Treatment of ADHD

Author: Tayyab Shoaib

Can a person suffering from ADHD come back to normal? This totally depends on the treatment procedures being followed. Even before that it depends on the will power of the individual. Here are treatment options commonly recommended for ADHD patients.

1. The use of medical drugs

It is a simple fact that medical drugs treat ADHD in a much faster manner than other alternatives. Some people have severe ADHD. For such people being patient enough to go through therapies is not an easy task after all. Thus to avoid the delay and get treated in a quicker manner, these ADHD patients opt for medical drugs. Although there are various drug options but all of them have their set of adverse effects. ADHD patients generally have chronic depression and anxiety. Thus, medical professionals prescribe anti-depressants for them. Most anti-depressants have a drowsing effect. This simply means that you would feel sleepy for most of the day. In addition to that, you would be unable to pay attention to daily tasks.

Medication given for depression, ADHD and other diseases are very addictive. They have withdrawal effects and it is not easy to quit them. Thus, it is always said that people should not use them until they have been prescribed by medical experts.

2. Therapies

Consultation is an amazing option to treat people suffering from ADHD. This option is exercised by psychologists. They have counseling sessions with ADHD patients and talk to them about different aspects of their lives including negative and positive ones. Through this conversation, people define the triggering factors which cause negative events in their lives. One of the commonly used therapies is the behavioral therapy. It helps you in combating ADHD without consuming any drugs. As compared to medical drugs, therapies are recommended more.