention span would be up to the mark. However, the same expectations cannot be kept from an individual suffering from dementia. For such people, pronouncing the table of 2 would be nothing less than climbing the tallest mountain in the world. This is because the overall functioning of such people is hampered.

Dementia patients cannot pay attention to anything including one on one basic communications. We can go through an example to gain more understanding. Consider that you are talking to a dementia patient about how you spent your weekend. The patient would not be able to comprehend what you are saying for a considerable span of time. This is because he would not have the needed level of attention. He would lose concentration when you are communicating and simply venture into a world of his own. For such people, even focusing on basic tasks is one of the biggest challenges.


To know more about a disease, it is very important to know about the obvious as well as the rare symptoms. You would not be able to gauge a medical disorder if you do not have a clear idea of its signs.
Here are some clear symptoms of dementia

1. Inability to make judgements

People with dementia find it very hard even to take basic decisions and make simple judgements. A dementia patient would not know how to choose a colour or pronounce his home address. People suffering from dementia have issues in analysing things and taking decisions on behalf of them, Consider an example. If a person facing this mental problem is told to make words from a list of alphabets, he would take multiple hours to accomplish this task. In worst cases, patients would not be able to start the task only. This is because they would have minimum or no abilities to take decisions.

Dementia patients get completely lost when they come across a situation requiring concentration. Their attention span is close to zero so you cannot expect them to focus on something for a considerable time span. This is taken as a strong symptom of dementia.

2. Reducing Visual Perception Ability

Normal people make a perception when they see a visual existence. In most situations, majority of the people have a similar perception for the same image. For instance, what perception would you build when you view a wild horse running towards you at a fast pace? Most of us would think that the horse is running with an aim to attack us as it is wild. When you talk about someone suffering from dementia, the judgement would be completely different.

Dementia patients are unable to draw any conclusion from any image or video due to absence of mental concentration. They practically go blank as they are unable to grasp anything. Let us consider the example of the wild running horse mentioned above. Instead of a normal person, if a dementia patient views a wild running horse image, he would completely go blank. Dementia patients take a very long span of time to develop the needed mental trigger. In most cases, the trigger does not get developed at all. In such cases, dementia patients get completely blank.

3. Loss of Memory

Loss of memory is by far the most obvious sign that a particular person is suffering from dementia. With the passage of time, patients forget everything including their name, nationality and address. When you question them about anything, they would be completely blank and unable to provide you with a proper answer. Patients of dementia eventually forget each and everything related to them.

The loss of memory starts with recent events that have taken place in the life of the individual. For example, a person may not remember where he went for morning walk one day before. However, he would remember his distant past like school attended, close friends and favourite academic subjects. In the long run, the patient starts forgetting each and everything. The worst case scenario is when he simply does not remember anything about himself. This is actually rated as the last stage of dementia.


Every disease has causes along with symptoms and the problem starts when you ignore or overlook them. This increases the chances of the medical condition worsening. Dementia undoubtedly has its own set of causes. Some common ones are listed below.

1. Use of alcohol and drugs

It is a common saying that for most people, consumption of drugs and alcohol is a one way route. Even if you plan to quit these hazardous constituents, the route is not easy by any means. One of the major causes of dementia is the regular consumption of alcohol and drugs. Regular consumers start getting empty slots in their memory and start forgetting things. For them, even making the smallest decision becomes a cumbersome task. During the withdrawal stage as well, the patient can suffer from serious dementia. At times, patients are treated with medicines for quitting alcohol as well as battling dementia.

2. Chronic Depression and Anxiety

A lot of people do not know that depression paralyzes the mind completely. It puts a complete halt on all core functions including basic memory management and making judgements. Depression is one of the biggest causes of dementia. To start with, you need to understand how depression strikes the human mind.

  • Depression takes people into a slow state of mind where lose the courage and will to progress. A serious depression patient would even want to commit suicide. Depression patients usually combat dementia because they lose the courage to progress and make any decisions. Similarly, anxiety is also one of the prime causes. Anxiety patients get irritated over almost every small thing. If you are an anxiety patient, you would want to kill someone who would have bumped into you accidentally.
  • Anxiety patients are always in a stressed frame of mind which obviously leads to other mental issues like dementia. People who have been battling anxiety for a long time eventually fall into dementia. Anxiety basically reduces the will to perform productive tasks. In worst cases, people even do not feel like performing regular tasks. People who battle anxiety for a long span of time also face the problem of dementia. In a nutshell, it can be said that Anxiety and Depression are two major causes of dementia.


Diagnosis of Dementia

Before you drill down to analyzing treatment options for a disease, the correct diagnosis is very important. Treatment options are highlighted and compared after the diagnosis stage has been completed. For instance, you cannot reach the conclusion that you are suffering from fever until the diagnosis stage has been completed.

Process to Use the AMT 4 calculator

Irrespective of the purpose for which an online tool is being used, the most important component is reliability. Do not use an online tool even if you have slight doubts about its reliability. The AMT 4 test calculator is dependable in every way. It provides accurate results. Thus, you can be rest assured that the diagnosis would be error free.
Here are the steps that have to be performed

  • The diagnosis comprises of four key questions. The normality of cognition is checked on the basis of what an individual scores. Once you open the link, the list of four diagnosis questions would be shown to you.
  • These four questions include age, date of birth, place and year. People who are able to answer all four questions without any mistakes are said to have normal cognition. If the patient scores between 0 and 3, it can be concluded that he has abnormal cognition. This would lead to further tests.


Treatment Options for Dementia

The availability of treatment options depend on the cause. For instance, if the cause is Alzheimer’s, unfortunately, there is no cure to stop or even slow down the process. With the passage of time, the patient would forget each and every minute details of his life. In other cases, you have the option of using prescribed drugs. However, they too have their side effects.

The option to select therapy care is also there. For instance, people suffering from dementia are recommended to go through one on one psychological session. This helps them in restricting the damage if not preventing it.

It is important for dementia patients or their caretakers to be aware of the risks that exist. For instance, memory loss issues of the brain are connected to cardiovascular dementia as well. If someone is suffering from dementia, he would have to keep a check on his blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you are suffering from dementia, negative activities like smoking would damage your cardio vascular system on a major scale. The prevention strategy is that you should prevent yourself from every act that can hamper your cardio vascular system.

Summing It Up

When you are suffering from medical complication irrespective of which organ it is effecting, proper diagnosis is where you have to start from. You can get a confirmation about dementia by using the AMT 4 test calculator by Calculators. Tech. By answering the four questions, you can get a clear feel about whether you are suffering from this mental issue or not.

Dementia has numerous causes and consumption of alcohol is one of the key ones. People who consume alcohol regularly have much higher risks of facing dementia issues. The continuous consumption of alcohol reduces the capability of remembering things. Along with that, people who suffer from certain mental diseases have much higher risks of developing dementia. Depression patients and individuals facing anxiety issues face dementia issues within no time.

Dementia starts with short term memory loss. In this stage, you start forgetting about the recent events that took place in your life. For example, you would not remember about what you ate a few days back but you would have a clear image of your first day at college. However, this condition does worsen with the passage of time eventually damaging the long term memory.

All forms of dementia are not treatable. In some cases, the condition of the patient cannot be prevented from worsening. For instance, if someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s, The condition cannot be prevented from worsening.

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